Bag of Randomness


  • Ten years ago today I became the luckiest man on earth.  No, I didn’t find out I had an incurable desire, I got married.  I think that’s about 50 times longer than Kim Kardashian’s marriage.
  • I actually jumped the gun on my vows.  I’ll go to my grave blaming my pastor who was suppose to pause, at least that’s how it went in rehearsal.
  • Certain things are preventing us from taking a trip, but thankfully WifeGeeding’s parents volunteered to take the kiddos for a couple of nights.
  • We started last night off watching a movie and then driving to eat at the restaurant where we had our rehearsal dinner.  The manager actually remembered us(something memorable happened at our rehearsal dinner)  and comped our drinks.
  • After dinner we drove to Perkins Chapel on the SMU campus where we were actually married.  Thankfully the building was open.
  • We ended the night checking out Klyde Warren Park.  I was surprised I could walk around Dallas and feel like I wasn’t about to get mugged.  Parking is a bit tricky, but it’s a nice park, and unlike any other park in Texas, it actually has a merry-go-round for the kids.  Seriously, I’ve been to a lot of parks lately and I can’t find a merry-go-round.
  • On the way home, around 10:00 PM, we almost hit some moron that was crossing both lanes of I35 on foot.
  • Today is also the first day of summer and the longest day of the year, sunlight wise.
  • Hopefully not a future WifeGeeding event – World’s Most Cynical Art Student Makes Wedding Dress Out Of Divorce Papers
  • The University of Texas ranks pretty high – The Most Academically And Athletically Dominant Colleges In America
  • I remember when the Mavs won the championship in Miami and the number of Mavs fans that were on the crowd.  I’m glad I cherished that moment, cause I don’t see that happening for any of my teams anytime soon.
  • People like to compare Gregg Popovich to Bill Belichick, but unlike Belichick, Popovich was extremely gracious in defeat.  I also think D. Wade and LeBron showed great sportsmanship when winning in their post game interviews (but he sure did look arrogant when awarded that Finals MVP).  And I’d say Miami’s owner showed a bunch of class in recognizing how this will be the last trophy David Stern will be presenting, and telling the crowd to party safely.  Sure, the Miami fanbase is questionable  but I can’t say that for the folks above.
  • Bill Russell sure did have some untamed facial hair going on.
  • About time, you can now buy NeverWet.
  • Clever advertising
  • Evolution of soft drink cans
  • Baby who won best hair contest accused of wearing a wig
  • A bit vulgar, but funny – Mad Men Screenshots with Things Drawn On Them
  • Sally Draper’s growth compared to Don’s
  • Google admits those infamous brainteasers were completely useless for hiring
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    Congrats on your Anniversary! May you have many more.

    There were several borderline genius Mad Men pics. The Simpsons/POTA mash-up, Lane and Fozzie, Col. Sanders as Bert Cooper, but I think my favorite was Spiderman.

  2. Timmy says:

    Did you mean to say you *didn't* feel like you'd be mugged in Dallas?

    And what was the moron doing?

  3. MToots says:

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you both! Enjoy your "holiday"… We are having fun with the children!

  4. The Donald says:

    +1 to the anniversary congrats!

    I agree with the Google bit – there's a lot of HR stuff that's pure BS. I've been shocked over the years to read dozens of so-called experts advising job seekers to 'never' do this or that – in which many of the directives had no relevance to job fit/performance, and simply reflected an idiosyncrasy of the interviewer/résumé screener.

    On my last job screening test, I was pleased to find it filled with some rigorous mathematical competency questions (hey, that 750 SAT math segment finally paid off!), language usage and analogies (OK, I only had 670 on the verbal), some reasoning questions and ethical situations. I felt that it was a legitimate pre-screen tool.

    Oh, did I mention – I got the position.

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