Bag of Randomness


  • Three walk-off homerun wins for the Rangers, is that a record in MLB? EDIT: They’ve tied the record.
  • I can’t catch that gecko in my bathroom and he only appears, out of arm reach, when I’m in there doing my business.
  • I thought it was interesting that Barry wrote about the poem used in the new ‘Breaking Bad’ trailer and the story behind it, because I’ve been sitting on writing about a poem since Monday.  J-Si read a few lines from ‘He is Gone‘ from a friend’s email to him and it really pulled on a few heart strings.  After some research, I found it’s been botch over the years and “she” is often substituted for “he”, and it become really popular after Queen Elizabeth read it at her mother’s funeral.  I’ve since learned that is now somewhat popular at funerals and has been attributed from Immanuel Kant to Native Americans.  It turns out it was written over twenty years ago by a former factory worker and motorway service-station cleaner who now makes a living as an artist selling nude paintings of his wife.  The poem wasn’t written over loss but unrequited love.
  • I think along with a U2 song, I’d like for that poem to be read at my funeral.  Man, I think I’m making my funeral planning easy for my family.  I’ve already written my obituary, made it known I’d rather be cremated, and have stated what I’d like read and played.
  • I saw my first back to school commercial a few days ago, it was from Target.  When I was a kid and saw a back to school commercial in July, I thought there should be a law for that not to happen until at least the beginning of August.
  • Even with some AC problems, the electric bill for July was only $273.  Since I work from home and have an office upstairs and the wife and kids stay downstairs, I have to keep both the upstairs and downstairs units running set to a decent temperature.
  • I thought last week’s ‘The Bridge’ was a little slow but last night’s was pretty solid.
  • I upgraded from a three gallon air compressor to a 21 galloner yesterday, and now it’s time to do some painting.
  • But Target is behind Costco as I saw they were already selling Halloween costumes.
  • That George Zimmerman is on a heck of a streak, within a month he was found not guilty of murder and now he gets out of a speeding ticket going through Texas.
  • Cindy Crawford tweeted a quote from Mother Teresa and accompanied it with a photo of herself.
  • After reading the ESPN article on Johnny Manziel, I’m surprised at how many bars allow him to order and drink beer, and I’m surprised his parents are comfortable with it.  I will admit I’m a stickler for under-age drinking.  Unlike most college students, I never drank in college, and other than the occasional sangria, I don’t drink as an adult.
  • Prisoners in California’s Alameda County can upgrade their jail cell for $155 a night, it’s a plan to increase revenue.
  • Written bey a female – Why Do So Many ‘Born-Again, Spirit-Filled’ Women Show Off Cleavage in Church?
  • Betty Crocker Gets on Gay-Affirming Bandwagon With Free Wedding Cakes
  • The new food at the State Fair of Texas is getting out of hand.
  • For you local folks that like the hot stuff – Fresh Ghost Peppers Have Arrived At Central Market. Please Be Careful
  • “Keep looking up, because that’s where it all is.”
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Friend of the Blog says:

    why are you trying to catch the gecko, anyway?

    I occasionally see them around the house; they eat insects and seem harmless enough otherwise

  2. RPM says:

    If you plan on using an air paint gun, you should tie the compressors together for A) increased volume and B) faster recovery.

    The Bridge is very good. This last episode really fleshed out the story, FX is doing a great job of adapting foreign shows for American audiences.

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