Report Litterers in Texas

I had no idea you could literally report a litterer in Texas through the Don’t Mess With Texas website.

This is what happens after you report the litterer:

TxDOT compares the information through the Department of Motor Vehicles registration database, and when an exact match is located, we send the litterer a Don’t mess with Texas litterbag along with a letter reminding them to keep their trash off of our roads.

I would actually like to see what the letter says.


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One Response to Report Litterers in Texas

  1. C S says:

    I do this sometimes. Fortunately, not too often. I'd like to find a volunteer I can report so I can see if they are contacted and what they get. I don't understand how people just throw trash out of their vehicle, as if it evaporates into thin air. No, we have to stare at it lying somewhere for weeks or defacing a perfectly nice area of land. And what's up with people in Wise County throwing out a whole half-eaten meal into the road – usually a residential area?! I'd like to ask, "Wow, what does their house look like?" But I already could guess the answer. Then there's the argument, "Well, I say, the prisoners will come on down here and pick it all up eventually!" Yeah, eventually. But prisoners aren't your Mama. Grow up, please, and just hang on to that bit of trash until you encounter a garbage can. If you don't know what one of those looks like (obviously), Google it!! /end rant

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