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  • I know that blogging lawyer from Wise County posted this picture not too long ago, but it’s do friggin cool I wanted to make sure that my readers saw it as well.
  • What a fantastic comeback for the Canadian women’s hockey team, what a horrible way for the American’s to finish.  Hopefully the U.S. men’s hockey team will finish with the gold against Canada, but if we lose, it won’t affect us for long.  If Canada loses, they’ll be hurting for at least a week because hockey is just part of their fiber.
  • When we ask BoyGeeding what color shirt he’s wearing he’ll respond with the correct answer in that cute toddler way of talking.  But when he wears a shirt with a dinosaur on it and we ask him the color of his shirt, the answer is always, “Roarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.”  He also had his checkup yesterday and was tested for autism.  Other than not playing with others in a group setting he passed all other criteria.
  • One may be surprised to know that ‘The Wonder Years’ never made it to DVD, and it’s all because of the music rights to the plethora of songs played on the show.  Well, that’s about to change and the set will be on sale later this year.
  • I wonder if the creator(s) of ‘How I Met You Mother’ got the premise of the show’s voice-over/narrator from ‘The Wonder Years’?.
  • I love Rich Eisen’s bit of running the 40 at the scouting combine in his suit and tie, he’s been doing it a full decade now.  But now the NFL Network is tricking it up by having NFL cheerleaders run the 40 to compete against Eisen.   In case you are wondering, his best time is 6.03.  That Eisen is on likable guy, he may have been my favorite of the ESPN old guard.
  • 32 celebrities we think are Texans but aren’t – I’ve always been confused as to what qualifies as a Texan.  For instance, do you have to be born here, live here a certain while, or what?
  • The TICKET’s Internet stream has been ticking me off as of late.  There’s one or two commercials that play louder than the rest of the stream, and by loud, I mean it’s loud enough to punish Guantanamo prisoners.
  • A great behind the scenes look of what’s in the U.S. Army’s Center of Military History which includes lots of firearms, uniforms, and lots of artwork, even some from Hitler.  Dang it, I mentioned Hitler, everything on the Internet comes back to him, but at least I didn’t compare anyone to Hitler.
  • The 25 Greatest Happy Meal Toys Of The ’80s – I only remember collecting the Halloween pails and the 4×4 stompers.
  • Low-Income Housing In High-Income Frisco Is Breaking Stereotypes
  • 18 Free Things You Can Get On Your Birthday
  • A new study suggests that obese women get just one hour of vigorous exercise a year, while obese men don’t do much better at fewer than four hours.
  • 22 Inspiring Acts of Kindness That No One Ever Talks About
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. john says:

    Texas is a state of mind but I never consider most of those people Texas other than the Bushes.

  2. Anon says:

    It's just the semi-finals today chief, not the gold medal game.

  3. RPM says:

    There's 'Texan' and then there's 'Native Texan'. The former can be achieved by length of residence, but the latter is only by birth.

    You aren't the only person that has said the Ticket's internet feed is doing that. The fans over at Shaggybevo have been complaining about it a lot.

  4. Dude says:

    Not completely sure about the other things that had your pediatrician decide to have BoyGeeding tested, but as far as "not playing with the other kids" that seems like such an odd marker of autism. My son was a quiet kid who stayed to himself at Little Gym birthday parties when he was little. He's a well-adjusted, social, high schooler now, I wonder what the "experts" would have said had we had him tested.

  5. Dude says:

    And as for the "32 Celebrities We Think Are Texan"; WOW what a profoundly dopey article. TED NUGENT?!?! The Motor City Madman?!?! Introduce me to the person who thinks/thought he was a Texan! I never thought Ted Cruz was an American, much less a Texan. And if you grew up here, then you learned in Texas History class that few of the men who fought against Mexico in 1836 were born here, but if the writer of this article wants to claim that Sam Houston is a Texan… then we can step outside.

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