Bag of Randomness


  • Our CEO and other big wigs flew in from D.C. and I had to go to a swanky dinner last night.  It was the first time I put on a suit or a blazer in years.  When in those kind of settings, I’m totally out of my element.
  • I’m afraid someone at the meeting may have had too much to drink, I was actually concerned about the guy the way he was handling himself.  He also asked so many questions I didn’t get home until about 11:30 PM.
  • Our CEO stated she likes to be transparent and accessible, so at headquarters she made sure have a glass walled office that is located next to the kitchen and breakroom.  She also said something that just kind of stuck with me even though I’m sure I’ve heard a variation of it before, “Sometimes when you are stuck in the storm, you just have to dance in the rain.”
  • When I got home, WifeGeeding kindly let me know we have no hot water.  I checked the water heater in the garage and the drain pan was full and I could tell the excess water drained through the drain pipe outside the wall.  Well, that was money I wasn’t expecting to spend this month, and I think the water heater is only about three or four years old.
  • I’m not a fan of National Signing Day.  While it’s a significant moment in their lives, graduating high school football stars with senioritis don’t need their ego stroked anymore than what it already is with elaborate press conferences.  It’s just a step closer to idiocracy.
  • CBS will air NFL football for the first half of the 2014 NFL season . . . I really just prefer my NFL football on Sundays and one on Monday.
  • Peyton Manning & Bill Belichick played golf together.
  • An SMU basketball player was surprised with plane tickets to see his mom before she was deployed
  • Map: Publicly Funded Schools That Are Allowed to Teach Creationism
  • Lunch lady accused of gun threat over batch of cookies
  • Bubble Soccer Has Come To Dallas – It’s the kind where you are inside a huge plastic ball.
  • ‘Biggest Loser’ winner slammed for being too thin
  • Houston-area mentor pays delinquent lunch accounts for more than 60 kids
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    You forgot Thursday night. A huge thumbs up to the guy in Houston. That was a very decent thing to do.

  2. Seeker of Truth says:

    I second your comments on National Signing Day. The television and print media make a big deal out of it, but reading the specifics tells a different story. Only a tiny number of high school players receive scholarships. Of that number only a tiny percentage will actually finish their college careers on scholarship. When I read the listing of where most of the players from area schools are headed, the majority were Div. II or Div. III. I had never heard of 80% of the schools. It seems like a lot of time and effort by players and, more importantly, by school districts is being devoted to an endeavor that only a tiny few students will benefit from.

    A book was recently published about the comparison of American school systems to the systems of different countries in Europe and Asia who routinely clobber us in academic rankings. When interviewing Americans, who were exchange students in these countries, they noted their foreign classmates were baffled as to why we spend so much money and time on high school sports. These foreign students were engaged in sports, they just did it outside the school system and without school funding.

    I don't see how big expenditures on H.S. sports benefits the average family. It doesn't even benefit the average kid who makes a varsity team.

  3. grandma says:

    life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass…it's about learning to dance in the rain

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