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  1. Ren says:

    I have to admit that I am from the old school belief that the atomic bomb changed things, starting with the end of WW II. The H bomb, starting with Hiroshima, had a major effect on the world I grew up in during the Cold War. The contention that Russia's declaration of war is the actual tipping point does not take into account that their declaration most likely was motivated by the realization that the US was first to have the nuclear capability that several powers, including Russia, sought. The article even infers that Russia was most likely negotiating with Japan and waiting to see which side of the conflict to take to accommodate their post war status. So, even though Russia's declaration can be argued as the factor that ended the war, there is still the strong possibility that the nuclear bomb had a profound impact on Russia's decision.

    Though I pray that there will never be another nuclear detonation used on humans, the argument that the atomic bomb didn't change things would be to say the same thing about the invention of gun powder.

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