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  • More free advertising for SMU basketball – The Dallas Cowboys coaching staff observed a practice and the media was there to cover it.
  • I wonder if some people are born with a butt-crack that isn’t split down the middle but more off to one side than the other, or even diagonal.
  • The winter garden salad served at last night’s State Dinner had an interesting presentation and didn’t look very filling.  I’m left wondering how’d you mix ranch dressing in that sort of thing, and I found it interesting how the cooks used a Wagner paint sprayer to coat a ganache cake.  I guess they clean that thing out before its first use.
  • The Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover has been revealed on ‘Late Night with David Letterman’ for the past so many years, but this year it will happen on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’.  I’m sure the girls prefer getting away to the West Coast anyways.
  • Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Richard Sherman said players from other teams would call him and share information on Peyton Manning’s hand signals and audibles.
  • I think my Americans think the Winter Olympics is the lower tier of the two Olympics, but I wonder if people in Norway think the Winter Olympics is the top tier of the two Olympics.
  • The Olympic spirit – Canadian coach fixes a Russian’s ski so he could finish the race.
  • When the Nancy Kerrigan and Tonya Harding fiasco happened I had a friend that was adamant that Harding was the better looking of the two.  I still question his taste in women.
  • Off hand, I can’t think of an attractive looking celebrity named Tonya.
  • There’s no video of it to link to, but local news personality Lisa Pineiro had a commentary about University of Missouri defensive end Michael Sam’s decision to publicly state he’s gay and then had a slip of the tongue introducing her guest Michael Irvin as “Hall of Flamer Michael Irvin.”
  • In case you were wondering how many U.S. states have a coastal boarder.
  • Living in the Southwest I have no idea how snow is removed, so this GIF was quite interesting.
  • I was watching ‘Nightline’ last night and they were covering the latest high profile Florida shooting trial.  There’s a lot about law that I just simply don’t understand that I’m sure most people do, but they had attorney Roy Black on as a consultant and I loved the way he explained things in layman’s terms such as why the defense prefers not to put their client on the stand, why the verdict shouldn’t be premeditated murder, and how the prosecution likes to overcharge the defense.  I fear Barry is rolling his eyes at my ignorance.
  • 7-Eleven is testing a mozzarella stick made from Doritos.
  • I guess I can be considered old because I don’t play any games on my smartphone.
  • I use to work at the Tower at Cityplace when I first moved to the area and it was where he held our wedding reception.  Reading its Wikipedia entry, I had no idea that it was suppose to have a twin tower across Central Expressway connected by a skybridge, here’s a model of what it was suppose to look like.  Per the entry, “Enough Brazilian red granite was ordered and cut for the twin tower and office buildings; it remains for sale in a south Dallas County storage yard.”  If I had to take a guess, the parking garage and DART station is the deepest a person can go underground in all of DFW.
  • Billy Ray Cyrus felt the need to make a sequel to ‘Acky Breaky Heart’ and dug up Larry King to introduce the video – Achy Breaky 2
  • An Ohio woman legally changed her last name to Sexy, judge for yourself.
  • Mexican hipsters are drinking something that is hangover proof.
  • I’d love to file my taxes earlier, but I can’t import information from certain institutions until Feb 14 and 18.
  • Sometimes for a snack I like to dip graham crackers into hot tea, and then, of course, consume them.
  • Texas surpasses California as top tech exporter
  • Do high school and college students still need to purchase a graphing calculator, can’t a smart phone do all the work with an app?
  • Frank Ocean is being sued for using a sample of a sample of a sample
  • Boston Celtics working to grant wish of New Zealand boy who wants to watch them play before going blind
  • A man wrote an open letter to Carol Burnett on his blog about his father’s Alzheimer’s and she actually called the man.
  • The GIF itself is a bit freaky to look at – ‘Lung In A Box’ Keeps Organs Breathing Before Transplants
  • ‘Firefly’ and Serenity thoughts
    • I finally finished watching the series and movie on Netflix, my goal was to do so before the new season of ‘House of Cards’ drops on that Hallmark holiday.
    • I watched it because everyone seemed to rant and rave about it and I just couldn’t connect after the first two or three episode, the whole space western theme seemed a bit silly . . . but then it all came together, the stories were great and was the chemistry of the cast.
    • Minor complaint: The only two superpowers that survive were the U.S. and China who later formed the Alliance and fused the two cultures, but I think I counted maybe only three or four Asian appearances.
    • Having closed captioning on helped me to figure out if they were speaking Chinese or I just misheard something.
    • Kaylee sure was a cutie.
    • I sure would have liked to know more about the Shepherd’s backstory.
    • I couldn’t stand the opening credits and song attached to it, but grew on me.
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  1. RPM says:

    Firefly was awesome on so many levels. I really liked the "western" aspect of it because it was so logical to me. If you were living on the edge of the universe with limited modern technology, you're going to turn to the old ways of doing things. The casting was perfect, the writing was sharp and original. Just not much to dislike except the network that screwed it all up as hard as they could.

    Anything Billy Ray Cyrus related I am 110% out.

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