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  • For the first time in a long time, I tried to actually live life yesterday instead of trying to survive it; which I’m sad to say, is usually the norm.  I have to attribute that to Kraddick’s death.
  • I went along with the thought that Kidd died of an aneurysm, which I can’t recall where I picked that up from.  Every time I saw a report that stated the cause of death hasn’t been released, I was surprised they were not just saying it was an aneurysm.  It doesn’t happen often, but that’s good proper reporting.
  • He ended up dying of a heart attack even though he “looked” healthy and worked out.  But some of his colleagues have stated he was a heavy smoker, and he always asked not to have a photograph taken of him with a cigarette because he knew he kids looked up to him.  The New Orleans paper reported he had an enlarged heart and three coronary blockages, with the worst being 80 percent.  Now I’m curious to know how much blockage is needed to have a heart attack and what kind of heart attack he had.  I’m now encouraged to be a bit smarter regarding heart health.
  • It was reported yesterday that when his death was announced on Saturday, he was the second most trending topic domestically on Twitter and the fifth internationally.
  • It was heartbreaking to hear his crew start the show yesterday.  Good for them being able to find the strength for giving the fans a little something. Even though it was just about 45 minutes, it was just what the fans needed.
  • I found it odd yesterday that Kellie Rasberry, almost out of nowhere, stated that she and Kidd never slept together.  It was one of those weird statements that you could tell that she was trying to be a bit funny but at the same time be a bit serious.  But then again, when you are grieving and just speaking, there’s no telling what will come out.
  • Yesterday the Musers on The Ticket came to the conclusion that Kidd Kraddick’s death is the largest one to hit the Metroplex since Tom Landry.  I’d agree with that, but add Kraddick’s is especially hard because his death was so sudden and still great at his profession.  Landry was out of the spotlight for a while, and when the public was informed of his leukemia everyone started to brace for it.
  • Russ Martin has feuded with every DJ in town, including Kraddick.  Here’s his eulogy to Kidd.  He ended it in quite a unique way.
  • What DaughterGeeding listens to as she falls asleep.
  • An interesting beer from a brewery in Utah of all places – Big Bad Baptist Imperial Stout 
  • Josh Hamilton, local entrepreneurs settle federal suit over use of the phrase ‘Play Hard Pray Harder’
  • Troy Aikman’s new house – I’m not so sure about the zebra print furniture (credit,
  •  “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has goodwill, who am I to judge?” – Pope Francis
  • It seems when Pope Francis makes one of these “shocking” statements the Catholic church is quite to issue some kind of disclaimer, as if he’s the Joe Biden of Catholic church.
  • Discover your own Mad Men Motto.
  • I guess Aggies didn’t like the idea of Johnny Manziel going to a frat party in Austin, but I guess they really don’t like the image of him doing the hook ’em horns signs with both hands.
  • Beatles heart-shaped vinyl
  • Hey Ben W., this one is for your wife – 36 DIYs That Will Get The Whole Family Psyched For A Disney Vacation
  • Man Goes to Jail for Violent Diarrhea
  • Johnny Manziel’s OFFICIAL Apology Statement Template
  • A New App Will Let You Share Your Leftovers With Strangers
  • “Keep looking up, because that’s where it all is.”
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  1. Ben W. says:

    Man, if we had the kind of time necessary to whip up some of those projects, we'd be doing great! Really neat ideas, though.

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