Bag of Randomness


  • It’s weird hearing news of a heat wave and DFW not be a part of it.
  • As an exercise to try to better myself when coming to an opinion, I’m asking myself, “Is there anything that is clouding my judgement?”  For instance, I have lots of opinions about Johnny Manziel and his off field actions, but I have to take into account that being a Longhorn fan may cloud my judgement and opinions.  I also have to ask myself that question when a conservative makes a certain statement or action and ponder if my left leaning ways is clouding my initial thoughts.  I guess it comes down to that old ‘respond vs react’ adage.
  • I first came up with that question talking to an family member about the movie Wall Street and the iconic line “Greed is good.”  That family member asked me if that was a true statement, and at the time I said yes when it comes to capitalism, but he told me that answer is incorrect, because greed clouds your judgement.
  • I was driving next to a Dallas police car yesterday and we drove neck to neck the light of us changed to yellow.  Not wanting to get a ticket, I slowed down and stopped, but surprisingly the cop sped up and basically ran a red light.
  • For WifeGeeding’s birthday we ate at the kid friendly Cheesecake Factory in Frisco.  Our waiter said about three years ago he waited on Mitt Romney in that restaurant.
  • While walking around the wall I often think there are some very ‘unique’ people in this world, and I wonder how many folks have thought that about me.
  • Burger Bracket Time in DFW – Burger Battle DFW: 2013
  • As of late, I don’t prefer the two small patties on a bun burger, but a medium to large patty that has some thickness to it.
  • Straight from Barry’s blog: A USA Today reporter was sent to the metroplex and was “on his own” (with the help of Twitter) to explore the place.
  • I love potatoes.
  • One of my favorite jokes in the Netflix season of ‘Arrested Development’ are the references to ‘Entourage’ with the street signage.
  • While watching ‘The Bridge’ last night I think I came to the conclusion that I prefer television over movies because I like character development and the art of storytelling.  But I was surprised to see a Lyle Lovett appearance, and more surprised at his good performance.
  • I need to watch Twelve Angry Men.
  • The song Ironic rewritten and sung with irony – YouTube
  • Parents made a cute video of their baby using a film seconds of the first 365 days of his life – YouTube
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    Lyle has some acting under his belt. Being married to Julia Roberts had to get him access to some good coaching. He always comes off a little stiff, but in the right role it works.

    You haven't seen 12 Angry Men? That film is a classic and one of Henry Fonda's best performances.

    Any "Burger Battle" that does not include Herd's in Jacksboro is an invalid survey. I think most are afraid to take on the Herdburger in open battle.

  2. Cloudy Sky says:

    I like the reflection about something clouding judgment being problematic, but capitalism is a clouded concept. Given that its not "pure," wouldn't clouded judgments make for better judgments on occasion?

    They tell you the first day of business school that the goal of business is to "maximize owner's equity." It seems to me that the greedy person pursues that goal with a passion that surpasses the one with "unclouded judgment" most of the time.

    • Geeding says:

      Great point. I guess I should have added or made more clear that I felt my relative's point was that greed can keep make one from making a smart business decision.

  3. Ricardo Perry says:

    I definitely recommend watching "12 Angry Men," but i would also include "The Oxbow Incident" as a companion movie. Both are excellent in their similar themes and differing endings.

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