Bag of Randomness


  • Is everyone ready for that ‘Homeland’ season premiere that is airing the same time during the ‘Breaking Bad’ series finale? Huh, huh, huh?  Yeah, me neither.
  • Here’s the door I tried to paint blue but turned out purple.  It’s actually growing on me, or that I just don’t want to paint the door for a third time in a week.  For right now, I’m just saying I’m channeling Marie from BrBa.  Oh, hey, how did that spoon get in my pocket?
  • Yesterday was GirlGeeding’s open house at her school.  Her teacher handed me a piece of paper that was printed with purple ink; that brought back memories of poorly made copies handed to me as a student made by those mimeograph machines.  I think those things had a unique smell to them.
  • The new Big Tex doesn’t look as friendly, is chubbier in the face, has nicotine skin, and looks like he’s wearing Uggs.  I do like the idea of burning him down each year.
  • This may be Baylor’s bye week but Art Briles is still scheming a way to pad his team’s stats.
  • A friend of mine said if he ever won the lottery or just became vastly rich he would never wear the same pair of socks twice.
  • I just found out there’s a fossil park by my old church in Mineral Wells where you can take home 300 million old marine life fossils.  The fossils were discovered all because of erosion from the city dump.  Article
  • Several weeks ago a pastor friend of mine tweeted about praying for peace in Syria and for a resolution for lack of U.S. military action when there was no hope in sight.  While I admired the right frame of mind and nobility in his action, I though he was a bit delusional.  Well, it looks like things are working out.
  • You know those funny Hitler videos with the captions?  I had no idea there’s an app for that.
  • Bud Selig is going to retire, I’d like to see W take the reins.
  • Bono was on Letterman last night.  I love the man, but I don’t like his hair.  It’s very long on top and short on the sides, and the dye job looks bad everytime I see it.  Just because McCartney and Jagger don’t go gray doesn’t mean you don’t have to, but then maybe it does.
  • Instead of A) Walking around with a rictus smile B) Giving me the cold shoulder all day C) Keeping all conversations unusually short D) Rejecting my advances E) Telling me to make my own damn sandwich . . . WifeGeeding could have just told me she didn’t like what I wrote about her the previous day.
  • That attempted holdup at a Fort Worth McDonald’s was quite Amazing.  Man pulls out gun and tries to fire inside, gun jams.  Man goes outside, gun works.  Man goes back inside and gun jams again, man goes outside and gun works.   Thankfully no one was psychically harmed.  Some will say God was there, others will say coincidence, others say perhaps a bit of both.
  • ‘The Crazy Ones’ has some wrinkles to iron out and will have to move to another timeslot to survive, but I think it has some potential.
  • Two shows I watch regularly had their season premier based in London: ‘Parks and Rec’ and ‘Elementary’.  Both also had Microsoft Windows 8 touchscreen product placements.
  • ‘Breaking Bad’ Choose Your Own Adventure Books
  • Animal themed towel origami guide
  • The Mariano Rivera exit was touching.  Jeter and Pettitte walked out to the mound to relieve him and the announces did the best thing they could have done, remain quiet and let the moment speak for itself.
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  1. towski says:

    And somehow you think this is going to fix it?

  2. Bunny No Good says:

    Good gracious! Paint that front door barn red. Girl… matches your brick!

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