Bag of Randomness


  • About two weeks ago I made an agreement with myself that I could either buy a Chromebook or upgrade my phone, I chose the phone after a lot of research and as I mentioned last week, fount that offered the best deal as they were 50% cheaper than going to the Sprint store.
  • I decided on one of those phablet phones.  Those are phones that are bigger than a regular phone but smaller than a tablet, and I couldn’t be happier with with my Samsung Galaxy Note II.
  • After church we decided to drive to Southlake to eat at Kincaid’s.  I have driven through that DFW/Grapevine road construction in a long time and ended up missing about three exits going there and back.  I use to know that route like the back of my hand when I had to drive that way when I worked out in Westlake.
  • One our way back I stopped at Best Buy in Southlake to buy phone cover, and noticed that store is much different than any other Best Buy I’ve been in.  It’s like an Apple store on steroids regarding the setup and atmosphere. While there, I found that someone returned a Chromebook and Best Buy marked the $250 machine down to $204 . . . so I pulled the trigger and this is my first post using it.  I have to say, it’s really a great machine, especially for the blogging I do.  Getting started was a breeze, there’s no bloatware, and it’s a lot faster and lighter than I expected.  If you are use to the Chrome browser then the computer is a cinch.  The keyboard shortcuts and touchpad quick commands make it really fun to use.
  • The Chromebook is made by Samsung and so is the Galaxy Note II, so Samsung got a lot of my business over the weekend.
  • It took two days before anyone called me on my new phone.
  • The purchase of a Chromebook will give you 100 GB of online storage for two years. and 12 free passes to the Internet during a flight.  After two years, it will cost me just five bucks a month to keep that storage.
  • On the ‘Amazing Race’ last night one contestant had to answer the question referring to Ronald Reagan’s “Tear Down This Wall” speech.  One girl thought he was referring to the Great Wall of China.  Granted she was probably born in the 90’s, but geeze.
  • I think one overlooked aspect of the tragedy in West, Texas is that plant provided a lot of jobs to that community and now many are left unemployed.  My pastor made mention of that, and stated that our denomination is trying to help the victims with programs to help them financially for months and years to come to help them get back on their feed.
  • My pastor took time to speak about the major events of last week and made mention that he made a post on his blog on how to talk about to children about tragedy.  I thought it was interesting and useful, and I liked the parallels he drew with children characters in fairy tales, our tendency to over protect, and how kids are usually smarter than we give them credit for.
  • My NFL 325 lbs offensive tackle neighbor that likes to mow his lawn shirtless actually had his girlfriend mow his lawn the other day, but she did it with her top on.
  • I caught a several episodes of National Geographic’s The 80’s: The Decade That Made Us.  It’s a more intelligent and sophisticated look at that decade than that VH1 series, and to add to it, it’s narrated by Rob Lowe.
  • The series stated there were just three female CEOs in all of the 80’s for Fortune 500 companies.  In 2012, there were 20.  It also stated that Donald Trump attended Ryan White’s funeral, and when it mention Baby Jessica and that well, I had to look up her Wikipedia page which provided the address of that house, which you can see here on Google Maps.
  • I wonder if Gorbachev ever thought he would outlive Reagan and Thatcher.
  • Especially in Texas a lot if high school sports teams like to use quotes from scripture as motivation.  The places that do this are also very patriotic, so I find it interesting they don’t utilize quotes from patriots and great military commanders like Ike and MacArthur.  It would be a great way to honor our past and I’d think war\battle quotes are applicable to competition where you seek to conquer an opponent by strength and skill.
  • Sometimes I think Christians are like high school seniors with senioritus …. too focused on where they plan on going and forgetful of the world around them.
  • Our family eats lunch at Jason’s Deli three or four times a week and you tend to notice the regulars there.  I befriended one of them recently and found out he’s Joe Avezzano’s son.  That man could not be any finer of a gentleman and we had a good conversation about his sports bar down the road called Hat Tricks.  The Gallagher heart attack was quite an event for him when that happened.

  • It’s pretty cool how Londoners support us Americans in times of tragedy, they did some great things during 9/11 and did some great stuff at the London Marathon.
  • Skin-Tight ‘Star Wars’ Full Body Costumes
  • I bet there was a lot of confusion about Chechens and Czechs last week regarding the Boston bomber suspects, so this Onion article is timely – Study: Majority Of Americans Not Informed Enough To Stereotype Chechens
  • Seeing John Madden breaking down at Pat Summerall’s funeral was quite touching.
  • The best line from last night’s “Mad Men” – I’m sure you’re a man that can play many roles
  • Harry sure did have a big brass set when he walked into that partners meeting saying what he said.  That’s what I love about this show, they take something you don’t think will amount to much and then it carries a punch.
  • Don seems to dress the same for work as others have shifted with the times.  He certainly has a different style socially, but his work attire is almost like it was the first season.
  • I loved the awkward silence when Don’s group ran into Peggy’s group.
  • I hat no idea there was a difference between catsup and ketchup until last night.  It turns out catsup has more tomatoes, and probably something else.  Actually, this explains the two rather well, catsup has no sugar.
  • I wouldn’t be surprised to see Draper and Peggy’s groups team up to form a new advertising firm.
  • Don, you shouldn’t have been on set, and if you live in a glass house, be careful what you throw.  But that scene reminded me of a time when I was a student at a small Baptist college in Abilene and a single friend of mine was worried about the campus play he was in and how he was going to have to kiss a married woman who somewhat recently had a baby.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Larry says:

    Jim Carey turns my stomach. He is an idiot that thinks he is much more important than he really is.

  2. The Teacher says:

    Love the Carrey quote!

  3. GeedingNation says:

    ■On the ‘Amazing Race’ last night one contestant had to answer the question referring to Ronald Reagan’s “Tear Down This Wall” speech. One girl thought he was referring to the Great Wall of China. Granted she was probably born in the 90′s, but geeze."

    Later they had to answer a question on a JFK quote. It's depressing when Americans loudly show their patriotism in front of other countries but then demonstrate they don't know basic U.S. History. To answer the JFK qoute, most of the team members ran around a German nightclub asking Germans, some younger than them, what the answer was.

    You are right about the plant in West. In a few weeks or months the people in West will want the plant re-built and as close to town as possible. It may be that without the local plant there will be no real reason for West.

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