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  • Today is 11-12-13
  • SisterGeeding talked to our family in Vietnam about the typhoon.  So far it’s just a lot of rain and wind, not even enough to board up any windows.
  • This quote in this article stood out in this article about the damage the typhoon did to the Philippines – ‘I am a decent person. But if you have not eaten in three days, you do shameful things to survive.’
  • Football writer Peter King lost his dog last week and had the following words to share that all dog lovers will certainly understand, “I will endure a few weeks of the occasional dark thought, and I will think: ‘Pretty good trade, 159 months of companionship and friendship and unconditional love for one or three months when sadness creeps in. In fact, that’s a fantastic trade.’ I feel the same as when Woody died: The easiest way to not feel this grief is to never have a dog. And what an empty life that would be.”
  • Some people spend an tremendous amount of time hating King going as far as making a parody of his Monday columns, I don’t know why someone would pay attention and devote so much time to someone that annoys you and not just overlook the guy, it’s not like he’s making national policy that affects our everyday lives.
  • The Dallas Cowboys had Mike Woicik as their strength and conditioning coach during their Super Bowl runs in the 90’s and he later helped New England with their Super Bowl runs in the aughts, which means he’s the owner of six Super Bowl rings.  When I heard he was coming back to the Cowboys at the start of the 2011 season I was elated, but when Miles Austin and Sean Lee are bugged by hamstring injuries I’m left to think his talents aren’t what they use to be.  I remember reading in Boys Will Be Boys that Woicik left the Cowboys because of how Jerry and the coaching staff was no longer holding their players accountable to workouts and conditioning drills and was quite surprised he would be willing to come back to the football club.
  • After Craig James and his son got Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach fired I thought it would be impossible for the younger James to finish his degree at Tech much less than come back to the team, but it happened.  For those thinking that Miami Dolphins lineman Jonathan Martin could never go back, think again.
  • Obama has done such a good job at hurting the economy and robbing the ultra rich that the demand for housekeepers and butlers is on the rise.  Per the article, “A good housekeeper earns $60,000 to $90,000 a year. A lady’s maid can make $75,000 a year. A butler may start at $80,000 a year and can earn as much as $200,000.”
  • People who think the opposing political party doesn’t follow or value the constitution and believe that party members follow part leaders like sheep are lead emotionally rather than logically or through rationalization.  You are fooling yourself if you think otherwise or just like stirring the pot..
  • Some men in Deep Ellum were walking around and wearing some very impressive Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle costumes last week.
  • An eye for an eye lash – Texas prosecutor to serve 10 days for innocent man’s 25-year imprisonment‏
  • There’s nothing like an informed voter – White Houston man wins election after leading voters to believe he’s black – That story made me think of the Dave Chappelle skit of Clayton Bigsby, the blind black man who thought he was white and went through life as a white supremacist.  Here’s the skit, and as funny as it is, it is crude.  EDIT: I just found out there is a more relevant and recent version of this story here.
  • Marilyn Monroe modeling a potato sack
  • This is suppose to be a feel good story about a lonely vet who had hundreds that attended his funeral, but I find it sadder no one was willing to invest any time in him when he was alive.
  • I wish the news stations would stop covering military parents that come home from a deployment to surprise their children.  It’s a special moment and the news coverage is starting to make it seem superficial, and I feel for the kids who have parents that are deployed and wonder if they will ever get that kind of surprise or feel disappointed that they weren’t given that surprise.
  • A great story on how a Utah Jazz ballboy got Michael Jordan’s shoes from the flu game – it was all because of of his ability to find applesauce.
  • We all John Ratzenberger as Cliff from ‘Cheers’ and being a voice in every Pixar movie, but wasn’t aware he was in Superman, Superman II, and The Empire Strikes Back.  In his Reddit Ask Me Anything he stated he recently had dinner with Ted Danson and George Wendt.  That would have been a surreal scene for any fan of the show seeing those three dining together.
  • How Fitting: ‘This Is the End’ the Last Movie Rented from Blockbuster
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. John Bell Hood says:

    I am also worn out by the surprise reunions of returning soldiers. It seems like they are doing several each week and this has been going on for several years now. I agree with you that the special moment of a family reunion is better left as a private matter and not as a ball park event.

    Even worse, I hate the surprise marriage proposals done in a public place before a big crowd. Some stranger usurps a public event so he can propose to his girlfriend. What exactly is she suppose to say with this big crowd yelling at her to accept. Sort of sneaky, sort of selfish

  2. J.B. and Howie says:

    With all of the money and team fortunes riding on a few premier players, it would seem that a conditioning coach would be a critical member of any professional football team. Is it that players feel they are so self-important and indestructible that they don't need to stretch anymore or is it that the conditioning coaches have gotten away from the basic fitness techniques? Neither of us can remember this many superstars going down to long-term hamstring injuries back in the 80s and 90s. Miles Austin has all but disappeared since signing that big contract a few years ago.

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