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  • I’m finding more and more parents are taking their kids out of school to take a vacation to places like Disney World.  I think that sets a horrible precedent on priorities and gives the kids a false sense of entitlement and exceptionalism.
  • My father forbid me from leaning on a car saying the buttons or the metal stuff on jeans could scratch the paint.
  • It’s frustrating to hear pundits claim the government shut down has no effect on everyday lives.  Try telling that to the government employees who are the sole breadwinner for their family trying to figure out when they will get their next paycheck or be able to pay the upcoming mortgage or car payment, or to the owners and workers of businesses that operate outside of our national parks or federal buildings.
  • There’s been a law since 1995 that requires Texas drivers to set their parking brakes every time they leave their vehicle?
  • I’m calling it now, TIME’s Person of Year will be Pope Francis.
  • Pope Francis: ‘I believe in God, not in a Catholic God’
  • I don’t much about purgatory, so this read was a bit interesting. – 9 truths about purgatory – What Catholics need to know about the ‘anteroom of heaven’
  • I think most Texas Democrats stopped voting in guberatorial races because they knew there was no way their candidate had a chance.  If Wendy Davis stands a chance, they can no longer stay home on election day.  With her, they might just be motivated, and even with that, it’s gonna be on heck of an uphill battle.  I think the last time we had some fireworks in a Texas gubernatorial race was when George W. Bush beat Ann Richards.
  • Maps Of The Most Popular News Outlets In Each State
  • We run into this story every year with a different university – ‘Affirmative Action bake sale’ hits sour note with University of Texas officials
  • I’m surprised the Capitol and DC police weren’t more aggressive with that driver yesterday.  At one point the car was pinned in front of barriers and I would have thought being at such close range they would have shot the tires out.  There’s no telling if that car was loaded with explosives and where it was going.  But then again, there was a child in the car and I know nothing of real police work other than what I see on the tele.  Gosh, I feel for that girl and what she had to go through.
  • ‘Breaking Bad’ spinoff ‘Better Call Saul’ is likely to be more dark than funny
  • When watching the series finale of BrBa I noticed that Walts car remote was orange but it didn’t hit me at the time that orange in that show represents death.
  • Man injured by half-tonne of falling bacon
  • ‘Parks and Recreation’ had another overly obvious Microsoft Surface product placement.
  • There’s a Comic Com in Irving this weekend, I love how people dress up for those things.
  • I caught a bit of that red carpet special on CBS11 for the National Football Foundation Honors Jerry Jones and Peter King was interviewed.  I forget what he was asked, but he talked about how Jerry was giving him a tour of the new stadium and how if the team was 5-9 in December he still had to do things to attract people to the stadium and heavily cited the artwork.
  • I saw an Iowa State linebacker last night who rigged his jersey so he could show off his stomach.  I think that use to be a thing in the 90’s.
  • I didn’t watch any NFL football last night but I hear the first down line on the screen was pink.  I wish the NFL would just dedicate a week towards breast cancer awareness instead of a month.
  • Man, those Cleveland Browns are something else as of late.  I know they just played Buffalo, but they’re on a nice streak.
  • And I have yet listened to a Rangers game on the radio – Eric Nadel, Voice of Texas Rangers, finalist for Baseball Hall of Fame honor
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10 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    I'm psyched about Wendy Davis. This should be a very explosive campaign. We have been under hypocritical leadership for too long and it's time for change. I've ordered a couple Wendy yard signs and can't wait for somebody to try and jack with them.

    We also need someone to step in and force a more logical redistricting instead of the gerrymandered mess we have now.

  2. rangerjim60 says:

    As a single parent and furloughed this could get ugly. We get 1/2 a check on the 12th but the Govt will still take out taxes health care, etc. I doubt it will be much – after that – I'm super stressed. Am applying for unemployment today – lets see if someone who has 30 years of hard work in can even get it. And if I do get it, I might have to pay it back…………those folks who say this won't affect anyone can kiss my royal behind.

  3. SpanishWarDonkey says:

    Wendy Davis could perhaps make things interesting, but I agree, it'll be an uphill battle the entire way. Were she to win, you can be sure the younger demographic (25 and under) will play a huge role. Having said that, even were she to win, we would simply have DC politics the last 4 years here in Texas. The right will still control both houses and nothing of gain will be accomplished for the people of our great state. If you want real and meaningful change, start voting independent or libertarian. All it takes is a spark folks. Nothing will change nationally or at the state level until the term 'career politician' is merely something we tell our grandchildren about.

  4. Ben W. says:

    You know I love Disney, and having gone in September, October, and April, I can certainly attest to the joy of going when the crowds are (relatively) low. But with an 8th-grader in the house, there's no way we would even consider taking the kids out of school. The workload they face is already pretty intimidating, and I can't imagine trying to make up a weeks' worth when you return. I feel like you would never really get caught up, and no matter how much fun you have, in our opinion the cost outweighs the benefit.

    As for the shutdown, a friend of mine who works at the Naval Observatory (who is one of those breadwinners you refer to that is sitting at home not getting a paycheck) posted this article on Facebook about the impact the shutdown is having on scientific research. It's a shame:

  5. Dude says:

    I don't get the vacation thing in the school year either, it sends the message that school doesn't come first.

  6. An Alert Reader says:

    If taking them out of school for a family vacation isn't bad enough, some parents routinely take their kids out of school to participate in club sports tournaments that are scheduled to begin on a Friday. Some of the clubs require the parents to acknowledge in their contracts that the parents will agree to take their kids out of school for tournaments and, furthermore, if a club event conflicts with a varsity game the club will have the higher priority.

  7. Ricardo Perry says:

    I wonder if Pope Francis is stating these messages for the non-Catholics as much, if not more, than for the practinicng modern Catholic. An argument, I'm sure articulately, could be made that Francis is addressing American conservatives directly.

    I know we have a very conservative wing in the Church. But I was always taught to be aware of justice and equality;, to treat all fairly (Catholic and non); to respect all of His children (even LGBT); and that, as Francis has affirmed, God is not just for Catholics. I believe that, like other institutions, the message is not conveyed properly and even gets supplanted by an agenda.


    • Pliny the Elder says:

      As our Dear Leader, Keith, has pointed out in previous postings, the average age of the membership of denominational churches is steadily rising. When the average age of a church is in the mid fifties, you have an organization that is on the near-extinction list. Young people [and younger Catholics] quit as soon as they are free to. Churches in European countries are almost empty. The Pope is in a desperate race to hang on to younger members at a time when medieval church doctrine becomes increasingly illogical and irrelevant to them. He's rapidly running out of time and once they leave it's all but impossible to get them back.

      I can remember when the church fathers first came out against artificial birth control as a mortal sin. Virtually all Catholics completely ignored them. Once the faithful decide they will pick and choose from what you have declared to be acceptable doctrine, you are almost out of business.

      • Ricardo Perry says:

        Very good points and well documented in studies and polls.

        I think the arrogance of priest and Vatican leaders (my anecdotal observations) have contributed greatly to some young Catholics leaving. But, thankfully, I also see some returning.

  8. Stefanie says:

    I'm sorry to hear you are affected! My mom works for the government and has already been informed that they can only pay out the next month then it cuts off cold. I'm hoping all the best for you!

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