Bag of Randomness


  • The one thing I don’t miss about working in an office, hearing annoying mobile ring tone.  I never understood why some people could never remember to set their phone to vibrate.
  • I was totally shocked when Gov Rick Perry said he wasn’t going to run for another term as governor.  I thought the announcement was going to involve a hair endorsement deal or that he was going to donate that coif to Locks of Love.
  • My dreams are getting crazier, the latest involved Nell Carter who I haven’t thought of since her death a decade ago.  Looking back at her career, she was more talented than I thought as she was a winner of a Tony, Emmy, and Golden Globe.
  • When people ask me how far one place is from another, I usually tell them in terms of time instead of distance, and I think that’s a Southern thing.
  • When you win Wimbledon, you sure have to do a lot of interviews.
  • I’d like to see some of the top men and women tennis players play each other.
  • There’s been a lot of Lubbock Christian University advertising as of late.
  • Per yesterday’s MMQB, the NFL will cover up to five years of continued education, pending a passable grade, after retirement.
  • Remember the Packers/Seahawks replacement ref fiasco from the last NFL season? A somewhat funny update.
  • In a Cleveland obituary – “He respectfully requests six Cleveland Browns pall bearers so the Browns can let him down one last time.”
  • There’s a new show on Discovery that has caught my attention, Naked and Afraid.  Basically a male and female are dropped off in their birthday suits on a remote location and have to survive for 21 days.  Despite my description and the title, it’s not perverse at all and quite interesting to see them survive starting from scratch.  For instance, when in Africa, there are thorns all over the place, so they have to make shoes from the bark of a tree.  The beginning of the show is quite interesting as the two survivalist meet each other for the first time completely nude.  There’s been three episodes so far and the greeting has been different each time.  I’ve seen a fist bump (most appropriate), a hug (just to get over the awkwardness rapidly), and a firm handshake.  The biggest surprise of the show, how tough menstruation is on the women out in the wilderness.
  • Not being a beer drinker, I’m pressed to find anything more refreshing that a Coke in a bottled glass iced down.  Recently in Columbia, Coke was serving their beverage in bottles made from ice.  Dude, bring this to the States now!
  • Random kindergarten memory – fearing I would never be able to remember which one was  “b” and “d”.
  • I’m a little tired of Taylor Swift’s act.  Whenever she gets out of a relationship, it’s never her fault, so she has to write a song degrading some dude and releasing it to the public as if she’s a victim standing up for what’s just.  And some folks thinks that’s being a positive role model.
  • It’s Texas Heterosexual Awareness Month, Whatever That Means – Dallas 
  • Garmin has a new GPS device that reflects off your windshield to give  you a heads up display, and for only $130, I think that’s a pretty decent deal.
  • Darth Vader Mailbox with Lightsaber Flag
  • The Most Expensive Military Projects Of All Time
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    Perhaps you're dreaming more vividly because you are getting better sleep on the CPAP machine?

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