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  • The image above is from the parody news website The Onion and they may just be right.
  • The Dallas Omni hotel had a nice tribute to Mandela.
  • With Mandela being 95-years-old all the media had segments ready to go upon his death, and all the magazines were quick to put a commemorative cover online about an hour after his death.  Heck, Bono even had a tribute written for him that was published a few hours after his death was announced and it was obviously written a long time ago, though he did release another statement.
  • Exactly one week prior to Mandela’s death a biopic of his life title Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom was released to theaters.  U2 was asked to commission a song and it’s their newest song in about three years.  I don’t think the song is all that great, but like most U2 fans, it started to grow on me and I start to enjoy finding symbolism in the lyrics, but I think the video is pretty darn sweet and artsy.
  • Scott Pelley talked to former President Clinton about his friendship with Mandela, their presidencies overlapped and they were close.  Clinton said he complimented Mandela about his political smarts but asked in all honesty when he was walking out of prison as a free man did he hate his captors.  Mandela said he indeed did, but only for a moment as he was walking out because if he allowed himself to hate them, then he really wouldn’t be free.  That really connected with me.
  • Ted Cruz wrote some touching words about Mandela on his Facebook page but the comments were anything but nice.  Here’s a screenshot of the first page of comments from last night.
  • There’s a nativity playset in our house and DaughterGeeding was upset she couldn’t find Baby Jesus which prompted WifeGeeding to say “Whining will not help us find Baby Jesus” which cracked me up because she sounded like Ricky Bobby saying grace.
  • Drew Brees is in a lot of Vicks commercials, everytime I see them all I can think is that he gets sick a lot and that’s going to hurt his next contract.
  • There’s so much ice on the roads it’s like we are hosting a Super Bowl again.
  • Due to budget and scheduling constraints, my employer had a holiday lunch at Texas de Brazil yesterday instead of a holiday dinner.  These events are always a bit awkward for me as most of my team works in Austin and I really only know two Dallas folks.  What was suppose to last an hour and a half lasted much longer and was quite enjoyable, and since it was hosted by my boss’ boss’ boss, I felt no need to leave early.
  • I really only see my Dallas coworkers once a year, maybe twice a year.  No one recognized me when I walked in due to my heavy beard and weight loss.  Well, so they say, they probably forgot I still work for them.
  • I thought I was sending a Direct Message tweet last night and ending up embarrassing myself, but I hope I didn’t hurt any feelings or caused any damage.
  • There are 32 NFL teams but this season there has been 48 different starting quarterbacks.
  • Couple gets married even after being interrupted by a sword fight, ninja fight, and appearances from Iron Man And Batman.  I even think the About section on the YouTube page was entertaining.
  • A Burglar Broke into a Dallas Head Start Pre-School and Stole the Kids’ Piggy Bank‏
  • GOP launches candidate training: How to talk to women
  • Cancer takes 10-year-old ‘Honorary Chief,’ full police funeral to follow
  • Last night’s opening scene on ‘Elementary’ reminded me of the great ‘X-FIles’ episode Bad Blood.
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    That wedding video screams Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

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