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  • In an article I read about Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy, it was stated that she went through a procedure in which the nipple can be saved.  That’s quite remarkable, as I hear many women that have a mastectomy often get a tattooed of nipple as part of the reconstruction and of course lose the sensitivity in that area. 
  • Speaking of nipples, I was in the doctor’s waiting room and the television was set to the OJ trial.  During the trial, the network censors would mute certain parts that were graphic, so the audio would just go in and out.  One part that didn’t get muted was “Look at those nipples, you have beautiful nipples.”  The receptionist quickly jumped up, changed the channel to the Food Network, and apologized to all of us in the room.
  • Well, since I’m on the topic of nipples, I might as well link that clip from Meet the Parents.
  • OK, one last nipple post.  There’s a book written by a doctor called Why Do Men Have Nipples?.  The book is about odd questions he’s asked at parties when people find out he’s a doctor.  The answer regarding the question in the title of the book, nipples are formed before the reproductive organs of the baby are developed.
  • Something I read on Reddit – If Muslims consider the Quran sacred to the point that it can’t be harmed, why not supply every U.S. soldier with one.
  • We read a lot to GirlGeeding and now she likes to do a little role playing with the story.  Yesterday she picked out a Bible story to read and she wanted to play Jesus and she asked her mother to nail her to the cross.
  • BoyGeeding does some sign language, but until yesterday he could only verbally say “Dada”.  While watching the news, GirlGeeding saw the President on the television and said, “Hey Daddy, there’s President Obama.”  And then, for some reason, BoyGeeding started to say “Obama” over and over again, and he would even repeat it after we said it.
  • I’m really enjoying the new television series ‘Rectify’.  It’s about a man named Daniel who spent 19 years on death row but due to DNA evidence is exonerated and how he is trying to adjust to being free while others are still skeptical about him.  In the last episode he was baptized and there was all sorts of biblical imagery, such as him carrying a white lamb while helping a stranger do some work and him talking about a dream.  Then it hit me the character name Daniel must have some symbolism to the character in the Bible.  When I looked up the character in the Bible on Wikipedia, I didn’t know that Daniel means “God is my judge” in Hebrew.
  • I’ve always struggled with Jeremiah 29:11.   You see the verse isolated to itself, ignoring verses 10 and 12-14 without any context to time, place, audience, or setting.  It’s printed on mugs, shirts, jewelry, and cute stuff to hang on walls and gives off the warm fuzzies of prosperity.  Many people think that verse is intended specifically for them in the here and now, but in reality the audience of those words from God was for the Jewish people He banished, who were exiled thousands of years, who were under a specific and unique covenant.  That covenant existed in a structure of direct punishments and blessings from God in relation to their obedience and disobedience, and at the time, they were in punishment for being disobedient.  I’m not saying the verse isn’t important or that it can’t be used to build faith, but as with all of scripture, it needs to be taken in context.  My struggle is, other than the verse being often taken out of context, is . . . if those words were for a specific set of people he banished and promised to redeem under one covenant, how are those words relevant to me if I’m under a different covenant?  I’m expecting quite a few comments from some armchair theologeans.
  • Medical science is just amazing – Australian Man Dead for 40 Minutes Brought Back to Life By New Resuscitation Technique
  • I was right about my trip to the doctor, I’ll be part of a sleep study in the near future.
  • The Atlanta Falcons’ new stadium might have seats that vibrate after a big hit on the field.  The Minnesota Vikings new stadium, which is designed by a group from Dallas,  will have the world’s largest transparent roof.  I know Cowboys Stadium can hold more people and has a Jerrytron, well, the Atlanta specs haven’t been released, but I think he’s going to lose some high profile events to these places.
  • Mark Cuban is asking help in designing the next Mavs uniform.
  • Grace
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  1. Dude says:

    It's a "sleep study" in name only, Keith. Make sure you don't plan on trying to work the next day. The workers are anxious to get you out of there and they will gently wake you around 5:30 AM. If they offer you a sedative, take it.

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