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  • Barry mentioned how many people on Facebook are posting a story about a new pastor of a megachurch visiting his new church as a homeless person to unexpected (or expected) results.  That made me remember a chapel service at Hardin-Simmons in which the speaker talked about a previous trip to the campus as a homeless person, and when it was time to speak at chapel, he did so as the homeless person to the shock of the audience and talked about how he was ignored and referenced the parable of the good Samaritan.  I remember feeling conflicted about that sermon because campus officials told us to not to interact with the homeless or suspicious visitors for safety reasons.  After all, we weren’t in the safest part in town, and during the first week of my university experience a student was mugged and shot.  Heck, there was a dumpster literally outside my from window and everyday I saw a non-student digging inside of it.  The hardest was watching mothers put their little kids inside to rummage through.
  • Speaking of not being in the safest part of town, I remember hearing so many sirens the first few days of living on campus and then told not to worry and I’d get use to it as we lived across the street from a hospital . . . and then someone got mugged and shot.
  • Regarding chapel, all freshmen and sophomores were required to attend something like 85% of them, and they were held on Tuesday and Thursday mornings.  Tuesday was usually the more serious, preachy one, and the Thursday chapel was more student lead, fun, and not always faith based.
  • It’s funny how DaughterGeeding will try to bargain or get out of stuff when talking to her mother.  WifeGeeding will tell DaughterGeeding to do something, and DaughterGeeding will reply, “OK, mom.  But, how about we do/try this?”
  • Cowboys Stadium hosted some international soccer games with a grass field that nobody liked.  They even used green sand to fill up the holes.
  • The Rangers have a new Taco Dog, and it’s just about as you would imagine it – a shell in a bun with a hotdog and taco meat.
  • CBS11 visited Six Flags one two different days after the accident with hidden cameras to test how ride attendants are watching over ride passengers.  They purposely left seat belts unbuckled and didn’t lower lap bars down properly, and the employees caught it each time.  Here’s the video segment.
  • The other day I mentioned how pretzel bread is the new “it” thing.  Sonic now has a pretzel hot dog.
  • I could easily write a ten page paper on the annoyances of Vince Young.
  • Google has a new piece of hardware called Chromecast.  It’s a small device that hooks up to an HDMI outlet and you can use a Chrome web browser on your device (iPad, computer, phone) and watch it on your television.  The ad is a bit deceptive as it shows it looks just like a USB thumbdrive, but after closer inspection, the fine print says you have to hook a power adapter to it.
  • No way, other than obvious reasons, and here’s too much money to be made in religion – Religion to Disappear By 2041 Claims New Study
  • The birth of Christ in a nutshell
  • Texas is well represented in the top ten as well as DFW – The 50 Hardest Working Cities in America
  • Those ComicCon folks sure look like a fun easy going bunch.
  • And a bit more ComicCon humor if you like the X-Men and Scooby-Doo.
  • It took almost all my life to realize that the man in the yellow hat in all the Curious George stories resembles a banana.
  • Dodger Stadium Serves Frozen Beer Foam – Keeps Drink Cold For 30 Minutes
  • Death Happens More Slowly Than Thought
  • VIDEO: Florida State’s Nick O’Leary, grandson of Jack Nicklaus, survives horrifying motorcycle crash
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Carlos Danger says:

    " I remember feeling conflicted about that sermon because campus officials told us to not to interact with the homeless or suspicious visitors for safety reasons."

    I think your point is well taken. My niece is attending TWU in Denton and there was an incident within the last week when a female student was attacked by street person while on her way to her car. Fortunately she was able to get away. There are alarm buttons all over the campus. I would not think it would be a good idea to routinely befriend a person living on the street. Most cities/churches have programs to help the destitute if they need help

  2. SpanishWarDonkey says:

    -I hear you about HSU and crime in the area. I grew up on the south side of town but my two older brothers hold degrees from there, dad got an MBA there. My mother was also the lady in the BSM that graduating seniors would plead their cases to when they realized they weren't graduating. (96 or 97 to 03 if memory serves me, some of the excuses were gold!)
    -I recall hearing the homeless-pastor story 15 years ago attending either Beltway or Wylie Baptist. My parents were a little older and we left once Beltway became the "cool" church.
    -Ballpark food has gone wheels-off the last few years.
    -I'm skeptical of some of the benchmarks used in the "Hardest Working Cities" blog.
    -You're exactly right about big money comes with big religion. The older I've gotten, the more reservations I have about mega-churches. I guess I'm almost a "love-Jesus-hate-religion" person.

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