Bag of Randomness


  • The TICKET morning guys ranked their top five scary movies.  I can’t say that I really watched any scary movies.  I don’t consider Seven or Silence of the Lambs as scary or horror, but more suspense.  I think the only movie that really scared and stuck with me for a while was George C. Scott’s The Changeling and I only watched that because it’s tradition for the restored Paramount Theater in Abilene to show it around Halloween and chicks are there.  I’m said to say it’s probably no longer a tradition as I don’t see it listed on the theater’s calendar.
  • One movie that disturbed me watching it and continues to even if I think about it is Of Mice and Men.
  • The Exorcist was more fascinating than scary to me, and the Hitchcock films are too artsy for me to be scared.
  • When I was a kid or teen there was a commercial for a scary movie that had children singing, I’m now terrified of all singing children.
  • There was also another commercial of a woman laying on her side on bed trying to sleep and the audience hears her thoughts, she ten rolls over and screams as she sees a man watching her from the other side.  That night I rearranged my room so my bed was against the wall and only slept with my back against the wall so I could have a full view of my room.
  • A device locks cyclists’ helmets and keeps their seat dry.
  • I remember the spelling difference of “yea” and “yeah” by saying “yea ends in a A”.
  • I’ve never taken an aspirin, but certainly have had my fair share of Advil an Tylenol.  My doc called with another blood test result looked good except that my CRP levels were a little high and recommended taking a daily aspirin.
  • We bout our 4Runner seven years ago with 20,000 miles on it and it still hasn’t reached over 1oo,000.
  • The RV is back at the Mexican’s house.
  • Texas Monthly – Meet the King of the Breastaraunt Empire
  • Dallas is about to open a zipline park.  I think there’s already a place in Roanoke.
  • I guess he was a big fan – Breaking Bad’ Offer from Katzenberg: $75 Million for Three Extra Episodes
  • Unpaid Intern Cannot Bring Sexual Harassment Claim Under NYC Human Rights Law, Judge Rules
  • Daily Mail – Under the hood: Astonishing glimpse into secretive rituals and mundane family life of Ku Klux Klan members across America
  • New Air Force planes parked in Arizona ‘boneyard’
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. SpanishWarDonkey says:

    It's nice when you can keep a vehicle that long with low mileage. My mother has a 2001 Suburban with just over 100,000… My 2008 Silverado on the other hand has 105,000. Hoping to make it to 200K before it gets retired.
    Scary movies do nothing for me.
    We have several zipline parks here in East Texas; they're a lot of fun even when you're an adult.

  2. b_caesar says:

    The scariest movie for me growing up was Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Not the entire movie, mind you, just the parts with the Child Catcher. The scenes with that wiry dude in the black tails & top hat were the Single. Scariest. Moments. on the planet whenever that movie would be shown each summer in the 70s & into the early 80s on one of the major networks. I bet you could talk with just about anyone between 35-50 and they would have some unpleasant memory of having watched that movie when they were a kid. Of course, it was tempered with jubilation near the end of the film when he was caught in a net and hauled off, but still, I shudder at the thought of seeing him roaming through the empty streets of that poor town.

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