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  • The Simpsons gave me two good laughs yesterday.  Marge told Homer to not put all his eggs in one basket, and replied by asking her back, “What do you expect me to do, use a basket for each egg?”  And then the church marquee said, “Communion in 30 minutes or less or your service is free.”
  • For the heck of it I decided to buy a package of plastic wiffle golf balls and hit them in the backyard.  To my amazement and without any type of training, everytime I hit one, DogGeedingII would chase it and drop it into an empty container.  Good dog!
  • If you didn’t read the last post about Rev Adam Hamilton’s thoughts on the Supreme Court decisions from last week, I’l like to encourage you to do so.  I wish more pastors would take the time to talk about current events like Hamilton.  For the most part, I find him not telling others how Christians should agree one way or another on a particular issue, but as a Christian, how to think about the issue and come to your own decision.  And I love how he states it’s okay to disagree with him.
  • Something for you local folks – Back Door Bootleg Bacon Fried Chicken
  • I went to get a haircut at my local Great Clips and when the stylist asked what I wanted, I said a Ceasar cut, and then she cut me off and said, “OK. Noooo.  I’m a female, I don’t understand men haircut terms, so you are going to have to explain that to me, understand?  I hope you aren’t offended or anything.”  I’ve had many a haircut at many places by many female stylists and I’ve never had one question me like that.  It was quite shocking as Great Clips seems to have more men get their hair cut then women, at least at our location, and I thought hair styles might have been covered in the first few days at cosmetology school.  But the most important thing was that I ended up with a good haircut.
  • Goodbye Google Reader.  You were nice to me when I needed you most – when previous employers blocked websites I liked to visit, you were the mouse hole to the outside world as they never blocked anything Google related, other than GMail.
  • While I pretty much converted to Feedly to replace Google Reader, I’m going to give Digg Reader a try for a few days.
  • While recovery was quite difficult, my sinus surgery was one of the best things to have happened to me.  I had no idea how bad things were, and breathing is so much easier than I can ever remember.  But sometimes, there’s a bit of a whistle that comes out of my right nostril.
  • If I had a spare $5,000 I’d love to go on a zero gravity flight experience.  There’s a chance to do it in Austin and Houston this fall.
  • Atheists unveil monument by Ten Commandments 
  • Sports Illustrated’s 50 Greatest Swimsuit Models (10-1) – I’m quite surprised that Kate Upton is ranked as high as number three for being such a new comer, and Angie Ever should be ranked higher than 20.
  • The 12 best designs from the past 100 years – The escalator is mentioned on this list.  When I was a college student in Abilene there was a bit of trivia of being able to name the two places in which an escalated existed in town.  If I recall correctly, it was Sears and a government building.
  • I remember when Kenneth Griffey III was born back in 1994, the Seattle Mariners gave him a contract dated 2012.  He’s now a 19-year-old redshirt freshman wide receiver at Arizona.
  • Class move by a team I don’t like – The Patriots Will Let Fans Trade In Their Aaron Hernandez Jerseys
  • Architecture review: First Baptist of Dallas builds a $130 million corporate behemoth
  • My friend Barry said that FBC Dallas is the Fox News of churches, here’s further proof as they let Sen Ted Cruz speak Sunday morning,
  • 10 largest exit packages in 2012 – Graphic, Article – I wish there was a way to limit golden parachutes, but I guess that wouldn’t be in the spirit of capitalism.  Isn’t $159.9 million excessive?  Shareholders will never say anything because the majority shareholders are either mutual fund or insurance companies.
  • Hopefully other states will catch on – A new law makes Oregon the first state in the nation to crack down on charities that spend little of their money on their missions
  • What’s the Difference Between a Road and a Street?
  • A 100 foot gator is being built in Beaumont
  • #9 kinda stayed with me for a while – 10 Captivating Snapshots of Nurses During the Korean War (Thanks Suzy!)
  • Big U.S. Companies You Might Not Know Are Religious
  • AP photographer describes 128-degree heat
  • 50 Free Date Ideas in Dallas
  • Mad Men – Roger Sterling in season one episode nine to Don – “I’ve worked with a lot of men like you, and if you had to choose a place to die, it would be in the middle of a pitch.”
  • Mad Men – Don Draper to Pete in the pilot – “Keep it up, and even if you do get my job you’ll never run this place . You’ll die in that corner office, a midlevel executive with a little bit of hair who women go home with out of pity. Want to know why? Because no one will like you.”
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Melissa says:

    i too am an admirer and student of Adam Hamilton…i have participated in many of his Bible studies and appreciate the way he is able to bring things to a way that makes me think and understand. Thanks for sharing his thoughts on the rulings.

  2. WGII says:

    Well I've eaten at the Chop House Burgers many times and the Chop House Seafood and Steak House once. A trip to the burger joint is a MUST….the food is so good, however, I would not drive across the street to eat at the steak house. The word to describe would be mediocre at best which makes its way over priced. I was not aware of the chicken so will have to try that and let you know what I think. It would be the only reason I would return to the steakhouse. Also if you ever want to go to the burger joint…let me know and we can meet up! Would be great to see you and the family!!!

  3. Ben W. says:

    I appreciate you sharing Adam Hamilton's work on this blog, as I was unfamiliar with him before I read some of your posts. I just received "Seeing Gray in a World of Black and White" this weekend, and I couldn't put it down. I really enjoy someone who can approach an issue from multiple viewpoints, respect them, and then articulate his own beliefs without condescension or animus to the other perspectives. It's enormously refreshing. My soul gets weary of the constant attacks, refusal to listen, and aversion to compromise and cooperation that is so very prevalent in our society today. This book is really speaking to me, and I'm 100% certain it won't be the last Adam Hamilton publication in my library. Thanks again for the introduction!!

  4. RPM says:

    One of the things I did for my birthday this year was seek out an old school Barber that still gave a straight razor shave. Cold beer, hot towel, hot lather. It was awesome. There was an episode of Community last season (S4 Ep7 "Economics of Marine Biology" ) that summed it up perfectly, "Shaving yourself is for chumps!". You need to watch that episode.

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