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  • We visited Santa yesterday, you can see the photo of the kids below.  I recorded the event with my video phone, but it wasn’t until after the recording that I realized how dirty my lens was which made for a cloudy looking video.  Speaking of my phone, I received an update recently but had no idea what was updated.  It turns out the video function of my phone now has the capability to record in fast and slow motion.  So I guess if I wanted to study my golf swing, I now can do that.
  • We usually visit Santa during off-peak time and this time there was only three families ahead of us, which made me think we weren’t in for a long wait.  I guess I’m not use to this Santa picture taking thing, but one of the families had a family picture with Santa, a kids only picture, and then pictures of each individual kid with Santa which made it a long wait because there was about three takes of each subject.  I thought most folks just have the kids sit in Santa’s lap and that’s it.
  • After pictures DaughterGeeding had to go potty and trying to be a good dad and husband I took her to the bathroom.  While in the middle of her business she mused, “Daddy, you have a big belly.”  Hey, thanks a lot, kid.  If you aren’t careful, you are about to find out who actually buys you the presents.
  • The Musers’ bit of playing school closing announcements in character voices tickles me to death.
  • The Hardline was exceptionally hard on Chip Brown of saying his big scoops of reporting breaking news had a track record for being wrong quite often and highly questioned if he was correct about his reporting of Mack Brown stepping down.  Brown for the record had a funny quote as he was in Miami recruiting a player, “If I had decided to step down I sure wouldn’t be killing myself down here.”
  • Personally, I like Mack Brown and hope that he stays unlike a lot of Texas fans, but I have a feeling someone higher up who wants Mack out is using Chip Brown to start a  campaign to oust the coach.
  • I wonder what Texas Tech football would be like if Mike Leach never left.
  • Former President George H.W. Bush is now on twitter.
  • President Obama shook hands with the president of Cuba at a memorial service honoring a legendary peacemaker, I have no problem with that.  At such an event honoring such a great man, it would be improper not to.  Now taking a selfie at a memorial service, that’s not really appropriate.
  • This ‘Breaking Bad’ snow globe cracks me up . . . it has the RV in the desert and the blue stuff is the snow.
  • So there’s a Toll Tag feature for drive-thrus now.  As much as I want to roll my eyes at this concept, I wish I would have thought of it.  Maybe the NTTA can work a deal with a fast food chain and link our current Toll Tags.  This one uses the E-ZPass transponder.
  • I never heard of the term “cobblestone ice” until yesterday and I heard it three times.  Heck, NBC5 even had a story with the title “What is Cobblestone Ice?”
  • The trend of car thieves using an electronic device to safely open cars is disturbing – CNN YouTube Video
  • The more I think about that WestJet video I posted yesterday the more genius I think it is.  The amount they spent on those presents and rigging it all up for an Internet video was significantly less than paid television commercial.  The word of mouth and positive attention from that YouTube video was a great investment.
  • I wish I would hear WifeGeeding tell her parents and siblings she loves them more.
  • There was a Sports Illustrated feature on Tony Romo a few weeks back, it’s now available to read online.  Tony Romo’s wife’s father is Jerry Jones’ dermatologist.
  • I feel like I’ve been making tweeting rather well as of late.
  • A list of where Heisman Trophy winners keep their trophies – Texas is home to 11 of them.
  • Duke students to get free Chick-fil-A Bowl tickets thanks to alumni donations
  • Twins born eight days apart – Just a heads up that the video associated with the article will start automatically.
  • So will this make Santa a citizen? – Canada to Claim North Pole
  • This story reminded me of those commercials that use to run on The TICKET about “Samsung” being drafted by a football team – Man named Sam Sung no longer works at Apple
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  1. MToots says:

    We know she loves us…..words or not! 🙂

  2. Doug says:

    Even children's post restroom banter can be embarassing. I took my son to the restroom at Target one day and then we were waiting in line at checkout. He loudly proclaimed, "Daddy, I have a little pee pee. You have a big one." O_o

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