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  1. RPM says:

    Congrats on the shout out. You deserve some recognition for all the hard work. +rep
    According to the test I should be in California. Except for taxes, earthquakes and cost of living I could see that.
    That T.A. message reminds me of Parks & Recreation… Erase all pictures of Ron!

  2. Uppercase Matt says:

    The judge and the voter-ID opponents are making a big deal about nothing on the voter ID thing. I served as an election judge for years — it's common to have someone on the rolls that needs to verify that they are the actual voter and still live where they're registered. Many of them are marked in the pollbooks as "suspense" voters — maybe some mail was returned or something and so the election clerk needs to verify that the registration information is still accurate. No one "almost didn't get to vote" — it's completely reasonable to say "the names don't match exactly, so please sign this form." In fact, I'd bet (without knowing) that the form is then processed to update the voter registration to match the ID.

    • Geeding says:

      I think working as an election judge and helping with the voting process is a very admirable and patriotic way to serve your country. Thanks for helping make democracy flow.

      • Uppercase Matt says:

        Thanks — sorry, didn't mean to go into a rant on your blog.

        • Geeding says:

          No worries. You have direct knowledge and experience in this area so it hits home. I appreciate getting to learn a bit more about the the process, something I've been fascinated with for quite a while. And trust me, I appreciate the service to our country to let democracy happen.

  3. Uppercase Matt says:

    Oh, the substantially-similar-name thing is even more bullshit than I thought. You know what the affidavit is? It's a box to initial on the pollbook when you're signing in that says "similar name." If you've ever voted in Texas without your voter registration card (using some other sort of ID), you've initialed the "no certificate" box on the old form. This is the same thing — just initial the box on the combination form saying the name on the ID you're using is a "similar name" to the voter registration of record. The "almost didn't get to vote" thing is just a flat-out lie, and part of the anti-voter-ID propaganda.

    Here's what the new form looks like

    I'll tell you that the object of every election judge and clerk is to get every eligible person vote. And even if the people are clearly ineligible — they're in the wrong precinct, aren't registered, whatever — you let them vote a provisional ballot if they want to (and I always warned them that eligibility will be verified and if they're not really eligible, it won't be counted). Working polls is a long pain in the ass job that you do as a public service (the $7 an hour or whatever it is these days sure isn't why you do it). Every time I see some story that exhibits absolute cluelessness on how things actually work, I want to tell those people that they ought to actually try helping for a change — go through training and spend a day (or several) actually working the polls.

  4. Dude says:

    I am right there with you on Sherlock and Elementary…. two totally different portrayals of a modern Sherlock. Cumberbatch nails the aloof detachment of the original stories. And the genius of Elelmentary is making Watson a female and all the relationship tension that creates.

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