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  1. Stefanie says:

    Secretly (well, not so secretly now…), it bothers me when I see people condemn others for having abortions. It feels so much like casting stones. I can't imagine its an easy decision. And, if someone is making the decision easily, I'm sure they aren't swayed by the protesters. We should not be so arrogant to think that raising a child is the *only* best option for someone. I actually knew someone in my family past who got a back-alley abortion and died as a result of it. Someone I love very much would have had a very different life today if this had not happened. But, I look at the decision being faced and often wondered how difficult it must have been (and scary) to feel like this was the only option.

    So, as you can imagine, I'm staunchly pro-choice. At the same time, I'm very, very open about wanting to adopt. I tell everyone in my family and my neighborhood and at the school. Everyone! Unfortunately, we can't afford it and my husband isn't quite on board with actively going through the paperwork at this time. So, I'm leaving this to God. It's my sincerest prayer that if **anyone** in my circle ever needed to face that decision, that they would – hopefully – seek me out first and know that my entire family would love their child till the end of our days and ensure they were forever cared for with love, compassion, support and praise. And, my kids know this too. We talk about it often. Sometimes there are things in this world we don't understand but we should always be the good. And, if our prayers are answered, this would mean we get to share the love in our home with someone else someday!

    I wish pro-life folks would put as much energy/passion into fixing our adoption system. I'd love to be able to apply for grants or sponsorship to fund an adoption. Or, perhaps, create a *loving* network for women/families facing this decision. Make the alternative solution (being adoption or raising the child) affordable and realistic.

  2. RPM says:

    Next month TCM is starting a new series, Carson on TCM hosted by Conan O' Brien. Looks like some great stuff.

  3. warren says:

    Re: Bono and his comments on U2's tax evasion and moving their business to a lower tax jurisdiction….the big issue to the Irish people and government is that for so many years U2 benefited off the backs of Irish taxpayers. When the law was changed due to the Irish economy falling apart the U2 organization packed up and moved overnight to Holland.

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