Bag of Randomness


  • BoyGeeding tried to give me a haircut with a lawnmower.
  • The retaining wall and fence project is being slightly extended due to a few add-ons and adjustments.  One of my readers (DF of LL) stated I should contact him about grass, which I really need.  I would, but I don’t know how to contact you, so please shoot me an email or use the Contact page.  Chances are I probably know this person but never knew his username and will feel rather sheepish once we make contact.
  • I’ve never watched ‘Aerial America’ but I’ve heard great things.  You can watch the entire Texas edition on YouTube.  I would embed it but the Smithsonian Channel disabled that feature.
  • Gloria Campos will be retiring early next month from broadcasting which isn’t that much of a surprise, but Cynthia Izaguirre taking her spot at the late night broadcast is surprising.  I use to be a WFAA loyalist but the additions of Izaguirre and Shelly Slater drove me away.  Both just seem to carry the “I’m all that” persona.
  • I really never thought about it before, but centaurs have two rib cages, but I’m left wondering if they only have one heart.
  • I imagined spooning with a girl would be great, and it is, but before it actually happened I never considered how her hair can get in your face or how your arm can fall asleep.
  • There’s a company that’s working on an artificial intelligence so you can ‘chat’ with a deceased loved-one.  Basically they’ll use your loved-one’s online activity to reconstruct their personality.
  • You use to be able to embed a tweet and it would display a picture, but I’m finding out on a lot of websites that no longer works, so I have to take the lofty extra step of actually clicking on a link to view the picture.
  • Was math invented or was it discovered?
  • In case you ever wondered what the fastest Winter Olympics sports is, here’s an infograph.  I would have thought the luge would be faster than downhill skiing.
  • For some reason I can see Mike Rowe running for office today and garnishing a lot of votes because he’s famous, likable, loquacious, and comes across as the everyman.
  • For my fellow U2 fans here’s a good Rolling Stone article about the behind the scenes stuff that happened at ‘The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon’.  You really get a good understanding at how influential Edge is in their creativity but never really gets the credit.  The sad part for us is that the album isn’t expected to drop until summer.
  • I think Jerry Jones looks pretty rough in this picture.  But then again, is a close up of Jerry’s face ever warranted?
  • The University of Oklahoma’s self-reported secondary NCAA violations include butt dialing a recruit and consuming too much pasta.
  • I always thought it odd that “W” is the only letter of the alphabet this is more than one syllable, there’s not even a two syllable letter.  Well, unless you are in Texas and then it’s just “Dubya”.  My middle name actually starts with that letter, as does my son, father, and grandfather’s first name.
  • I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but sometimes we’ll see a news story about an average citizen that dies and usually a photo of them is supplied by the family.  Often I wonder what photo would WifeGeeding use.
  • One-way trip to Mars prohibited in Islam
  • ‘The Americans’ start their second season on Feb 26.  Now that I think about it, they should have had some sort of advertising campaign built around the Sochi Winter Olympics, especially the USA vs Russia hockey game last week.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. David Bryant says:

    "One of my readers (DF of LL) stated I should contact him about grass"
    ~~I just hope they are referring to the Bermuda type grass, not the 'legal in Colorado' type grass.

  2. GeedingNation says:

    "◾In case you ever wondered what the fastest Winter Olympics sports is"

    It's really hard to grasp how fast some of the winter Olympians are travelling. I can't imagine anyone wanting to take up the skeleton…racing head first down a hard surface with your face only inches above the ice. The skiers have had a hard time showing their stuff with the icy snow. It was disappointing to see poring rain and heavy fog .during some of the down hill events over the past few days. And two-man luge seems to be something came about as the result of a barroom bet.

    "Family photos supplied for news stories."

    I've wondered the same thing about some obituaries. Many times the photo is a seventy year old photo of the deceased in his World War II military uniform. I wonder whether that was the single most important thing the person was proud of during his life and thus is how he wants to be most remembered or is it that the only photo the family can find is one from over seventy years ago?

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