Bag of Randomness


  • I think Whataburger would be better off selling taquitos all day as opposed to selling their condiments in stores.  But I’ll take a Fuzzy’s breakfast taco over a taquito any day of the week.
  • I wonder what was Disney’s reasoning for opening Iron Man 3 overseas opposed to here in the states.
  • For some reason or another I got interested in reading about Mister Rogers as of late.  Many weren’t aware he was an ordained minister, and once you do, you really start to see the connection between “won’t you be my neighbor” and “love thy neighbor”.
  • In one article it mentioned the reason why he stated he fed his little goldfish.  It ‘s all because of a letter he received from a father of a blind girl who use to tune into the show.  Sometimes he would say he fed the fish and other times he would feed the fish but not mention it, and it frustrated the little girl not knowing if the fish was fed as she didn’t want the fish to go hungry.
  • As a lot of Christians refer to God as “The Father” he referred to God as “The Eternal”.
  • In an interview he stated the he considered the space between the television set and the viewer holy ground, that whatever he said or did on the show could be translated by the Holy Spirit into what the person needed to see and hear.  I find it profound how one man can do things in Jesus’ name without using Jesus’ name.
  • WifeGeeding doesn’t even drink tea while at home, yet she makes it for me whenever I drink the last of it.  It’s the little things in life, isn’t it?
  • Now that I lead with that, you’d think after two kids a woman would increase in bust size, but no, she got measured for a new bra and has decreased.
  • Back in November a Houston Cougar was injured in a football game and later had heart surgery, he got drafted yesterday.
  • While watching Zero Dark Thirty I was surprised to see Andy from ‘Parks and Recreation’ as a Navy SEAL.
  • You may have noticed two small changes to this blog on Friday.  At the end of a post you have the option to share using your preferred social media network, and below the comment box is a comment policy.  Sure, this blog is out on the World Wide Web, but since I built this sucker and pay the bills to keep it online, I prefer to keep a certain level of civility.
  • Interesting pictures at the bottom of this page of how the Lockheed A-12 Archangel was transported by road to Area 51.
  • I wasn’t aware the NFL and other professional sport leagues were classified as a charitable organization and are exempt from tax, that may change to a new bill in congress put forth by Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn (R).
  • Another interesting bill in Congress that’s bi-partison – Bill Would Force Super PACs to Reveal Their Donors
  • Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert has said some interesting things as of late.  He’s stated radical Muslims ‘being trained to come in and act like Hispanics’ and that the Obama Administration has many Muslim brotherhood members.
  • You’d think the sequester would stop this sort of thing – Army Says No To More Tanks, But Congress Insists
  • I was able to confirm that the Obama’s stayed the night in the new Omni.
  • I haven’t used my laptop since I got my Chromebook, I think it feels neglected.
  • It might just hit 90 tonight.
  • Future headlights turn rain invisible
  • I haven’t eaten Pringles in quite some time.
  • I was a little surprised that the fist episode of ‘Rectify’ came on after ‘Mad Men’ last night.  It kind of stunk to have to watch that first episode on Sundance in non-HD. # firstworldproblems.
  • I’m not sure what was my favorite ‘Mad Men’ quote of the night was:
    – Don, “Tell her that her laxative radio spot is the sentimental favorite.”
    – Ginsberg, “You’re a sexy girl and you smell great.”
    – Don, “Henry’s not that important.”
  • We’ll, we know for sure the episode was set on April 4, 1968.  WifeGeeding liked the attention to detail that the writers made sure to show that it was raining on NYC that night.
  • Trudy sure isn’t caving in on Peter being sentimental or needy.
  • It was good to see Megan continue to advance in her career by winning that award, too bad it came on such a historically tragic night.
  • Harry sure has the company financials and capitalism in check, but I got to love Burt the peacekeeper.
  • I think Ginsberg’s father has nice taste and did him a huge favor.
  • Roger’s friend Randy was an actor on LOST in case you were wondering where you saw him before.  I think his character was named Ethan, and this ‘Mad Men’ charcter sure seemed like he could turn into a seriel killer.
  • Sometimes you just got to love Sally’s bluntness.
  • I loved Don’s work around the no TV rule.
  • When Peggy got into the discussion or augment about losing the apartment with her partner, I totally didn’t get why she did a total 180 in attitude, that is, until WifeGeeding reminded me I was a guy and her partner mentioned the magical word, “kids”.
  • Typical Peter to stay bunkered up.
  • I think I finally understand why Better colored her hair, it’s to distract herself and others from her weight.
  • I wish the NFL was only two rounds for the sole purpose that Jerry couldn’t screw it up so bad.
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. GeedingNation says:

    "■I wonder what was Disney’s reasoning for opening Iron Man 3 overseas opposed to here in the states."

    I saw this in the WSJ today: " It has become increasingly common for big budget Hollywood films to open overseas before they do so domestically, as studios prioritize release dates for the more lucrative international market over the comparatively smaller American one. Disney distribution chief Dave Hollis said he wanted to open "Iron Man 3" before the coming May Day holiday on May 1, when many foreign workers and school children have off. Disney followwed a similar strategy last year for "The Avengers," which also opened overseas in April and domestically in early May".

  2. RPM says:

    I really liked Rectify and have the series set in my DVR. That show has some possibilities.

    Don's secretary confuses me. Last episode she seemed to distance from her activist friend. This episode she wasn't distraught by Dr. King's death and didn't seem to understand all the compassion she was receiving. Maybe I need to watch the episode again to figure it out.

    I also liked Don's work around but was more impressed with Bobby's following the plot of Planet of the Apes. You could see the wheels turning in his head as he put it all together.

    There's only been 1 Sally, but there have been 2 Bobbys. Interesting.

  3. RPM says:

    Forgot to mention, the SR-71 pics are way cool! I used to haul oversize loads, but that was awesome! Pretty sure that was a '59 Kenworth tractor that most likely had a 220HP Cummins engine. Ah… the good 'ol days.

  4. The Donald says:

    Used to love the Pringles, but have decided Stax are better.

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