Bag of Randomness


  •  The Boy Scouts of America held a meeting at the Gaylord Texan to decide whether they should drop its long-standing ban on openly gay members.  Surely I’m not the only one that sees the irony of the name of the venue they decided to use to discuss such a thing.
  • WifeGeeding, honestly, it wasn’t me, made the observation that CBS11 has the most top heavy on-air talent than any other station.  When you compare Karen Borta, Tammy Dombeck, Whitney Drolen, Suzy Solis, and Gina Miller, they totally outweigh the competition.  I’m surprised they haven’t reached out to Macy Jepson.
  • The one million dollar donation Kevin Durant is giving to the Red Cross will actually cost him $640,000 since he gets a write-off.  Per Buzzfeed: It’s roughly the equivalent of someone who makes $50,000 up and writing a Red Cross check for about $2,000, of which they’d get $500 back at the end of the year after taking the cost of the donation off their taxable income.
  • Spanish golfer Sergio Garcia’s racist comments towards Tiger Woods reminded me of Spain’s 2008 Olympic men basketball team’s insensitivity while competing in Beijing Olympics.
  • Top 10 coolest companies to work for in Dallas-Fort Worth – Andy and BibleScholarGeorge are fortunate men.
  • Tim Cook confirms: Apple spending $100 million to build new Macs in Texas
  • Apparently the San Francisco Fire Department only uses wooden ladders because of all the low hanging power lines and trolley cables.  This article also states they are all hand made.
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