Bag of Randomness


  • I think the events of Cleveland turned my neighbor who resides about four houses down into a bit of a very protective parent.  While driving WifeGeeding and the kids home from lunch on Saturday, I noticed a girl around the age of seven outside feverishly smashing her shoe on the ground.  Knowing snakes appear from time to time in the area I stopped and asked her if she was killing something or getting mud off her shoes, and she replied back with a smile that she was just killing ants, and I told her to be careful not to get bit and then drove the family home and parked in our driveway.  After about 30-seconds of unloading the kids I noticed that father of that girl darted down the road in his truck, turn it around, and then drive up to our house.  After he lowered his windowed, in a very stern way, he asked “What did you say to my daughter?!”  I approached him with a smile and in the most friendliest way possible explained to him that I simply asked if she was killing something or knocking mud off her shoes, and that I was just trying to be a friendly neighbor as I’ve met and talked to him several times before (he’s even been inside my house).  I thought that would be enough to diffuse the situation, and WifeGeeding even stepped in with both our kids in her arms to say we’re just trying to be friendly neighbors, but he didn’t seem too please with our explanation and drove off saying that all he saw was the back of our SUV.  I have to admit he made me feel like I did something wrong, or that I acted perverse.  Heck, I wouldn’t be surprised if he reported me to the police by now.
  • WifeGeeding and the kids were gone for a couple nights and arrived back Saturday morning.  While gone, I decided to work on a few home projects as a Mother’s Day gift to WifeGeeding.  We’ve been wanting a couple of fans installed on our back porch for the last seven years and thankfully that went somewhat smoothly.  I also painted the upstairs bath and installed a new lighting fixture (which required a bit of  unexpected drywall work) that  WifeGeeding has been wanting done for quite a while.  She bought the paint a while back, without any input from me, so I thought there was no way I could screw this project up.  Oh, but no . . . the paint was suppose to be some kind of gray but it turned out to be some kind of lavender color when it dried, which WifeGeeding was disappointed in.  It looks like I’m gonna be painting the bathroom again.
  • We ate at Kincaids again this weekend, and I was surprised at how tasty their onion rings were.  While eating a George Straight song came on and I mentioned that I don’t I’ve two-stepped since college, and WifeGeeding mentioned she never two-stepped.  So on a whim,  I stopped eating, grabbed her hand, and in the middle of the restaurant I taught the fast learning WifeGeeding how to two-step. GirlGeeding got a kick out of it, and then it was time for me to start two-stepping with her.
  • I didn’t know that the calculator in Windows had these cool finance features.
  • Compliment a lady because she deserves it, not because she wants it.
  • I think an interesting science fiction story would reveal that we’re all from Mars, that we ruined it and depleted it of all resources, and moved to Earth.
  • Last week when I saw Sen Ted Cruz’s tweet about Obama’s visit to Texas, my first thought was that his predecessor would never do such a juvenile thing, nor would other past Republican senators that represented Texas like Phil Graham or John Tower.  Heck, Cornyn even has more class than to do something like that.
  • Speaking of John Tower, he was nominated by George H.W. Bush to be Secretary of Defense but was rejected by the Senate, it was the first time that the Senate had rejected a cabinet nominee of a newly elected president.  Back then, people cared if you womanized and drank too much.  Dick Cheney ended up being the nominated confirmed.  Imagine how history would have been different if Tower passed confirmation.
  • With the admission of the IRS not treating the Tea Party appropriately, I think they are justifiable in griping about lack of  trust in government, especially the current administration.  That really is a disappointment.
  • I think as distrusting many are about the government, I am about big business.
  • I’m surprised Benghazi talk is still going on, but I’d be really surprised if anything comes of it.
  • Bud Selig’s contract as Commissioner of MLB will come to an end in 17 months.  I think George W. Bush would be a perfect replacement.
  • Tom Hanks is on Broadway in a play called ‘Lucky Guy‘ and one of the cast members is his former costar from ‘Bosom Buddies’, Peter Scolari.
  • International Space Station to boldly go with Linux over Windows
  • I was happy to see Cochran win ‘Survivor’.  It was weird that not all the contestants were on stage for the finale.  I bet the tease for next season is having family members on opposing teams.
  • That Prince Harry seems like one pretty cool dude.
  • Survey reveals the greatest and worst hairstyles of all time for men and women
  • 2.7 million people still pay for AOL
  • I knew John Hinckley was from the Dallas area, but I wasn’t aware he was an on-again off-again Texas Tech student.
  • Mad Men talk:
    • It’s nice see Peggy back in the main office again.
    • Ted is such a gentlemen, and Peter has a Napoleon complex, which was evident with that meeting at the first of the episode.
    • Poor Burt, it’s got to be hard to be fired at the same place twice, but it would be an honor to be fired by Roger.
    • Don really should be more respectful to Ted and showing up for meetings, but then again, he just wouldn’t be Don.
    • Ted’s new office looks like Don’s first office we saw in the first season.  And the poor guy shouldn’t compete when it comes to drinking.
    • It’s nice to see the new suck up, Bob Benson, get a little more air time.  And he’s proven he’s a bit smarter than we all gave him credit for.  And it was nice to see Peggy save the guy his job.  It’s like the mafia, everyone returning favors.
    • I love how Peggy can stand up to Don.
    • During that flight I think Don saw both of his lives pass by his eyes.
    • “Every good deed is not part of a plan.”
    • Best line of the episode: “I want bacon and it’s not up for debate.”
    • I had to look this saying up,“If you sit by the river long enough, you will see the body of your enemy float by
    • This season just might be the downfall of Pete Campbell.
    • Don is feeling like he’s losing control of everything, his wife’s attention, his mistress, and leadership at the office.
    • The ending was a bit odd, and this episode didn’t live up to the least couple, but they all can’t be tens.
  • I thought Scott Pelley of the ‘CBS Evening News” said some of the most fitting words about the topping of One World Trade on Friday’s telecast, “It took eleven and a half years, critics have howled about the delay, but in a sense, it was very American.  We dreamed, we fought, we argued about how to move forward.  Then, divided a thousand ways, we came together, as we usually do, and now it’s done.”
  •  One a related Pelley note, he stated in a speech about how the past few months have been bad for journalism as the media “keeps getting the big stories wrong, over and over again.”  And he decided to take the first arrow.
  • New from ABC – Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD First Promo – I think it will be some good watching for us comic book fans.
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  1. RPM says:

    My brush with greatness. Back in 1983 I was a DJ at the local radio station and a stringer for WFAA. There was a big fire near Bridgeport and it was a slow news day so I called it in. They sent the helicopter and news crew led by Scott Pelley. It was after dark and the pilot didn't want to land near the fire because of power lines. I guided him in over the phone to the old hospital helipad, "Do you see the Dairy Queen sign?". I called someone to take over and drove them to the fire.

    We were 5 people and assorted ENG equipment jammed in my tiny 2 door Charger 2.2. Scott was asking me questions about the area, people, ect all the way there. After they got the story I drove them back and apologized again for the cramped ride. Scott shook my hand and graciously thanked me for all the help. He was the real deal, a genuinely nice guy and not your typical "TV talent".

    I knew he would be going places, but I had no idea it would be Walter Cronkite's seat. He's also a graduate of Texas Tech.

    • Geeding says:

      Great story, and I'd imagine he's always been that way. In regards to Texas Tech, from what I read, he never finished school. There was a opportunity he couldn't pass up and didn't think finishing was worth it, so even though he may be a Raider, I don't think he's technically an alum, but then again, I 'm sure an honorary does the trick.

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