Interesting Idea for a Cast

Even though I’ve never broken a bone or wore a cast, I’ve always thought how frustrating it must be to wear one as I heard how hard it is to shower with one, how stinky they got, and how hard it is to scratch an itch. ┬áThis model seems to solve those issues.



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2 Responses to Interesting Idea for a Cast

  1. RPM says:

    I wore a cast slightly larger than that one (it went to my knuckles) when I broke my thumb. I would have killed for one like the this. I went thru several coat hangers and plastic rulers making scratchers and wrapping it in plastic and tape to take a shower was a pain. After they removed the large cast I was given a smaller plastic one with velcro closures but it wasn't all Spidermanish like this one.

  2. The Donald says:

    I've never worn a cast, but that looks like genius.

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