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  • One of the highlights of my year was this weekend as I got to hang out with my closest friend, honor a great friend, and eat the best ribs of my life.
  • I think when you meet with close friends just once a year, it’s important to understand that some stay just about the same and others have changed, and it’s important to be accepting of both.  I think I’ve changed a lot when it comes to theological beliefs, but I’m still the most sensitive one, and I fear sometimes I may express things I should just keep to myself.  Thankfully, they are a forgiving bunch.
  • It’s a sad springtime in Texas as I really didn’t see a decent patch of bluebonnets during our drive out to Abilene.
  • I won the first game of bowling, and I just thought it was important to note, as I was an intramural co-champion with the namesake of the scholarship.
  • One interesting conversation we had was discussion how many college friends, five total I think, have decided to come out of the closest.  Considering we all attended a small Southern Baptist college, most thought it was a bit surprising.
  • Speaking of that sensitive topic, I ran across this CNN article that I thought was well balanced looking at both sides homosexuality and the evangelical take on it.  I understand how evangelicals believe homosexuality is a sin, but I don’t think their belief or interpretation of scripture is based on hate, and I guess a lot of that comes from me knowing so many of them.  But I also see how homosexuals feel that they have no choice in their sexual preference, that they are born that way, that God made them this way, and when they are being told that the all loving God made them in such a way that their way of being is an undeniable sin and God hates them for being who they are, then they can feel hated.  Overall, I think the world function better without the use or the word ‘hate’.
  • I heard a local church has hired Disney as a consultant to help design their children area in hopes to boost attendance.
  • I never knew it was closed – Six Years Later, Reunion Tower Observation Deck to Reopen With a New Look
  • Mad Men talk . . .
    • That was a darn fine “Mad Men” last night, but I can’t decide if it’s better than last weeks, perhaps in the form of comedy.
    • Roger sure was happy to hear that Marie was in town, and man, he sure does know how to make an entrance, “I’ve got good news and I’ve got bad news.”
    • I kept sensing a merger or a buyout, but it will be interesting to see how the news of losing Vicks.
    • Pancreatic cancer from my understanding is a death notice in 2013, so for this guy to have it in 1968 means he’s not going to be much of a reoccurring character.
    • In case you’re wondering what car they are working creative on, the XP-877 is the Chevy Vega.
    • That stewardess sure was wearing a weird hat.  Speaking of the word stewardess, I hear the plural form or that noun is the longest word one can type with one hand.
    • It was funny seeing Roger carrying around copies of his book, as if he gives them out all the time.
    • It must have been a good feeling for Megan signing an autograph in front of her husband.  Don is a lucky guy to have her, especially in how she encourages him in words and actions.
    • Megan’s mom sure can be blunt with her talk, especially in giving marriage advice to her mother.
    • The Jaguar guy’s wife reminded me of Tammy Faye.
    • I love Don’s way with words when he meets a person he can’t stand.
    • We got to see Joan’s red hot feelings burst out.
    • There’s nothing like seeing Peter getting his emotions flushed down the commode.  I wonder if there’s a more embarrassing place to meet your father-in-law.
    • It’s nice to see how Don was energized again once he got a chance to get Chevy, but I was surprised that the creative storyline was drawn out a bit longer, but then again, it worked perfectly.
    • I keep expecting that new brown-nosing guy is going to be part of a bigger story line.
    • It will be nice to see Peggy around her old colleagues again, but I kind of that with that one guy having cancer, she was going to be made partner.
    • Wow – “Don’t you feel 300 lbs lighter?”
    • It was nice to see Cooper’s confidence in Roger.
    • There was a whole heck of a lot of similarity with the kiss and conversations with Peggy and her boss and Don and Megan before the Detroit trip.
    • It was said that Don doesn’t care about money.  That’s got to be a good feeling.
  • In case you needed more detail on the image atop the post.
  • My sources tell me ‘The Daily Show’ filmed a Cinco de Mayo segment in Dallas over the weekend, Jessica Williams in particular.
  • 800 Christians who chose death over converting to Islam will be sainted by Pope Francis
  • I see a lot of Super Mario Bob-ombs painted in the area, and I actually think it’s kinda cool.
  • My wife has been concerned with my sleep apnea for about the last three years, I thought it has gotten better since my surgery and weight loss.  However, I shared a room with a friend this weekend and he said he was seriously concerned that I was going to stop breather, that I was taking a breath about once every thirty or so seconds and grasping for air.  I may have been motivated to get it checked out, but I’d be damned if I’m going to wear some kind of mask to bed.
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6 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. RPM says:

    This was an excellent episode of Mad Men. I was mentally chanting Roger, Roger, Roger! He wants to prove to everyone (and himself) that he's still got what it takes and can survive sans Lucky Strike.

    On a subtle cigarette prop note, has Don switched from Lucky Strike to Vantage? Look at the packaging.

    Religion and homosexuality. How can I begin to dive into the hypocrisy when 1000's before me have already pointed it out?

  2. Timmy says:

    I had a friend that attended a small baptist university. When I'd visit, I was amazed at the number of gay guys (both those out and those that might as well have been) in the dorms. NTTAWWT, of course — it just struck me as incongruous for a Southern Baptist school, and sure made the strict separation of the sexes in the dorms meaningless.

  3. Steve says:


    I have sleep apnea and I sleep with a Cpap. The mask takes some getting used to. At first I used a full mask, but it wouldn't seat properly so it would leak and whistle in the middle of the night. Now I use a nasal pillow. It is a little uncomfortable sometimes, but it has made such a difference in my life. I used to fall asleep while driving or anytime I would sit down. I had no energy. I don't do that anymore. The discomfort is worth the quality of life difference. If you need a recommendation for a doctor, I see Dr. Ostransky at North Texas Lung and Sleep Clinic in Southlake.

  4. Stefanie says:

    When it comes to health, always weigh it against the negative health impacts. It's a mask no one will see. And, I'm sure there are some alternatives. First ask. Then decide.

  5. shawnwilson says:

    Bro, look into other options with the apnea. That stuff is scary man. It may suck but it's better then leaving behind a beautiful family. Another reason I have chosen to get healthy and away from bad foods and sodas. Much love bro.

  6. Laura says:

    My husband has sleep apnea and sleeps with a CPAP. It was a gut wrenching thing for him to bring up when we first got together, he thought I'd be repulsed by the machine next to his bed or something… has never bothered me one iota….I get plenty of uninterrupted sleep, plus the nice "whoosh" sound is kinda like one of those white noise machines. I'm sure loud snoring is why so many of our grandparents didn't sleep together when they got older….just think, it will keep you and the missus in the same bed for all those extra years you'll get from using it!

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