Bag of Randomness


  • One thing I really love about our neighborhood is how the Lewisville Fire Department will drive a firetruck with lights and sirens blazing and a man dressed as Santa riding on top throws candy to everyone running outside to say hi.
  • Speaking of Santa and kids, BoyGeeding was wearing a Santa suit last night.
  • Yesterday The TICKET was playing the heck out of a commercial for some sort of church ministry, but it caught my attention because it kept mentioning a classmate of mine from college that isn’t Matt Chandler.  Regarding that friend, I remember a classmate of his saying how in a Bible class each student was telling the testimony and he was the only one that didn’t face a struggle or hit rock bottom before accepting Christ.
  • The deadliest school disaster in American history happen in Texas back 1937 because of a natural gas leak and killed 295 students and teachers.  It was one of Walter Cronkite’s first assignments as a reporter and Adolf Hitler even sent his condolences via telegraph.
  • If you watched Argo you might find this CBS Evening News story about what the inside of the former U.S. Embassy in Iran looks like now.
  • I wonder if Beyonce will help with any Longhorn recruiting no matter who’s coaching the team.
  • I have a feeling years from now there will be a story about the close bond between George W. Bush and Barack Obama and it all started with that plane ride to Mandela’s memorial service.
  • CBS11 had attorney Jerry Loftin to add commentary to the wealthy teen drunk driving case.  That guy sounded like Dr Phil and even had certain catch phrases that mad him sound like the Dr Phil of lawyers.
  • I think I married the one woman on Earth you doesn’t like to take pictures of her husband playing with her kids.
  • Edward Snowden looks like an extra out of Twilight movie.
  • It’s refreshing to hear House Speaker Boehner finally stand up to those conservative organizations.
  • Nine-year-old boy wins 1st place swim award, gives it to his ‘rival’ swimmer who was unable to partake due to a bone infection – Yahoo!News Video
  • The over-rated Czech Stop bakery in West, Texas now does mail order.
  • Random modern presidential quote, “As a matter of fact, no president should ever try to impose religion on our society. The great… the great tradition of America is one where people can worship the way they want to worship.And if they choose not to worship, you’re just as patriotic as your neighbor. That is an essential part of why we are a great nation.”
  • Nick Saban and Mack Brown are both the same age, here’s what they look like with swapped hair.
  • GIF – Muhammad Ali Incredibly Dodges 21 Punches In 10 Seconds – You gotta love that little shimmy he does at the end.  Well, I guess you don’t have to.
  • Controversial “Homeless Jesus” statue finds sanctuary
  • I’ve always been touched by the story of the ten Amish school girls that were shot in Pennsylvania seven years ago.  People poke fun of the Amish, but they are certainly devout and true to their faith.  After the shooting I remember the grandfather bringing family members in to the scene of the crime and telling them that they must not have hate in their heart for the killer and they must forgive.  On the night of the killing, the family of the victims visited the killer’s mother and offered support and they even attended his funeral.  How many of us ‘normal’ folk would have the heart and courage to do that?  The CBS Evening News had an update on the story and the shooter’s mother continues to be touched by their act of forgiveness and visits one of the victims often.
  • I live the Chevy Santa commercials and so glad they brought them back another year.
  • 20 Questions Texans Are Tired Of Hearing – Buzzfeed
  • Santa Claus is not real, vicar claims to audience of primary school children
  • Quiz the Season: 10 Christmas Music Trivia Questions
  • LBJ Express Opens First Segment Friday Night
  • The only police badge to make it to the moon was from Fort Worth.
  • An interesting question I found on Reddit, I think I could probably only do Dallas Cowboys – What is something you can name 100 of by memory alone?
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Ben W. says:

    Something I could name 100 of by memory alone? Numbers from 1 to 100.

    Great quote on religion in America, even if you did make me go look up who said it. 🙂

  2. towski says:

    The Vicar and Santa Claus story irks me. Over the weekend, my best friend from college took his 6 year old to see Santa. Kid asks for a Nintendo DS. Mall Santa informs him that he doesn't bring electronics to children under 12. Kid is, of course, crushed.

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