Bag of Randomness


  • We took a roadtrip to Abilene and back on Saturday.  For our first lengthy car trip as a family, three hours there and back in one day, I thought it went relatively well.
  • With my fellow scholarship board members, we help present a scholarship set up for my dear late friend and the Big Country FCA Coach of the Year award at the annual FCA All Star Classic football game with his mother.  It was quite a honor to be a part of this group to honor such a man at such an event.  I’m very thankful and grateful his mother lets me be a part of this.
  • That friend, who was to be the best man at my wedding, died exactly one week before I got married in a tragic drowning accident saving his girlfriend.  I always felt like I became a man that week, burying my best friend on a Wednesday and marrying my best friend on a Saturday.  This Friday will be the tenth anniversary of his death.  It’s always weird knowing that as my wedding anniversary approaches that it coincides with the death of such a great, great friend.
  • The trip to Abilene was a quick trip down memory lane.  We arrived to town early, so to kill time we went to my alma mater, Hardin-Simmons.  WifeGeeding seemed to love the campus (I have very mixed emotions), and I was curious to see how much may have changed when I visited the two dorm rooms I lived in.  It was crazy to see how much hasn’t changed in about 20 years.  GirlGeeding seemed quite impressed with the stained glass at Logsdon Chapel.
  • Best job I ever had was as an RA in college, which I was from my sophomore to senior year.
  • My mother-in-law visited last week and made mention how her pastor predominately used an illustration from Back to the Future in a sermon.  She thought it wasn’t the best use of illustration as people her age, mid sixties, haven’t seen the movie.  I later talked to WifeGeeding about it and she agrees with her mom, but I think most people her mother’s age has seen the 28-year-old film since it’s not only iconic, but has been aired on cable television a plethora of times and has been available on VHS and DVD. I guess that will be the equivalent to me in 28-years if an iconic movie was released this year and I haven’t seen it.  Looking at the top grossing movies of the year, I don’t see anything iconic.
  • I loved the Huey Lewis cameo in that movie.  I saw an interview with Lewis on CBS Sunday Morning yesterday and he mentioned that his band peak at the right time, as his music was originally bought on vinal, and then rebought on cassette, CD, and mp3. So that’s basically coming up with something once and selling it three times, that’s a good way to make some money.
  • WifeGeeding can’t stand it, but an major enjoyment of mine is sitting next to her at church, waiting for that moment when she crosses her legs and lets the shoe dangle just on her toes and off her heal, and then kicking it right off when she least expects it.  There’s nothing like getting the one-eyed “go to Hell” look while sitting in church on a Sunday morning.
  • It was interesting that the Miami Heat had a 12-year-old girl to sing the National Anthem last night, usually for such a high profile event, some big names are rolled in.
  • I was eating in a Choptle the other day and noticed that a man also eating there drinking out of a large drink.  I never understood why one would order a larger drink when there are free refills, especially if they are eating at the establishment.  I guess some folks just have more disposable income that I.
  • I remember a time when fast food places didn’t offer free refills.
  • Speaking of free refills, we stopped at a Quik Trip in Weatherford to fill the gas tank on our way back from Abilene.  I went inside to purchase a drink and when I took it to the cashier he asked if it was a refill, and I told that it wasn’t.  He then said, “No sir, I’m pretty sure that’s a refill,” and then just charged me for a refill.  He then said I looked like a man that needed a break.  I guess that roadtrip took more out of me than I though, but I was certainly thankful for his generosity.
  • I saw a picture of the new turf that’s being put in at Cowboys Stadium, it’s a darker green.
  • I like hearing stories of how a low budget film like The Purge, which was made for only $3 million, win number one at the box office with $36.4 million.  It proves investing in good script writing is the way to go, substance wins over style.  I’d like to think the same goes for preaching.
  • Until yesterday, I didn’t know that God is not mentioned in the book of Esther.  I’m surprised that I didn’t know that bit of biblical trivia.
  • At the grocery store I say someone wearing a “I still hate Laettner” t-shirt.  I decided to text a friend about it, but decided not to type but use the voice-to-text feature.  Surprisingly the voice-to-text feature was able to recognize “Laettner” with correct spelling and capitalization.
  • Something for you fellow Parks and Rec fans – Adam Scott and Amy Poehler re-creating the opening title sequence to Hart to Hart
  • There seems to be more than normal amount of lake drowning and accidents this summer, and it just started.  So far we haven’t heart much of deaths of children being locked in cars, and hopefully it will stay that way.
  • A political book about the Sandy Hook shooting.
  • I knew Ernest Hemingway killed himself, but I didn’t know he did it by putting a shotgun in his mouth.  His Wikipedia page states the altar boy at his funeral fainted when he saw the open casket.  Wow.
  • I’ve always been fascinated by that iconic photo of the bus boy kneeling next to a shot RFK, but there are several things I didn’t know about that bus boy and incident until recently.
    • His name is Juan Romero, and he delivered food to RFK when he called for food service a few days prior.
    • He was shaking RFK’s hand when he was shot.
    • At first he thought RFK only hit his head on a shelf.
    • He gave RFK his rosary beads as he lay dying.
    • Romero reported RFK’s last words were, “is everybody all right?”
  • ‘Mad Men’ thoughts:
    • Roger starts the show off juggling, yup, that’s symbolism.
    • When Peggy met Pete’s mother and she mentioned their child, that was kinda chilling, even if it was just mistaken identity.
    • Betty sure can hold a cigarette with attitude.
    • “He can’t spend the rest of his life on the run.” Hey Don, you calling the kettle black?
    • Pete can also see the look in Peggy’s eye when she flirts with Ted.  But Ted looked a bit jealous seeing Pete and Peggy laughing together.  But then again, it’s not like they have a child together or anything.  Oh, wait.
    • Peggy knows everyone better than any other character.
    • 18-19 year old kids have no sense of their mortality or that of others, that’s why they make good soldiers.  Scary, but true.
    • Ted likes facing Don more than the clients, I guess I was slow to put that together.
    • “I warned you about the memos, Ted.  The more you send, the less they get read.”  What’s true back then is still true today, even if it’s in electronic form.
    • In case you were wondering who was on the poster hanging above Stan’s bed – Moshe Dayan
    • It was funny seeing Peggy trying to woo a favor out of him.
    • Maybe I’m looking into things too much, but was the Air National Guard a slight dig at W?
    • It must be nice to have Don wright a application letter for you.
    • “I have children too”…”I know that’s not why you are doing it.”
    • Pete was wearing a double breasted vest, I’ve never seen such a thing with a suit.
    • Give me more Bob Benson.  And I guess we all know he’s not going to hook up with Joan anytime soon, that is, unless he was just playing that way to a bigger plot.  Maybe if Mad Men fans are lucky, we’ll Sal return and find love with him.
    • You know, I think Pete was actually considering Bob’s advance.
    • I think Sally Draper has a lot of her father’s mannerisms, which mean that child actor is good at what she does.
    • That doorman sure is good at his job.
    • It was about time Don got caught red handed, and being caught by your daughter has to sting.  It was quite interesting to see him have that look of helplessness and despair on is face while he was in the lobby.
    • Sally sure does have bad timing walking into the act of affairs of her relatives.  First with Roger and her step-mother’s mother, and now with her father.
    • “Sylvia sends her gratitude, she’s overwhelmed.”
    • “You are the sweetest man.”
    • “I don’t know what you think you saw, but I was comforting Mrs. Rosen.”  – Gosh, Don really disgusted me when he couldn’t owe up to his actions.
    • If I know Sally like I think I know her, she’s going to use this to her advantage.
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5 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. David Bryant says:

    "Best job I ever had was as an RA in college, which I was from my sophomore to senior year."
    ~~I agree. I was an RA at A&M, in the smallest dorm on campus. It was a great experience. However, there were a couple of dorms there that I wouldn't have been an RA in no matter how much money they offered.

  2. RPM says:

    Really good episode of Mad Men. I'm more confused about Bob now than ever. Did not see that one coming. Yeah, Pete mulled it over.

    I thought Peggy was going to have an aneurysm talking to Pete's Mom until she called her Trudy. I thought Don was going to have an aneurysm seeing Sally seeing him schtupping Sylvia. Pretty sure Sylvia actually had an aneurism.

    That's a lot of aneurysms in one episode.

  3. John says:

    I think you're giving credit to Quick Trip when you mean Race Trac. There's not a QT in Weatherford.

  4. Susanne says:

    The note about your best man/good friend was touching. I'm sorry for your loss, but it's tempered by the knowledge that you've found excellent ways to honor him.

    Another interesting tidbit about Hemingway is that one of his sons turned out to be transsexual, a fact that would undoubtedly had Ernest spinning in his grave had he been aware of it. It *did* make for a memorable obituary, though: "Gregory Hemingway, the youngest son of macho novelist Ernest Hemingway, died a transsexual by the name of Gloria in a cell at a women's jail, authorities said. He was 69." I own the book that he wrote about his father.


  5. b_caesar says:

    RE: large drinks at places where refills are free – I generally don't drink much soda while eating lunch, but it's nice to have a large soda that will last a while after I leave – just refill it on the way out. Particularly on long driving trips.

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