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  • I was never a fan of the twin popsicle stick.  Sure, I was getting two for one, but it was awkward to eat and never broke apart correctly.
  • The creamsicle is a sworn enemy, right up with the raisin cookie – I think I’m getting one th ing (a regular popsicle or chocolate chip cookie)until I take a bite only to horrifically discover it’s something I don’t like.
  • I get emails from readers a lot of times about stuff related to Abilene Christian University, so I think there’s an assumption that’s where I went to college.  Nope, I was ‘fortunate’ to graduate from Hardin-Simmons University.
  • I use a bar of soap until it’s all gone.  When it gets too small, I just smash it into a new bar instead of throwing what’s left away.
  • I’ve only done it two other times, but on Saturday I met a long-time BoN reader and broke bread.  It’s nice putting a face to a name and it always kind of starts out as if I’m being interviewed, which is kind of unique.  It’s also nice knowing he didn’t bring a weapon and try to harm me.  And it’s also interesting to get face-to-face feedback and hear how one thinks this blog has changed over the years.
  • The two 16-year-old Chinese girls killed in Saturday’s plane crash in San Francisco were on their way to a Christian camp.  I hope the camp reaches out to their grieving parents, but I hope no one has the audacity to tell them that “everything happens for a reason.”  Not only is that saying pure bullshit, but it’s heartless and selfish.
  • I was looking at Greggo’s blog (you know, the guy fired from both The TICKET, ESPN, and The Fan) and he’s lost a remarkable amount of weight he doesn’t look healthy.  Here’s another.
  • Advice for all pastors, and perhaps the rest of us – What would Jesus drive? Pope tells priests to buy humble cars
  • I was watching Oliver Stone’s Nixon and it stated that Nixon was in Dallas, well, leaving Dallas from Love Field the day Kennedy was shot.  I did a casual Google search and it appears to be true.  Weird.
  • That film had a budget of $44 million but only made $13.56 at the box office.  To save costs, Oliver Stone rented the set from The American President.
  • Part of the film focuses on Nixon’s relationship with his valet Manolo.  At one point, Nixon took him to the Lincoln Memorial at 4:00 AM and they ended up talking to college students protesting the Vietnam war.  I never heard of the name Manolo until this season of ‘Mad Men’ and now I see a Nixon connection, so I wonder of Max Weiner is using the name “Manolo” as some sort of symbolism, not to mention Draper has referenced Nixon in the season finale.
  • Many folks, including myself, have confused pictures of people inside the Texas State Capitol rotunda for a big hole in the ground just outside the building.
  • I’ve mentioned that I wished bills in Congress wouldn’t contain a bunch of unrelated stuff that’s not associated with the subject of the bill.  I just learned that’s called the single-subject rule, and 15 state congresses follow that rule.
  • Sign me up – New indoor skydiving facility expected to open by the end of the year in Frisco
  • I never watched an episode of ‘Bewitched’.
  • YouTube – My dad sprayed the bird feeder poles with WD-40 to stop the squirrels from climbing them.
  • I often gripe how Hollywood has run out of ideas, and here I go again, there’s going to be another Terminator to start a new trilogy and Arnold may be part of it.
  • Three things I didn’t know about Joe Pesci: 1.  He’s retired from acting.  2.  Has only been in 37 movies (I would have thought at least 50) 3. He was once engaged to supermodel Angie Everhart who he dated for seven years.
  •  Speaking of Everhart, I didn’t know she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer.
  • In reference to Adam and Eve, the Bible never mentioned an apple and in the nursery rhyme “Humpty Dumpty” it’s never mentioned he’s an egg.
  • Why are their “Guardrail Damage Ahead” signs?  I mean, I understand it’s informing the driver there’s a damaged guardrail, but why?  I couldn’t find a decent answer online but it appears to be just a Texas thing.
  • Perry’s sister an advocate for surgical centers – And I wonder what he’ll announce today . . . perhaps forming a new Freedom Party with Palin?  Palin/Perry 2016?
  • Fox News host: Not using God to sell beer means ‘the terrorists have won’
  • Vatican asks: is the Hulk Catholic?
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    I don't get it either, but the damaged guardrail sign isn't just a Texas thing.
    The early episodes of Bewitched were the best. When they switched Daren's it was over.
    I like Dreamsicles and Fudgesicles. Not a Popsicle fan. I'd rather have a Fla-Vor-Ice.

    I'm not surprised Oliver Stone got that bit of history right. He did an interesting series "Untold History of The United States". He's a conspiracy nut, but he certainly has the correct info to make a conspiracy sound plausable.

  2. Susanne says:

    It’s also nice knowing he didn’t bring a weapon and try to harm me. *snicker*

    Re: the SF crash, I was thinking while watching the video how one would feel to see that and simultaneously hear, "our plane has been cleared for takeoff."

    Re: WD-40 on bird feeder – that seems cruel/dangerous. WD-40 is a solvent; wouldn't a straight lubricant (particularly a non-toxic one) be better? Nothing good can result from a squirrel licking WD-40 off its paws…

  3. The Donald says:

    Would love to know the conversation taking place between two SOBs in that picture.

    I also smash the old sliver of soap into the new bar – I'm cheap that way.

  4. SpanishWarDonkey says:

    I'm a relatively new reader (few weeks) and TxDOT employee. Long story short on the damaged guardrail, lawyers. Different districts deal with damaged fences differently, but most have a yearly contract with a company to repair them. The company isn't always able to get them fixed in a day or two so we put the signs out simply as a warning and a kind of CYA deal, too.

  5. AndreaJN says:

    There is an "iFly" indoor sky diving place in Austin. My husband and I went just to watch other people do it. It's amazing and WAY cool, we must have stayed an hour watching 🙂

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