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Previews - Winter Olympics Day -3

  • I thought all the local meteorologists said DFW was just going to get a dusting of snow.  Like John Denver, they are all full of crap. (language warning)  But for some folks, they ain’t afraid of any snow.
  • Lucky for us our water heater was covered under warranty.  We still had to pay labor, but I was totally cool with that.  It’s amazing what modern conveniences we can take for granted when you don’t have it, even for 15 hours.  I guess that qualifies as a first world problem?
  • It annoys me slightly when I hear people say “hot water heater” because they are just being redundant.  The same goes for “PIN number” and “ATM machine”.  And while I’m on it, no one needs to say “tuna fish” or “cheddar cheese” as there’s only one kind of tuna (fish) and one kind of cheddar (cheese).  Actually, all that comes from a joke I often hear a friend say.
  • I caught the beginning of NBC’s Winter Olympics broadcast and wondered how the heck did the network strike a deal with Superman to broadcast from his Fortress of Solitude.
  • I think every man needs some kind of Fortress of Solitude to stay sane.  For some it’s exercise and others a hobby, and then there are those of use who just need the solitude.
  • I got this thing about watching the first and last of all the late night shows, so I tuned in to Leno last night and Billy Crystal hit it out of the park.  But of all the guest appearances I appreciated last night, it was seeing Carol Burnett walking out and tugging her ear, and she even did the Tarzan yell.  His tearful farewell was touching, and I like how he ended with the last words of Johnny Carson on the show.  I bet when Leno dies, or perhaps a decade from now, people will look at him as the man that “never got any respect” and was unfairly treated by NBC.
  • I’d bet money that within two years Leno will be a guest on Letterman.  Last night Letterman had some kind words directed at Jay and mentioned that on the old show Leno was on it over 40 times and when they went to commercial a picture of Leno and Letterman was displayed.  And Dave ended the show with, “Good night, Jay.”
  • Actually, thanks to the DVR, I watched Leno, Letterman, and Kimmel last night.  Speaking of Kimmel, good for him for putting aside his distaste for Leno and sending out nice vibes via Twitter.
  • I had to look up who Leno had as his last guest the first time . . . it was Conan.
  • Aaron Paul was in town the other day (predictable Jessie Pinkman language warning)
  • A high-resolution picture from the NASA Mars rover Curiosity of the Earth and moon.  Here’s the details.  The moon is further from the Earth than I would have pictured.
  • Possibly a fun Twitter feed to follow for the Winter Olympics – @SochiProblems
  • I caught a little footage of the Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl parade and noticed they have duck boats like the ones in Boston.  I guess if you are from Boston and attended aTm you’d called them Copycat City.
  • Julie Bowen and Sofia Vergara recreate the famous Sophia Loren evil stare at Jayne Mansfield photo.
  • Some dude is going to jump off the top of Mount Everest in a wing suit on live television.
  • We are one week away from a new complete season of ‘House of Cards’.
  • National Republican Congressional Campaign using fake Democrat websites to lure voters
  • Bill O’Reilly Pretty Sure His Obama Interview Will Go Down in History
  • Seems like this happens every February – School Apologizes for Black History Lunch Menu
  • Sony is about to get out of PC business which a bit surprising to me.  I always thought their laptops were pretty highly rated, but I noticed they never came out with a tablet so maybe that was a hint they didn’t want to continue in any type of computing.
  • Steve Wozniak: Apple Should Make an Android Phone
  • PETA wants monument honoring chickens killed in Gainesville truck wreck
  • Scarlett Johansson and Kate Winslet sans makeup
  • Kelly Ripa sans makeup
  • Michael J. Fox Enjoys Shortest Unemployment in TV History
  • I Got My Dream Job As An Actress On A Disney Cruise — Here’s What It Was Really Like
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Buddy says:

    Speaking of terms that annoy. I have a friend who always says she has to set something out to "unthaw". I say, "so you're gonna freeze it? You mean thaw." She also says ideal in instead of idea- drives me nuts.

  2. Susanne says:

    Re: Obama interview. Yipes – who did Bill's makeup? There's a translucent white-ish expanse below where his chin should be.

    Re: Nanny state – some people pick and choose: focusing on control over reproductive/interpersonal lives of the citizenry and providing school vouchers – at a national level – vs. valuing deficit reduction over much-needed infrastructure projects.

    You could really say the same about progressives, though: let people make their own reproductive decisions, but require them to participate in 401(k)s. Not that I think 401(k)s are a bad idea – it's just that the two positions are contradictory.

    • Seeker of Truth says:


      There was a time when Democrats and Republicans could be either conservative or liberal. There was a time when they swallowed their pride and in the name of pragmatism reached consensus in order to achieve workable solutions.

      Today, ideology always trumps practicality.

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