Chargers/Cowboys Parking Lot Fight

I’m only posting this because of how dramatic the arm guy is, which is quite comical.

Language warning

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6 Responses to Chargers/Cowboys Parking Lot Fight

  1. Dude says:

    Isn't alcohol WONDERFUL!?!?

    • warren says:

      Couldn't you say isn't the culture of Football wonderful?

      Scenes like this are not uncommon at Football games….moreso than other sporting events.

      • Dude says:

        There are thousands of people who attend the game and DON'T smash beer bottles over each other's heads. Cops get called to fights like these outside of bars nightly. I will concede that there are plenty of people (myself included) who can enjoy liquor without get fall down drunk, but its not football's fault. It's hypocritical, perhaps, considering the ads during games.

        You Tube is full of videos of fan fights at the Kentucky Derby infield, post NASCAR races, and on and on. The common thread in these incidents revolves around too much alcohol.

        • warren says:

          I agree with all that, just saying that I've had many beers and attended dozens of football games and haven't hit anybody over the head with a bottle (the day is young…just kidding). I'm not defending alcohol or blaming Football but take away the alcohol and situations like this still happen at parking lots at Football games…and other sporting events. There seems to be a culture of aggression and I see several people in this video that I would "blame" for heightening the atmosphere.
          This video is nice evidence though for anybody looking to press charges. Wonder if the "arm guy" has recovered.

          • Dude says:

            And I agree with your assessment of the culture of aggression, too. I notice in society a complete lack of ability in conflict resolution and an intolerance to allow for contrary viewpoints. Extend that to sports fandom and its sadly inevitable. Still think booze removes the last vestiges of civility in these situations, though. Thoughts best kept to yourself get blurted out and acted upon. Which is one of the reasons I stopped taking my kid to sporting events. My last Cowboys game was a result of someone giving me pre-season tickets. After the second beer spilled on me, I pretty much decided it's my LAST Cowboys game. Guess I should've fronted the guy for dissing me!

  2. Baylor Too says:

    A young man was killed recently in a brawl between Dodgers fans and Giants fans. This is ridiculous. ITS A GAME, PEOPLE.

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