Bag of Randomness


  • Working from home makes it hard to sneak out and buy something for Mothers’ Day.  If all else fails, moms eat free at Hooters on Sunday.
  • The antibiotics may have been the cause of a strange dream, that is, if you think being stuck in a Nick Lachey aerobics class where he’s wearing a leotard is strange.
  • I’ve always wondered what happens if a person collects on life insurance and years later the person is found alive.
  • WifeGeeding and I often stop down and try to figure out how GirlGeeding is expanding her vocabulary.  What two-year-old uses the word “consistent” in a sentence?
  • I’ve talked about moving to a smaller city or town, and WifeGeeding thought that meant near her hometown, and her family has been sending her real estate listings ever since.  I was actually thinking something west or south of Fort Worth because I think it would be easier on my allergies and personally, I think it’s prettier than East Texas.
  • I don’t know of one single True Value in DFW.
  • I have a feeling Gatsby is going to under-perform at the box office.  That story was never assigned reading for me in either high school or college.
  • I had a conversation about conversion vans the other day and how they use to have a table in the back to play cards.
  • One of my childhood friends has always tried to keep the gang clear from speaking about things relating to a sexual nature, and I think it’s because he has always wanted to keep a clean heart.  He’s still that way, and I got a kick out of his reaction when one person simply mentioned the word “Viagra”.  It’s like he’s never seen a commercial during a sporting event.
  • A Final Embrace: The Most Haunting Photograph from Bangladesh
  • In a special issue of Forbes, Microsoft has an advertisement which includes a slimmed down router (actually inside the magazine) that will give the user 15 days of free WiFi for up to five devices at once.  That doesn’t sound like anything Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce would think of.
  • Everytime I see a Survivor’ episode where the contestants meet up with a family or loved one, I can’t help but think they could never make it through military life.
  • Talk about a bad Monday morning – Girl’s Jeep Hit By Portable Toilet on the Way to School
  • Chris Cuomo of CNN sure did ask Amanda Knox some weird questions.
  • How two ‘Star Trek’ fans are restoring original series shuttlecraft
  • School teacher dies after choking on hot dog at Wrigley Field
  • Pope Francis sure does seem approachable
  • 50 Slices Of Movie Trivia You May Not Know
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    I don't think moving to a small town is going to help your allergies much. You are just trading one irritant (smog) for another (dust/pollen). Mine have been really bad the last week or so.

    Great find on the movie trivia.

    • Geeding says:

      My fault for not being more clear. I'm not saying a small town will help my allergies, but the allergens that affect my body are more rampant in East Texas (pollen) than West Texas (dust).

  2. Susanne says:

    The Final Embrace nearly brought me to tears. So, so sad, and not least because the idea of a country where people earn $30/month and officials can be bribed into allowing illegal building is…so very foreign to us in the west.

    On a cheerier note: a couple years ago, I worked in an office park *right* on San Francisco bay, just across the road (well, 2-3 miles) from San Quentin. My desk was right by the water – would see windsurfers, freighters, all sorts of traffic in the bay. One day, I happened to look out as someone sauntered down the trail alongside the shore with a *huge* (24" x 8"x10", maybe) boom box on his shoulder. Looked like something out of a Richard Pryor movie – where RP is in white drag :-/

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