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  • If I hear “Blurred Lines” on the radio one more time I might just take hostages.
  • I repainted the front door to a darker blue, and for some reason I decided to buy an oil based paint.  Despite all my experiences painting, this was my first using an oil based paint.  It’s a bit harder to paint with, as well as cleanup, which I somewhat expected, but I failed to take into account the much longer drying time.
  • WifeGeeding has resurrected the slug bug game.  He’s better at finding them with her one eye than I am with my two.
  • I gave ‘Sleepy Hallow’ another try, but I’ve lost interest all ready.  Like I said, it would have made for a better movie than a television series.
  • I was the only person at Braum’s the other day.  As I sat and waited for my food I heard the food order announced and I actually took the time to look at the number of the receipt to make sure it was my order . . . despite being the sole person in the joint.
  • Sherlock Holmes has to be the greatest fictional character ever created, especially when you consider the longevity of the character and the numerous versions and modern adaptations like ‘House’, ‘Monk’, ‘Elementary’, and ‘Sherlock’ just to name a few.  I love how the character is always flawed, handicapped somehow, yet has confidence and this amazing ability to deductively reason.
  • I’m looking forward to the new Robin Williams series on CBS, but I think the promos are making it look bad.
  • The college age child of a friend at church at a stroke as an infant and as a result has lost the ability to taste.  In case you are wondering, she’s fairly thin.  I’m thinking if I had to choose to lose a scent, it would either be taste or smell.  I think smell is more important to keep for safety reasons, but man it would be hard to give up taste.
  • The Musers on The TICKET brought back the topic of at what you you should stop wearing jerseys as part of your outfit.  I still stand by my rule that you don’t wear a jersey of someone who is younger than you, which means you should start weaning yourself of jersey wear in your early twenties.
  • I think The TICKET app is different on the iPhone and Android systems.  The app on my Android phone doesn’t include a rewind or forward feature.
  • I guess that freezer death in Mineral Wells was an accident after all?
  • Speaking of Mineral Wells, here’s the history behind the Welcome Mountain sign.  And yes, I know it’s not really a mountain.
  • I wasn’t aware there was a movie made about Hell’s Gate out in Possum Kingdom.
  • This haunted house gives you the option of going through it in the nude.
  • I share a lot of readers with that Wise County lawyer but I’m often told they read his blog first and then mine, which isn’t a big deal or anything.  But in case you aren’t aware, Bag of Randomness is posted at 2:00 AM each morning.  I can’t get Barry’s Morning Thoughts to load until 8:30 AM.
  • A few ruined it for everyone – Disneyland: Disabled Will No Longer Skip Lines
  • Atheism starts its megachurch: Is it a religion now?
  • Baskin Robbins even has more flavors – These Are North Korea’s 28 State-Approved Hairstyles
  • NBA Planning Nicknames on Jerseys
  • Bono chased by angry anarchists in Germany –  Interview
  • Opinion piece I haven’t read but thought my audience might like to check out – The Evangelical Orphan Boom
  • Former President George W. Bush said President Obama should not be criticized over his frequent golf outings
  • More BrBa thoughts:
    • It’s fun to watch a show with you guys.
    • With the blue meth back on the streets, I’m guessing everyone thinks Walt is actually back cooking.
    • The actor that played the vacuum cleaner guy is smart enough to be in something called the Triple Nine Society.
    • A couple of items to note about Grey Matter Technologies I found on its Breaking Bad Wiki page, which makes me want to watch Season 2 Episode 6 again:
      • It was my hard work. My research. And you and Elliott made millions off it.” Walter White S2E6
      •  For reasons not yet explained, Walter suddenly left Gretchen during a vacation with her family, leaving her and his research behind.  S2E6
    • I’m having second thoughts on the ricin being left for Elliott Schwartz.  Lydia likes to drink a lot of tea, I can see Walt tying up that loose end by dropping it in her next brew.  Orrrrrr, maybe Walt is really ticked at Charlie Rose and is saving it for him?  Nahhhh, that’s nonsense.  It’s more likely Walk and Charlie Rose will have an epic shootout.
    • I hope Walt Jr learns that his father didn’t directly kill Uncle Hank.  He may have been responsible and even dug his grave, but he didn’t pull the trigger.
    • If there was a Hank funeral, I’m sure Marie woke purple.  I think it would be cool to find out in the last episode that she already remarried, and wore a purple wedding dress.
    • What’s the over/under of the number of “bitch” left in the series?  I’m thinking there’s two left.
    • Regarding Andrea’s death, I guess Todd is now the one who knocks, and Jessie sure knows that now for sure.
    • Jessie found a picture of Walt dressed like Santa, and the last episode made it look like Walt was living in the north pole.
    • Interesting comparison of Walt and Skylar’s perdickerment in the pilot and the most recent episode.
    • The New Yorker’s next cover is BrBa inspired.
    • Todd’s thoughts on Lydia, warning, a bit perverse humor but no nudity or anything.
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12 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. john15nlt says:

    I read you first…. then wait for Barry, however I almost never come back here after my morning read because you are not a regular updater and Barry is

  2. Dude says:

    I don't think it matters, frankly, if Flynn ever finds out that Walter didn't pull the trigger that killed Hank, it's clear after last week that Walt is dead to him. Everything that Walt has done for the last 5 seasons culminated in Hank's death. It's funny to watch a series with an anti-hero as its main protagonist. You HAVE to "like" Walt on some level to stick with the show, but since he decided to cook meth he's made the selfish, prideful decision at every turn. He's pretty much an evil man, a conflicted, tortured one, but a consistently prideful empire builder nonetheless. And Todd's convincing his uncle to keep cooking meth shows that he's likely of a similar mindset, a Heisenberg 2.0– now with two times less of a conscience!

  3. George says:

    Did you put the oil paint right on top of the latex paint?

  4. Kevin Gogan says:

    Ok, so if the player has to be older than me, is it ok as a 48-year-old to wear, say, Staubach's jersey?

    • Geeding says:

      Dang, that's a good question, and to be honest, I don't have a decent answer. It's time for me to re-evaluate my silly rules. But off hand I'm thinking If the player is retired, then it's time to retire his jersey, just as I had to do with my E. Smith jersey.

  5. Ben W. says:

    I'm right with you on the ricin being for Lydia. My guess: Lydia has Skylar killed (or attempts to) and Walt exacts his revenge with the ricin. He has the perfect device to administer it with the stevia that Lydia won't. stop. asking. for.

  6. Dude says:

    I still think Walt uses the Ricin on himself, but a _cool_ way for it to be used would be to see him put it in a Stevia packet early in the next show. And after a face-off with the Nazis/Todd/Lydia that doesn't completely go Walt's way, to see Todd and Lydia sharing post-battle cups of tea, thinking they defeated Walt, with the open doctored packet nearby…fade to black.

    A scenario like that would remind me of the ending to the great Jan-Michael Vincent/Charles Bronson movie "The Mechanic". Very satisfying.

  7. Baylor Too says:

    The thing is, Hank caused Hank's death.

    We know that Hank is not planning to use the gun on Gretchen and Elliott, because he told the vacuum salesman guy that the gun was not going to leave town, and Gray Matter is located, IIRC, in Santa Fe or Los Alamos.

    I have no idea who Walt is going to use the ricin on. He seems maddest at Jack–remember he was asking Saul about hitmen, but this latest plot twist could put Gretchen and Elliott in his crosshairs. (The thing is, G & E haven't been active characters, and the viewers aren't invested in their welfare.)

    No, I think Walt has some plan concocted to attack Jack, get his money back, and then rescue Skylar and the family from the legal troubles they are facing.

  8. Baylor Too says:

    The end has to somehow resolve Jessie. Jessie could go all Chuck Norris and kill Jack and the white supremacists. Now remember, Walt thinks Jessie is dead. Walt could come storming in to kill Jack and Todd, and then Jessie could join in the fight. Then when it is only Walt and Jessie left, there would be a final battle.

    Is there any way for Walt to come to town, pin all the blame on Jack, then leave a free man? I don't think so.

    Dang, this story is so perverse. In any other tv show, movie, whatever, there is always a way for the "good guy" to win at the end. There's no way for that to happen here.

  9. Dude says:

    After just watching Andrea's death… Jesse is "gone". As morose as he was for so long after Jane died, this last knife buried into him by Jack and Todd will kill him, figuratively and literally. It would ring untrue to the character if Jesse became all Heisenberg. He historically blames himself for all the bad things happening around him, it's Walt who consistently finds the fault in everyone but himself. Jesse may take someone with him, but he has nothing to live for now.

    • Baylor Too says:

      Good point.

    • Ben W. says:

      But there's still Brock. I don't know how Jesse could legally become his guardian, but he is still out there and vulnerable. And right now Jack is still holding him over Jesse's head, as he said, "Remember, there's still the kid," when Todd got back in the car.

      Just a few more days….

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