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  • Despite all the ice on the road and living on a hill I got a little cabin fever yesterday (I felt like Huell in BrBa) and drove to Whataburger.  Our food supply was also running a little low and we just wanted to eat something different.  The drive there wasn’t really bad, but I couldn’t quite make it up the hill back home and had to park about 200 yards from the house.  Despite all that they got my order wrong.
  • Speaking of Whataburger, all the icy roads made business a little snow and they got creative, Stars Wars style.
  • The streets were much better later in the day and we took a trip to our local Jason’s, where we are very regular customers.  The staff thanked us for braving the roads and comped our meal.
  • I also took a trip to our local grocery store and a lot of shelves were bare, I’m guessing delivery trucks couldn’t make it to the store.
  • It’s great watching football played in the snow.  All those men who kept their beard during no-shave November aren’t regretting it now.
  • The video of the ice falling off the roofs of the Plano apartment complex even made the national news, and it’s one of those were you really have to see it to believe it.
  • A picture of the Alamo in 1849 before reconstruction.   Details
  • The Obama Christmas card is a bit three-dimensional this year, it’s as pop-up.
  • I have a lot of friends (and one spouse) that are Baylor fans, and I’m happy for them as they got to see their football team do something they never thought would occur in a hundred years.  It’s a great feeling to experience, especially the first time around and you never know if something like this will even happen again, and I hope it’s something they cherish.  And what a way to close out the last season in their old stadium in dramatic fashion with OU coming through with an upset earlier in the day to set the drama up.
  • Ohio State has played a really easy schedule to make it to a BCS bowl, but I still think Baylor had a much easier schedule.  The Big XII was extremely weak this year and of course they couldn’t help that, and even though they did beat Oklahoma who beat OK State, OU just isn’t their typical self.  I was hoping that Baylor could prove me wrong by playing a real caliber team and that never really happened, and once again the easy-schedule-gods gifted  them again by scheduling the University of Central Florida at the Fiesta Bowl.  Keep in mind UCF squeaked by SMU on Saturday.  It would be nice if Baylor were matched against a real caliber team at the Fiesta Bowl to give my Baylor friends something to really rejoice about, though winning it anyways I’m sure will make them happy.
  • Baylor’s first three games next year are against SMU, Northwestern State (Louisiana), and Buffalo.
  • FSU-MSU and Auburn-Alabama would be the first round matches if the college football playoff started this year.
  • I actually think A&M is the best football team in Texas.
  • Loyal reader and talented blogger JJ from Minnesota has created a website with his wife for you book and movie lovers.  TheBookCaster allows fans of books to play casting director and pick actors they would have play characters should the book ever get optioned for a movie.
  • I don’t know much about Joe Jamail, other than Barry the guy has a strong dislike for him and the guy is a very wealthy lawyer and the UT field is named after him.  So I decided to do some research, and for being one of the richest men in the world, his website looks like something out of 1996.
  • The Boerne Berges Fest Court did a lot of the chicken dance the 2013 Christmas parade – YouTube [Thanks, Richard!]
  • Well, Adrian Peterson, at least they didn’t boo and throw snowballs at Santa.
  • I never knew there use to be a baseball park in front of the White House.
  • Even a half-Asian can relate – 21 Questions Asian People Are Sick Of Answering [PG-13ish humor warning]
  • Girl Gives Boy Heimlich Maneuver, He Thanks Her with Candy
  • ‘CBS Sunday Morning’ had a nice piece about Freemsons that deals away with a bunch of the mysteries and suspicions.  My father was one for over 50 years and one of my closest friends is a Mason.  You can watch the segment here.
  • More men speaking in girls’ ‘dialect’, study shows
  • Sherlock: Series 3 Launch Trailer
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Uppercase Matt says:

    This will tell you about Jamail (doing the questioning, off-camera to the right).

  2. RPM says:

    Santa looks like he is in that photo against his will. Odds on Rick having a snub nosed .38 stuck in Santa's kidneys?

    I think you may be giving aTm too much credit this year. I'd love to see them play Baylor, that would be an epic game. This would have been a great season for the old Southwest Conference.

    That Detroit / Philly game was the greatest game I've watched in the last 20 years. At one point I saw a player trying to hide the football under the snow messing with the referees. They looked like a bunch of kids playing out in the back yard.

    Reason #21 was seriously funny.

  3. That picture of the Perrys with Santa is terrifying.

  4. john bell hood says:

    Your Governor Perry photo would make a nice "War on Christmas" poster

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