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  • I caught the Bob Schieffer  ’48 Hours’ special on JFK on Saturday night.  He interviewed Jim Lehrer who was a reporter for the Dallas Times-Herald at the time.  Lehrer station it was a rainy morning that day in Dallas but the skies cleared up.  He noticed the presidential limo had the protective bubble on it and casually asked a Secret Service ask if they were going to keep the top on the car.  The agent looked up at the sky and then told his crew to remove the top.
  • Schieffer was a reporter for the Star Telegram and was working in the office during the assignation.  A woman called and asked for a ride to the Dallas police station and he told her this wasn’t a taxi service and then she informed him that she was the mother of Oswald.  Man, what an amazing catalyst of an event to start a young reporter’s career.
  • I’ve seen a lot of JFK assassination material over the years, but I never saw the film of Air Force One arriving at Andrews Air Force Base.  You see RFK running up the steps running past and not evening recognizing or acknowledging LBJ, the new President of the United States, to get to Jackie.
  • I guess I never thought it about it before, but as JFK’s coffin was being transported into the ambulance at Andrews it wasn’t at all ceremonial, today you would expect to see a ceremonial military unit transfer the body just like you do when soldiers killed in action come home.
  • I guess LBJ’s best speech was his first as President at Andrews.  It was brilliant in it’s brevity and poignancy.  He handled everything exceptionally well that day, taking into context the imagery and message that the Constitution lives on, that they killed out president, but not our country.
  • There always seems to be new technology introduced to test if Oswald was the lone gunman.  In that show, the technology used was enough for me to believe that Oswald at least connected on one of the shots, the “magic bullet”.
  • I hope we never lose a president by assassination again, actually I hope a president doesn’t die in office.  In today’s world with Twitter, Facebook, blogs and comments on news articles, the ugliness would be unbearable.
  • It’s amazing when you think about it, how the Texas Schoolbook Depository build is still standing all these years.  Some say one reason it still stands is that democracy demand an accurate history, not one to erase and create on our own.
  • As a fan of presidential history and the like, I do find it interesting that when a person becomes president-elect and before the swearing in, they and their spouse take part in preparing their funeral, just in case.  After all that time of campaigning and the anticipation and planning of leading a nation, that has to be pretty sobering.
  • In an interview in his twilight years Gerald Ford showed a reporter two stacks of letters.  The small stack were letters about his presidency, the huge stack were letters about his role on the Warren Commission.
  • A lot of us gripe about how the news is reported today, that when something happens, a crew is sent out and then just states the obvious without any real reporting.  That got me to thinking about how Cronkite reported the death of Kennedy and how the Oswald death was filmed live and reported, it’s really not that much different, just on a grander scale.  How much confidence could Cronkite have telling the audience accounts from reporters who got their stories from “eye-witnesses”?  When you listen to the reporters when Oswald shot it just reminded me of the crap we see today, but it was the first time we were exposed to such a thing so I guess that’s important.
  • SNL had a great skit about starting the Christmas season too early, and the opening segment b-slapped ’60 Minutes’.  That Lady Gaga is certainly out there, but she’s talented, a visionary, and one heck of an SNL host.
  • I’m not sure how I’m going to cook the turkey this year.
  • I didn’t think Johnny Manziel could keep it together this football season, that something off the field would happen or he would totally lose his cool, good for him for staying focused.  I have a feeling he’ll be the third Aggie drafted in the next NFL Draft, behind one of his linemen and WR Mike Evans.
  • I hardly caught any of the Baylor/Tech game but I did see that with thirteen minutes left in the game, Baylor leading 56-41 on Tech’s 21, and instead of kicking a field goal they decided to go for it.  Unless Baylor’s kicker was hurt, that’s just typical classless Art Briles.
  • This years Baylor team reminds me of June Jones’ 2007 Hawaii team.
  • Fox moved away from the Washington/Philadelphia game to the Detroit/Pittsburgh game in which the Lions were winning 27-20, but the Pittsburgh home stadium looked almost empty in the third quarter.  I thought the Steelers had a loyal fanbase, at least that’s what the sportscasters like to say.
  • One of the announcers for the game mentioned he had the best chicken-fried steak ever at a place called . . . Luby’s.  Luby’s!?!?!  That man has an extremely low bar for chicken-fried steaks.
  • Speaking of chicken-friend, there’s a mushroom that tastes like fried chicken.
  • Jon Oliver is leaving ‘The Daily Show’ for HBO, it’s all because HBO liked what they saw when he filled in for Stewart.
  • A spruce stove is one for those that like to cut down trees but not into logs.
  • is shelling out cash for witty reviews of public restrooms.
  • Double Down: Game Change 2012
    • A quote in the book that has stuck with me – Don’t die on a small cross.
    • When vetting Gov Chris Christie as a potential VP, the Romney team felt Christie had such a bad past or too many skeletons in the closet that if he was running against Romney for the nomination, they would have creamed him.  From the items listed in the book, personally I don’t think they are that bad and I don’t see any reason why Christie couldn’t be the next Republican nominee.
    • When Romney became the Republican nominee he started to receive National Security briefings which made me wonder if there is any reason why a nominee would need to receive National Security briefings?  I can understand why a president-elect would, but not a nominee.
  • In Drew Carry’s Reddit Ask Me Anything he stated his big goal was to forgive everybody in advance.
  • Warren Buffet had an interesting quote about his charitable giving.  He was asked about philanthropy that didn’t work effectively and said, “If you are batting a thousand, then you are in the minor leagues.”  In other words, it’s important to challenge yourself.
  • I haven’t received my mail in my GMail account as of late and then yesterday afternoon I was flooded with email that was sent to me at least a week ago.
  • Self driving car technology has advanced almost beyond imagination.  I bet within the next ten years self-driving will be an option on a car and will replace cruise control.  I’ll go even a step further, I bet the car will be advanced enough to recognize when the driver is texting or on a call and will automatically convert to self-driving.
  • World-famous Swedish ice hotel is ordered to install smoke alarms
  • DFW’s Five Weirdest Barbecue Joints
  • The Original Sonny Bryan’s versus Mike Anderson’s in a Brisket Showdown
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11 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    I'm not a Gaga fan, but agree she's very talented and a great host.

    I think the Baylor TD had more to do with BCS ranking than mean spirit. Unfortunately point differential (especially against ranked opponents) is part of the BCS equation.

    I heard that Luby's comment and had the same thought. The way he said it was like Luby's was some little hole in the wall joint nobody had ever heard of. Really?

    Happy about John Oliver getting an HBO gig and returning to Community for 6 episodes.

    There was a weird Sonny Bryan's Drive-Inn on Harry Hines near Walnut Hill with carhops that served longneck beer.

  2. Dude says:

    As a Tech-Ex, I harbor no ill will to Baylor or Briles for running up the score… especially since he learned at the feet of the biggest proponent of it, Mike Leach. Here are some scores for disgruntled Tech fans to chew on:

    2006/11/04 Texas Tech 55 – Baylor 21 W
    2003/11/08 Texas Tech 62 – Baylor 14
    2002/11/02 Texas Tech 62 – Baylor 11
    2001/10/27 Texas Tech 63 – Baylor 19

    And RPM is right, they need points differential for the elusive rankings. I like Klingsbury and I like our chances in the next 3 years with all that young QB talent. We just need to sign some defense.

  3. Uppercase Matt says:

    Someday you'll have to explain your bitterness towards Baylor. Up by only 15 at the top of the 4th quarter? Against Tech, who has been responsible for any number of last-quarter upsets over the years? Yeah, you score as many points as you possibly can at that point. "Classless" doesn't fit here, and shows some weird judgmentalism.

    I think RPM is thinking of Keller's Drive In on Harry Hines near Walnut Hill — I don't recall there ever being a Sonny Bryan's near there.

    • RPM says:

      Thought it was Sonny Bryans, but in all honesty I was so shocked the carhops were serving beer I may have got the name wrong. Tried to Google Streetview it but the place is long gone.

  4. Gary says:

    All these Big 12 coaches know each other and most are pretty friendly. Briles and Kingsbury were chatting before the game so I don't think it was a case of poor sportsmanship. I think Tech knew it was for BCS Standings. At that point they lost the game and it's in Tech's best interest that Baylor gets a BCS bid as all the Big 12 teams get a share of the bowl payouts.

  5. Chip Beef says:

    For all the people who question the Warren Report, few have ever really read it. If you are curious about the details of the assassination, "Case Closed" is a really good book. The author read absolutely everything about the assassination and follows Oswald's life from the time he was born. The author clears up all the controversies and definitively concludes, based on strictly on the actual facts, that Oswald acted alone. It also covers Jack Ruby killing Oswald. I read the entire book in about two days.

    I don't know much about Lady Gaga, but she must be very smart because she has mastered the idea that it is not about the voice but about putting on a show…a very memorable show. The only time I saw her perform was on the "Today Show". It was outdoors and it was raining, everyone assume she would cancel the performance, but she went on and did the show in a driving rain.

    About a month ago the WSJ had a ranking of the most fickle fans. Surprisingly Boston and Pittsburgh fans were at the top and Dallas was at the very bottom, meaning that Dallas fans were the most willing to loyally support a mediocre team. I didn't see that as a good thing.

  6. Dude says:

    My wife was discussing the NYT op-ed piece this morning where the writer said Dallas needs to address "its role in the assassination" and while thinking about this, it occurred to me why Dallas suffers more in the wake of the JFK assassination that say, Memphis for MLK or LA for RFK. I said that I thought that the old boy network of Dallas was culpable for Oswald's killing by Ruby… and perhaps THAT is the whole problem. Because there was never a trial for Oswald (like there was for Sirhan Sirhan and James Earl Ray) we were denied his defense and therefore that void has been filled with conspiracies.

    • Chip Beef says:

      I think you're right that if Oswald had been tried then the public would have had a greater awareness of what actually occurred, in particular that Oswald was a leftie and that he was new to Dallas and not influenced by all of the right-wing hate-talk.

      At the time, I was suspicious of Jack Ruby's killing of Oswald, but after reading all the facts and events surrounding the Oswald's murder I am comfortable that it was an impulsive act and not a conspiracy. Maybe because Ruby had a public trial, very few conspiracy theories involve Jack Ruby.

      One of the things Dallas does not get credit for is how quickly the police department was able to identify and apprehend Oswald. Oswald's capture was very good police work by DPD.

  7. tommy says:

    I thought Baylor showed some class by not putting 70 on Tech. It looked as if it would have been pretty easy to do at the end of the game.

  8. blurdo says:

    1. Fry. The. Turkey.

    2. I'm not from Dallas, or even Texas, and I've never been there. I never thought that Dallas deserved any blame for the assassination of JFK. It's just where the nut lived and choose to perpetrate his horrible crime. I guess it's different living there and being immersed in it all the time.

  9. Dude says:

    Yep.. you are talking about Keller's… here's a Street view from Maps

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