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  • A friend and loyal BoN reader donated a kidney to his mother-in-law , which made him a hero and a real man in my book, so I decided to visit him as he was recovering.  Surprisingly he’s recovering quite well, much faster than I did after my sinus surgery, and most of the kidney removal was done microscopically.  I could only imagine what his wife was going through having both her mother and husband in surgery at the same time.  Thankfully the recipient is recovering quite well, is no longer on dialysis, and getting use to urinating on a somewhat frequent basis again.  I found it interesting that the doctors didn’t remove any of her kidneys, so  now she’s walking around with a trio of kidneys.
  • The patients were recovering in Fort Worth, and on my way to the visit yesterday I got a text from my cousin who I haven’t seen in about eleven years.  Believe it or not, my native Californian born cuz moved from his home of Las Vegas of about the past eight years to my small home town of Mineral Wells, Texas for a “simpler” life.  We met at Montana’s in Weatherford, a place I always wanted to try.  The company was great, but the food was mediocre.
  • There’s something special leaving Fort Worth going west.  The moment you leave “the city” you hit some beautiful pastures, rolling hills, and yesterday, some bright blue skies and cotton ball clouds.  As a kid all that scenery was boring, but now I miss it quite a bit.
  • After eating lunch with my cousin I tried to visit a friend outside the city limits of Mineral Wells, and that’s where I found the U2 Ranch.  Funny thing, but I was listening to U2 when I spotted that thing.  But then again, I listen to a lot of U2.
  • WifeGeeding has been getting on my for turning the radio up in the car when I find a catch song channel surfing, limiting my free spirit ways and my singing along.  Yesterday was a little liberating driving by myself as I cranked up the radio and sung at the top of my lungs.
  • That Six Flags death is creepy and no one has actually confirmed where she fell off the ride.  But I think everyone that’s been to Six Flags has felt uncomfortable of the pubescent bored teens operating the rides.  And that’s what’s scary, it’s been reported that she actually told a worker that her safety bar didin’t seem right.
  • Usually around the start of Cowboys training camp I get a little excited, but there’s no excitement this year.  It could be a sign of aging, or acceptance of mediocrity, or both.  I did see Jerry on Hanen and the man from Arkansas really didn’t look well, he was chubby and pale.  Hansen was surprisingly easy on him.
  • For the heck of it I decided to watch NBC5 news on Saturday night and I caught anchor
    Amanda Guerra with a slip of the tongue when she called field reporter Chris Van Horne as “Chris Van Horney”.  Her bio page does say she’s a Sooner, so I guess we have to cut her a little slack.  And yes, I’m letting my fondness for UT cloud my judgement on this one.
  • I wish my television had an app that would edit parts of the local news in which they show comments from Twitter and Facebook.
  • I tuned out of wrestling the moment the greatest wrestling move, the Iron Claw, stopped being used.
  • Quite hilarious if you are a ‘HIMYM’ fan – Ted’s Kids Have Had Enough
  • Before I put a towel in the dirty clothes I like to use it to spot clean the sink.
  • Part of me thinks it’s just a nifty marketing ploy.
  • In case you wanted a quick interpretation for your common dream, like showing up naked or falling.
  • ESPN has made some interesting hires as of late, first, the rehire of Keith Olbermann, and now Nate Silver.
  • Florida governor sets ‘day of prayer for unity’
  • While Texas Restricts Abortions, Mexico Braces for a Boom
  • Why Many Texas Abortion Clinics May Stay Open
  • Mythbusters’ tests ‘Breaking Bad’ myths, first trailer
  • Compressed bread sculptures
  • There’s a website where you can buy Lucky Charms or Count Chocula and it just has marshmallows
  • Lewis Black and NY Can Kiss Texas’s Ass: From the Mouth of a New Yorker
  • Twitter released an interesting visual of their verified users.
  • “The Walking Dead” Season Four Trailer 
  • There’s actually more I wanted to write for today, but I think I’ll just save it for later.  I think if I put too much stuff on one Bag of Randomness you’ll just tune out, if you haven’t already.


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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Dirk says:

    "microscopically"? Do you mean "laparoscopically"?

  2. b_caesar says:

    Sorry – what was that last bit? I was thinking about puffy clouds in west Texas… 😉

  3. Susanne says:

    My sympathy lays with the victim in the Six Flags debacle, as well as her family.

    …but I don't think it's fair to cite her comment about the safety bar not seeming right. How many people are locked into their cars each day? How many times a day do the workers hear things like that? How many times does the harness actually fail?

    In my mind, it's like saying of the exonerated prisoner, "but he *told* them he was not the guilty party." That's not to say I approve of railroading defendants and/or kangaroo courts.

  4. WGII says:

    Said on the news the only other death was on the roaring rapids ride when one of the rafts flipped over and a woman drowned. Very sad story!

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