Bag of Randomness


  • Whataburger sure is branching out, aren’t they?
  • You know those decorative toothpicks that have the shredded plastic on the end?  I think the decorative piece came off of my club sandwich and is now stuck in the back of my throat.
  • I’ve never really been a fan of cheesecake, there’s something about the tartness I don’t like.
  • It was nice seeing ‘House of Cards’ get nine Emmy nominations.  ‘American Horror Story: Asylum’ got 17, maybe I should give that show a try, as well as ‘Game of Thrones’.
  • No a single show from ABC, CBS, NBC, or Fox got a best drama nomination.
  • I remember when I thought Netflix was just a two bit company, mainly because of all the annoying pop-up ads on the Internet, but they are now playing with the big boys.
  • I thought “Claudia” from ‘The Americans’ should have received a nomination.
  • If you listen to The TICKET via online stream like I do, you have to be annoyed by the “I’m having a stroke” commercial.  Good message, but wayyyy over played.
  • Speaking of The TICKET, BaDD Radio does a bit where they review old movies to see if they still hold up, and yesterday they reviewed The Natural.  That’s another movie you can watch for free on YouTube.
  • Something for you ‘Breaking Bad’ fans – A Heisenberg hat 
  • I mentioned I wanted to watch 12 Angry Men and yesterday I tried to find it on Netflix to no avail.  However, you can watch it for free on YouTube.
  • I wonder what the value of the latest Rolling Stone magazine will be twenty years from now.
  • FBC Dallas’ Pastor Robert Jeffress sure loves the spotlight as he was with Gov Good Hair during that abortion restriction bill signing.
  • Abortion is an area Texas Republicans are focusing on as of late.  David Dewhurst has a new video in which he calls himself Defender of the Pre-Born and State Rep. Phil King filed House Bill 59, which would ban abortions when a heartbeat is detected, which is around the six week mark.  I still think those are ways to treat the symptoms of the actual problem, which is decreasing unwanted pregnancies.
  • I was channel surfing on the radio the other day when I heard Billy Idol’s Cradle of Love.  I haven’t heard that song in years and I was immediately brought back to my adolescence and that video.  Thanks to the Internet was able to look up the girl in the video, but it doesn’t appear she’s done any recent work.
  • There’s one thing that video made me think about, putting a cassette tape in and hearing the hiss before the song comes one.  There were times where the volume control didn’t quite work out right or songs were recorded in different volumes and listening to that hiss and waiting for the song to start playing could be a bit traumatizing.
  • Sometimes I just don’t understand the DFW sportsfan.  Most can’t stand Jerry Jones because he won’t hire a GM, and he gets all the blame.  Mark Cuban has a GM yet gets all the blame.  Interestingly, both those guys have won championships, and the only team that is ‘doing it right’ is the Rangers, who have a preferred owner and GM structure.  But I guess Tom Hicks needs to be mentioned as he was the owner when Stars won the Stanley Cup and the Rangers started their run the season he sold the team, but fans found him too meddlesome.
  • I was a little surprised that Tyler came in first, I was thinking some place in West Texas or Cowtown – 50 Most Cowboy Cities in Texas
  • College Station man in FBI shirt jailed in theft of Jesus shirt
  • Some Guy Threw 4,800 Messages in a Bottle Into the Atlantic Ocean and Got 3,100 Responses from All Over the World
  • In the latest episode of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, Jerry Seinfeld and Chris Rock get pulled over for speeding in a classic Lamborghini.  The cop acted professional, but in his mind he’s got to be a bit starstruck that he has two of the world’s greatest comedians pulled over.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    I really try to stay out of the abortion issue because A) I'm a male. B) It's not a personal choice I'm forced to make. C) All of the above.

    What I do see is that abortion is legal under the Constitution with Roe v Wade. People don't agree that, i.e Rick Perry & Friends. They have passed a law under the guise of women's health safety. But after it passed they revealed their true colors: “All of you who stood up and made a difference, no one will ever have to ask, ‘Where were you when the babies’ lives were being saved?’” – Rick Perry

    I'm sorry but that is an egregious abuse of power and against everything we have fought for. If you don't like Roe v Wade challenge it. Get it overturned. What we are seeing now is bully rule by a religious group.

    If you're in this group, you hail the results. But ask yourself if another religious group was in control of the legislative branch and how you would react to their results. Would you be happy with Sharia Law?

  2. Male #2 says:

    Completely agree with RPM.

  3. GeedingNation says:

    "Sometimes I just don’t understand the DFW sportsfan. Most can’t stand Jerry Jones because he won’t hire a GM, and he gets all the blame."

    Maybe it's just the false and inflated promises Jerry delivers at the start of every season: this, my loyal fans, will be the year we are bound for the Super Bowl. Or the seemingly lack standards with discipline. Or the impression that he overrules coaches during the draft. All that said, Bill Parcells still says he really likes the guy as an owner. He contends that Jones will listen to reason if your argument is logical. He also says Jones is more passionate than other owners about needing to win. All that said, if they don't deliver this year there be big problems at Valley Ranch. At some point [I hope this season] fans finally decide they don't want to pay for high dollar season tickets to watch an 8 – 8 team.

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