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  • Best line from the series finale of ‘The Office’ – “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good ‘ol days before you actually left them”
  • I really enjoyed that episode, it was beautifully done, it just should have been done about two years ago.
  • It was really cool how they kept Steve Carrell’s lines to a minimum.  The focus didn’t need to be on him, but the end of the series and the cast as a whole.
  • That Schrute wedding was fantastic.  Whoever came up with the idea of having the bride and groom stand in their own graves for a wedding ceremony is a comedic genius.
  • I think last night’s episode reminded us that where we work is more than just a job, it’s more than just duties and assignments, but it’s a bit of who we are.  I say it in every job interview and it’s true, but we spend more time at work interacting with each other than we do our families at home, so getting along is vitally important and it takes work.
  • ‘The Office’ was the first modern sitcom mockumentry, something original, and I like how they acknowledge the documentary at the end.  I have a feeling that ‘Modern Family’ won’t do the same.
  • On Letterman last night Barbara Walters stated that the proudest part of her legacy was that in her ‘Today’ show contract, she made it where women were no longer called the “Today Girls” but “co-hosts”.
  • Walters also talked about Monica Lewinsky and expressed sorrow and sympathy for how she hasn’t really been able to move on and escape the past.  It’s sad that a mistake made as an early adult can chain you for life, but I have a feeling many folks on Facebook and camera phones will find out something similar, though not to the same degree.
  • I was suppose to have my sleep study last night but it got moved to next Friday.
  • I often have trouble understanding English speaking people non-American accents.  I wonder if the American accent is hard to understand for English speaking people from other countries.
  • While shopping at our local grocery store I noticed a woman that reminded of an older Julia Sugerbaker insisting that she be able to try a sample of cake before she bought it.  When the baker kindly denied her request she pointed to another cake and demanded the same thing.  The woman left furious.
  • That local grocery store has kid sized carts and GirlGeeding always loves to push one around and carry our groceries.  Even though the baggers usually return the carts for us after purchase, I still make GirlGeeding put her own cart back.  When she was returning her cart yesterday, a boy, probably a year older than her, politely stopped her and took the cart.  I thought the boy was just trying to take an available cart to push for himself, but then he looked at GirlGeeding and said “Let me help you with that, ma’am” and returned the cart for her.  Me and the boy’s father just looked at each other and had a good laugh.
  • Anyone know the reason why Jack White took Meg White’s last name when the got married?  I spent like a total of three minutes researching this on Google and found nothing.
  • I can’t believe my across the street neighbor took a pay cut to stay with the Cowboys. He’s already cutting corners mowing his own lawn, and from the looks of things, he can’t even afford a shirt.
  • Phil Jackson compares Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant
  • You can now get a camo-colored Texas license plate
  • I didn’t know those K&G Superstores were part of the Men’s Wearhouse brand.
  • But I wonder how often the sand covers it up and the maintenance in keeping it visible – The memorial to UTA Flight 772 the most beautiful and least accessible memorial on the planet. – The broken mirrors are a great touch and I love the symbolism.
  • Most of this year’s high school graduating seniors were born in 1995.
  • Still? – The House of Representatives on Thursday voted on a repeal of the Affordable Care Act for the 37th time
  • There’s no excuse for what the IRS did, but I do find it strange how conservative and liberal groups can be classified as a 501(c)(4), an organization that is a “charity” or “social welfare organization” when they really are nothing but a political group.
  • If you are going to own guns, be smart and safe about it – Police said the Tullahoma man accused of shooting his 1-year-old daughter in the chest while field stripping two handguns was acting recklessly
  • Since I posted about free haircuts the other day – Jersey City candidate Jerry Walker’s free haircuts campaigning cut short
  • Detroit Students’ Pregnant Bellies Banned From Yearbook Pics
  • You can soon get a toothbrush that will have caffeine, appetite suppressants  and prescription drugs in them.
  • Google Glass vs DSLR in Low Light
  • Preview the new Google Maps
  • Great name for a restaurant
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12 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    The Office finale was fantastic. Makes you wonder what we all would look like if filmed for 9 years.

    Your K&G and toothbrush links are busted. But I'm all for anything that will make more people brush their teeth.

  2. Buddy Patton says:

    There used to be a very good Mexican restaurant in San Angelo called Mejor Que Nada (better than nothing)

  3. Doug says:

    Jack White supposedly used the name White before he met Meg. Coincedence?

    Baba Wawa should have other things to worry about than Lewinsky. I've made tons of mistakes in my lifetime. Some were very public, although not with the president. You just pick up and move on. It's what we all do. Romo throws a pick. He has to forget about it. Only the weak minded are mired in the screw ups of their past.

    • Geeding says:

      I think you are being a bit hard on Lewinsky. Unlike Romo, if he throws a pick, we tend to forget about after a quarter or a week, and if we make a mistake, the world doesn't remember it. Almost 20 years after her mistake, she's still a punchline, she can't apply for a job without someone knowing what she did, and no man can bring her home to mom without mom knowing of her sins. I get your point that we all make mistakes and need to pick ourselves up and move on, but I think her case is quite unique from the rest of us.

      • Doug says:

        At some point (and I don't know when that time is but it HAS TO BE less than 20 years) you just "own it". So what if people whisper behind your back. I've dated some great women who have done much worse than her. They are still good moms, responsible citizens, gainfully employed, DECENT CHRISTIANS EVEN. Who cares if she gave some old skeezer "pleasure"? Get over it. Clinton's the one who should be ashamed here. Using his power to seduce a young intern is sorry. "What is 'is'?" and lying under oath pretty much speaks volumes about his character. But his female "trail of tears" is well documented so I digress..

        • Geeding says:

          I think you addressed part of my point, Clinton doesn't have to carry the baggage that she has to carry. When people think of Clinton, his name is attached to a lot of other things than unfaithfulness with a young intern. When people think of her, only one thing comes to mind, and her name is instantly recognizable.

          I can't speak for whether or not she has decided to "own it" but I don't think the world will let her live it down. I'd say her case is more unique than any other person's in the world. You may have dated women who have done worst, but the world doesn't know them by face or name everywhere she goes. I'm not sure how many times she hasn't even had a chance to interview for a job just because of her name or the number of times men decided to not even approach her because everyone knows her and her past. But it does seem that she's done the best with it that should could, and I guess another point I was trying to make is not so much feeling sorry for her, but how people treat her.

          • Doug says:

            Peace. I'd personally like to know what she's up to. Is she living a decent life? Is she upscale or not so much? I'd like to be a fly. Interesting.

          • Doug says:

            For what it's worth, I bet Monica is living better than we are and all this Baba Wawa whining is much to do about nothing.,

            • Geeding says:

              I wouldn't call what Walters did "whining". Letterman was asking her questions about some of her more famous interviews, brought up Lewinsky, and she answered.

  4. RPM says:

    Forgot to mention, your neighbor should be thankful he still has a job. He blinked in the game of chicken with Jerry, but NFL means Not For Long and he had a terrible season in a "what have you done for me lately" business. At least it sounds like he has a good financial head on his shoulders and didn't buy a huge place he'd be forced to sell if things went bad.. Linemen have a short career span anyway.

  5. b_caesar says:

    Slight clarification – "The Office" may have been the first mockumentary sitcom — that was broadcast on network American TV starting in 2005. However, I would submit that it was not the first ever. It was adapted from a UK show of the same name – created, written, directed and starring one Ricky Gervais. And, it also appears to come in second to another show that aired on Comedy Central starting in 2003 – Reno 911, although it is characterized as a parody rather than a sitcom.

  6. Bryan says:

    I thought The Office finale was great. Wasn't the bride and groom standing in a grave a reference to a prior quote from Dwight? Maybe from the fake wedding in the season where Angela was engaged to Andy? I'm drawing a blank but I seem to recall that.

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