Bag of Randomness


  • If you would have told Sooner fans two years ago that Bob Stoops would lose to both Texas and Baylor in the same year they would have said you were out of your mind and on the off chance of that happening, they would want Stoops fired.
  • Last night was a very good win for Baylor, but I still don’t think they are sixth in the nation good especially when you look at their competition.  OU is having an off year, especially offensively and losing to a weak Texas team who started their backup.  The Sooners simply were ranked too high coming into this game.  I think OU really should have been ranked either in the high teens or low twenties and I feel Baylor is in the lower teens.
  • The most interesting play last night was in the first quarter when OU tried to score on fourth down and hurried to the line and the Baylor safety had his back turned trying to get the end crowd to cheer when the ball snapped.  That safety is not looking forward to film session.
  • Just what America needs, a third party – Philly elects first Whig in 157 years – If the description of that party in the article is accurate I think it’s a good thing, but it will be one heck of an uphill climb
  • In the Double Down: Game Change 2012 book I’m reading it talks about how most of the Republican establishment wanted then Indiana Gov Mitch Daniels to throw his hat in the ring, but he just couldn’t convince his wife and daughter to go along for the ride. Bush 43 even had Daniels over to his house when the Super Bowl was in town and he offered up all of his family political resources and then he and Laura called Daniel’s wife to try to sway her.  One reason Mrs Daniels was reluctant was that her and Mitch divorced, she married a doctor, divorced the doctor and returned to Mitch and didn’t want to talk about that period in her life.
  • There’s a lot of references to the Foggy Bottom neighborhood of D.C. which I never heard of before this book.
  • The book also mentions and goes into great detail how much Romney detests fellow Mormon John Huntsman.  Interesting fact, Huntsman father founded the packaging company that created the clam shell box for the Big Mac.
  • Bob Sturm was on the TICKET morning show and stated how the folks up north where he grew up overwhelmingly preferred pro football over college football.  I kind of thought that for DFW since the Cowboys were so good for so long and without there being a major university football program in the area.
  • I wasn’t aware that Lou Diamond Phillips was a product of the University of Texas at Arlington.
  • Bacon deodorant?
  • Sriracha candy canes??
  • Franklin Graham pimped out his father on his 95th birthday.  An author used the occasion to plug a book and write about the time Obama visited Graham.  The author pointed out that Obama was the first sitting president to visit the Graham home.
  • It’s not rocket science – A team of BYU physicists who like to call themselves the wizz-kids think they have found how to minimize urine splash-back in a urinal-like environment.
  • When I first read this story, I thought the double amputee was going to parachute into the Cowboys Stadium roof.
  • I don’t like it when the Cowboys play Sunday or Monday night, it throws off my Sunday.
  • Things I learned from this NFL Cheerleaders Infograph: The Cowboys Cheerleaders have not altered their uniforms in 17 years, the average age is 25, and a Seagal is an ordained minister but despite five minutes of searching I can’t find in what faith or denomination and he Facebook page doesn’t provide any details.
  • Kevin Pollak is under-rated.
  • A California high school has an Arab mascot.
  • I wasn’t aware that I didn’t have to work on Monday until someone reminded me yesterday.
  • Another one of those emotional touchdown stories, these are getting as common as a soldier coming home from deployment and surprising their kid at a school assembly  – A kid from a small West Texas town who survived a stroke and brain surgery was allowed to score a touchdown.
  • Texas sales tax collection rises for 43rd straight month
  • Dad ‘unfit parent for refusing son McDonald’s’
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    Kind of odd he's an unfit Dad for refusing McDonald's and another NY Dad IS unfit for taking his daughter to Mickey D's.

    Kevin Pollak is highly under-rated. His original HBO stand-up special is still one of the funniest things I've ever seen. His Christopher Walken impersonation can trigger seizures.

    Baylor looked very vulnerable. It took their offense quite a while to adjust to the Sooners D. Granted Baylor was missing some starters, but there's still a sizable question mark next to their ranking even with hanging 41 on OU. The officials are obviously watching K.J.Morton like a hawk for the rest of the year, too. If they go 3-2 over these 5 games they will be very lucky.

    There's another Arab theme HS mascot in California. The Hollywood High Sheiks.

  2. Ben W. says:

    Agreed about Kevin Pollak. His podcast consistently provides good entertainment, and he draws some very big-name guests. He's one of the all-time great "that guy" actors.

  3. Susanne says:

    There was something I liked about Jon Huntsman; he seemed to me to have character, integrity, and class. That he left the campaign because he was unwilling to engage in the mudslinging necessary to stand out and that Mitt detests him just reinforce that perception.

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