Bag of Randomness


  • Our firehouse held an open house where we took the kids and got to put out a fire with a fire hose, check out a bomb squad robot, put on riot gear, hold all firearm arsenal, play with the K9 unit, check out the emergency response bus and search and rescue equipment, as well as many other things which included activities for the kids.  I asked DaughterGeeding what was her favorite part.  Her response, the popcorn.
  • DaughterGeeding is a good conversationalist and it’s easy to forget she doesn’t understand the meaning to all words.  For instance, WifeGeeding told her to stop arguing with her and she replied, “But Mommy, I enjoy arguing with you.”
  • Nineteen-month-old BoyGeeding is turning into a little MacGyver.  Here’s been grabbing things off the bathroom counter so we pushed them further back out of his arm’s reach.  He proved to be up to the challenge by picking up the bathroom trash can, dumping its contents, turning it over, and climbing on top of it to grab the items off the bathroom counter.
  • WifeGeeding was sad to hear that TODAY superfan Lenny died.
  • With Miley Cyrus hosting SNL I was only interested in watching the opening skit and Weekend Update.  I was watching the end of the Notre Dame and Arizona State game with three minutes to spare until the start of SNL.  To my surprise the local news came on and didn’t mention anything about SNL until the very end saying that it will now play in its entirety.  That’s something that should have been said upfront, but I guess they wanted some ratings numbers.  I wonder how many folks recorded the show only to find out there was a half hour of news.
  • With the best of intentions I send out what I thought was a very friendly email to our church leadership on Friday about a ministry I’m helping with only to get beat up in a long email thread with one leader who wasn’t particularly “filled with the Spirit.”  That affected me quite a bit over the weekend, but it was refreshing to show up at church and to get a bunch of hugs in support and how I’ve been handling things.  It’s funny how often church leadership loses focus can forget how to be Christ-like.
  • Phil Simms mentioned the number of Broncos jerseys in the crowd at Cowboys Stadium (I refuse to call it ATT Stadium).  Dude, this is a transplant city, every game is like that.
  • The weather was beautiful yesterday, the roof of that stadium should have been opened.
  • A lot of air particles sure were visible in a lot of camera shots.
  • Cole Beasley is white and wears Danny White’s old number, so I call him El Blanco.
  • I really don’t know much about the song Royals from Lorde, but I it puts me in a trance everytime it comes on the radio.
  • Someone please invent a TV app that erases the image of Spaulding Jones from every Jerry Jone’s suite box camera shot.
  • That’s the loudest that stadium has even been for a Cowboys game, it has certainly been louder for college games.
  • Typically I’m not a fan of Sen Tom Coburn but there wasn’t one thing I could object to that he said on last night’s “60 Minutes”.
  • HBO orders Rapture series ‘The Leftovers’ from a co-creator of LOST
  • Hugh Jackman recognizes that the interviewer use to be one of his students.
  • US biologist discovers new species up his nose after research trip to Africa
  • At least Baylor played a conference game, but I’m still wanting for them to play a decent football team, one that is at least ranked in the top 30.
  • I’ve always loved the dog bones given out for achievement to the University of Georgia football players that they stick to he back of their helmets and the checkered endzone at the University of Tennessee.
  • Jim Harbaugh is in a lot more commercials than his brother.  Actually, I don’t think the Super Bowl winning coach is in any commercials.
  • Catching up on the recorded TV I watched “Elementary” and “The Michael J. Fox Show” and both had an obvious Microsoft Surflace ad placement.
  • A white lion cup learning to roar is pretty cute – YouTube
  • Chart fun – The most unisex names in US history – I’m surprised Micah isn’t on the list.
  • They lose money on almost every electronic gadget they sell – Sony’s Bread and Butter? It’s Not Electronics
  • Well, at least half of it is meat – CBS News Report: Chicken nuggets not just “meat” but blood vessels, nerve cells
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Andy says:

    Nov 7, Baylor-Oklahoma. By then Baylor should be 7-0. If we can win that game, I think we can run the table, win the Big 12, and at least make a BCS Bowl. I would like to see our defense tighten up a bit, though. Jenny and I have tix to the OU game. I can't wait!

  2. Citizen of Earth says:

    "◾Typically I’m not a fan of Sen Tom Coburn but there wasn’t one thing I could object to that he said on last night’s “60 Minutes”.

    NPR's "This American Life" and the WSJ have both done extensive stories on the rampant fraud in the Social Security Disability Income Insurance program and it is much worse than what was portrayed in the "60 mMnutes" story. I'm not a supporter of the Tea Party, but if they want to attack this abuse of the federal budget, then I say, "Release the hounds!".

  3. Citizen of Earth says:

    " ◾Phil Simms mentioned the number of Broncos jerseys in the crowd at Cowboys Stadium (I refuse to call it ATT Stadium). Dude, this is a transplant city, every game is like that."

    Credit him, however, with complaining about the pink towels the players were using on the field which matched the flags the refs used. The Onion reports that the NFL is using a pink MRI machine this month.

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