Bag of Randomness

  • fifty-shades-of-bacon-xlI took SisterGeeding and her husband out to eat at Whisky Cake, and I have one question . . . why the hell would they serve corn on the cob with mayonnaise on it?
  • I think the Cowboys jersey has been modified slightly.  I recall seeing the blue stripe with small black border at the edge of the sleeve, and now there’s a bit of white past the blue stripe.
  • I really don’t like the Dolphins new logo and unis.
  • I say it every year, but I love how the NFL starts the season with the Hall of Fame ceremonies and then the Hall of Fame game with players lined up midfield applauding the newly enshrined members as they are introduced.  There’s something about the symbolism of honoring the past and the sense of renewal of seeing rookies do what they can just to be a part of league history.
  • Jerry Rice may be the best receiver of all time, but Cris Carter has the best set of hands in the history of the NFL.
  • The video of Jerry Jones presenting Larry Allen into the Hall of Fame had a prolonged close-up of his faith that was beyond terrifying.
  • Bill Parcells thanked both Tom Landry and Gil Brandt in his speech, which was a bit surprising, but cool.  He should have started his speech by bringing a bag of groceries, and Harry Carson should have came out after the speech dumping confetti on him with a Gatoraide bucket.
  • Warren Sapp was wearing white sneakers during his introduction.  Unless he has foot problems, he should show more class than that.  I do think his bust is the first in the Hall with dreadlocks or whatever you call them.  Sapp also talked about how he worked hard so his mother wouldn’t have to work again, but he’s also the same guy that had to declare bankruptcy.
  • Both Sapp and Parcells thanked their ex-wives, both of whom were in attendance.
  • I expected a much better speech by Cris Carter.
  • The gecko make another appearance this weekend as I brushed my teeth and he’s getting more brazen.  This time he tried to sell my car insurance.
  • Come on, as if you didn’t see that one coming.
  • I thought we still owed him money – Even if Alex Rodriguez is banned for life, the Rangers still owe him more than $40 million
  • I don’t think it’s proper to call one self a patriot, that’s a term for others to call you.  I thought of that as I looked at the Twitter profile of one of the candidates running for land commissioner.
  • I think my least favorite ‘Breaking Bad’ episode is the one with the fly.
  • I saw a group of about 20 Tea Party protester on the 3040/I35 overpass in Lewisville.  They were trying to get attention of drivers on 35 going north and south, at least that’s how it looked from how they displayed their signage.  There was a police presence at each corner for what looked like a peaceful protest, so I guess the police were there because the high traffic and just standing on a high overpass could be a safety issue for them and traffic.  I’m all about educating kids and getting them involved, but having them bake in over 100 degree weather in heavy traffic didn’t seem like a good thing to do, and some of them couldn’t be older than seven.
  • Speaking of the Tea Party, I did notice that Fiat has changed the last line of that colonial ‘The Italians are Coming’ commercial from “This is going to be so much better than the Tea Party” to “This is going to start a revolution.”
  • Iraq Veteran and Cardinals Cheerleader Arrested for Allegedly Assaulting her Boyfriend
  • Vpeeker shows you newly-posted Vines in realtime, so sit back and watch the world in 6 second bites.
  • The Rocky franchise may continue to live on with a film about Apollo Creed’s grandson, and of course Balboa will help train him.  This Airplane! movie poster might just come true.
  • Johnny Manziel was the only person that made me want to watch the Aggies on the field, now he’s the only person that makes me want to keep up with them off the field.
  • The youngest person to be executed in the U.S. was a 14-year-old boy in South Carolina.  His Bible was used as a booster seat in the electric chair.
  • Report names Plano the third safest city in America
  • Shaq dunks over Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in 1995
  • What I Learned From A Year Of Watching SportsCenter
  • 50 Shades of Bacon book
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    I love the fly episode.

  2. Mike Snyder says:

    The gecko has the highest IQ of any reptile and is known for its generosity and friendliness. In many developed cultures they are revered as household gods and become part of the indoor menagerie and are often welcome guests, as they feed on insects, including mosquitoes.

    Sadly, this happy creature is being hunted to near extinction in some parts of North Texas.

    The Gecko Rescue Foundation

  3. kimmydoodle says:

    Learn to respect and live with Mr. Gecko, Mr. Geeding. My story about Geckos goes this way: One day, whilst going through a bunch of precious family photos stored in a box I had pulled down from one of the back closets, a house gecko popped out, and scurried across the bed, which totally freaked me out. I didn't smash him and was glad he was not a spider. I captured him in a pimento jar for a short while (yes, I did punch some air holes in the lid and took his picture, admired him for a day then took him back to where he came from, after doing some researching of geckos on the Internet.) There, on said Internet, I figured out he was a House Gecko. I learned he was only there in that picture box trying to capitalize (i.e., eat) the many tiny, almost invisible insects that were eating holes in/trying to demolish my beloved pictures, and I learned to be thankful for his presence. All that said, the only living things I will still readily dispatch are black widow spiders and copperhead snakes, and I feel really, really bad about doing so when I have to. I know that I have not learned to love those two critters as much as I should. I'm sure they have their purpose here on this earth, as I would wish others would think of me in the same way. “I’m not trying to hurt you, I’m only trying to help you”.

  4. b_caesar says:

    There were 15-20 people on an overpass on 75 (Central Expressway) this past weekend, too. All I caught was a sign that had the word Benghazi on it, but not why – that was the only word big enough to read once you got close enough, and by then you were under the bridge and gone. Not the best place to protest, really.

  5. sara de la rosa says:

    I'm from San Antonio, so, don't know anything about Whisky Cake, BUT… from here, down to the valley, and down to the border, everyone loves roasted corn on the cob. It's street food. And from here, all the way to Mexico they sell it roasted, with mayonesa (mayo with lime), and chili powder. It's sold off of carts in the street, at festivals, sometimes off of the ice cream truck. Sometimes, they'll cut the kernels off for you and put it in a cup, with the mayo and chile. So, they may have been inspired by that. It's awesome by the way. The HEB's here sell corn in a cup.

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