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  • I found this GIF on Reddit and it couldn’t have been more appropriately titled – Real Life Wile E. Coyote.  Gosh, that’s funny.
  • Speaking of Reddit, a Richardson resident stated he ordered an AmazonBasics product  on his mobile device and it had the option of being delivered same day for only $3.99.  He chose that option, and go it same day.  From the sound of things, the items are coming from the Amazon warehouse in Coppell and he stated it was delivered by Lonestar Overnight.
  • Day one pictures of the retaining wall project going on at GeedingManor.
  • Microsoft is annoying me with all their name changes for their different products.  For instance their web-based email was called Hotmail, then Live, and now it’s Outlook.  Now they are changing their online cloud storage name from SkyDrive, which I thought sounded pretty sweet, to OneDrive.
  • There’s been some talk of ballroom dancing becoming an Olympic sport.  After watching some ice skating last night, I can certainly see the argument for it.
  • The term “ballroom” reminds me of blue jean shopping with my mother for the start of a new academic year while I was in elementary school.  It was so defeating trying on a pair of new jeans, and for me it was the fashionable and uncomfortable Wrangler Hustler jeans because I was pretty chubby and I think they were the only brand sold in Mineral Wells at the time – that was before we even had a Wal-Mart so we shopped at some place called Mitchell’s.  Their dressing rooms weren’t really in a private area with doors facing the entire store, so after I’d put them on Mom would open the door for all the world to see and she would tug in the crotch area asking if I had enough ball room.  I wanted to tell her that I haven’t even hit puberty yet so nothing has dropped, so of course I have plenty of room.  For the longest time I thought this was just unique to me, but the conversation came up on college one day and it seems like some sort of ritual most sons go through with their mothers.
  • While I love my dearly departed mother, I still shiver at the feeling of her using a little spit on a tissue to wipe something off my face.
  • It annoys me to hear legislative representatives complain that the president (no matter the party in either case) is abusing constitutional powers since our system of government was designed with checks and balances between the three branches, not to say that one branch can overreach their powers.  So when Senator Rand Paul decided to sue President Obama I applaud the effort because unlike others, it’s just not rhetoric and he’s actually doing something about it.  If the president and his administration is in breach, then do something about it to honor your constituency instead of simply gripe.  I may have different political beliefs than Paul, but I can appreciate how he goes about things.
  • Speaking of rhetoric, some guy named Todd Staples is running for a state office.  He has a campaign commercial that starts off referencing a six point plan for something, followed by a Buddy Garrity look-a-like standing next to a natural gas drilling platform telling us “Staples leads”, and then it ends with Staples himself saying if we want results and not rhetoric, we should vote for him.  A six point plan sure sounds like rhetoric.
  • Last night Jon Stewart rightfully reamed Nancy Pelosi and the Obama Administration ambassador appointees a new one.  One would think it would just be logical to at least visit the country you will be an ambassador of at least once before being appointed.
  • Barbie is going to be in Sports Illustrated‘s swimsuit issue.
  • Stephanie Seymour is on a magazine cover posing sexy with her sons.   Well, she was crazy enough to date Axle Rose.  But man, when I was a teen I sure did like her in that November Rain video.
  •  @TweetHearts turns your tweets into candy hearts.
  • A Dallas County constable is taking some heat for allowing officers to appear in a Christian rap video.
  • Timewaster of the day – Line
  • Top Pot Doughnuts picks Dallas for first shop outside of Seattle
  • Alabama Senate passes bill to protect hunters from harassment by drones
  • Old code – America Forgot How to Talk to Its Zombie Spaceship
  • Iowa police chief describes finding missing six-day-old baby, abandoned in freezing weather
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  1. Some Guy says:

    I had exactly the same "same day" delivery experience with Amazon a couple of weeks ago. It was awesome.

  2. DF of LL says:

    It's Axl, without the E. I made that mistake myself a few times.

    Double Fake Slash

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