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  • Some of my favorite memories with my father were watching Cowboys game with Pat Summerall doing play-by-play.  Another part of my childhood died yesterday.  That man had some dark skeletons in his closet and thankfully he was able to put them behind him.  I always was surprised at how long he lived after that liver transplant.
  • Here’s Fox Sports’ website tribute to the broadcasting icon.  In one clip he talks about coaching Burt Reynolds at Florida State.  And just for due diligence, here’s what CBS Sports and the NFL put together.  Oh, and his actual name was George Allen Summerall.
  • I can only imagine the security precautions that will take place next week when five U.S. Presidents are at the opening of the George W. Bush Presidential Library next week at SMU.  I wonder if any would feel moved to visit the Kennedy Memorial, I doubt it.  But can you imagine any of them taking a picture on the grassy knoll or on the x.
  • Here’s an interesting thought, what if Bush decided to build his library at Baylor, which was definitely in the running?  That would mean former President Clinton would have to be greeted by Ken Starr, the current president of Baylor.
  • It was pretty sweet of the Yankees to honor Bostonians with “Sweet Caroline” last night.  Because of my friend Jimi, I was able experience the magic of that song in Fenway during the seventh-inning stretch.  But in watching last night’s clip, you can tell Yankee fans were out of their element.
  • When events like a bomb exploding in Boston with the first reported death being an eight-year-old boy or the tragedy of the Sandy Lake Elementary shooting happens, I refuse to believe everything happens for a reason. Sometimes crazy unfortunate shit happens, it how we deal with it that matters.
  • It almost feels like September 2001 all over again.  A major U.S. city has a tragic event and then poison is being sent in the mail to Congress.
  • I don’t think I’ve seen anyone with a smartphone and not have some kind of cover, so I always question when writers review a new smartphone and they criticize the appearance.
  • Speaking of smartphones, I’ve mentioned that the Samsung Galaxy Note II has my attention, and I’m quite surprised at all the price ranges for this phone, all of which include a 2-year contract.  Sprint sells the phone in store for $300, Best Buy for $300HSN for $280,  Costco for $230, and Amazon for $150.  It pays to shop around, and I don’t think I’ll be buying a phone in-store again.
  • ‘Duck Dynasty’ and Prestonwood Baptist Church are teaming up for an event.
  • I don’t like the redesign of
  • Something for you CHL supporters – Robber shot dead by would-be victim outside Ft. Worth store
  • When I worked at Southwest Airlines I was part of their website’s quality assurance team, so the news of American Airlines’ computer glitch was of interest to me.
  • For you local burger lovers – Dallas Burger Heat Map
  • Now that’s an idea – a chocolate chip cookie cone
  • Faith Hill will no longer be a part of NBC Sunday Night Football.
  • Mark Walberg was on Kimmel last night and stated some crazy weight loss and gain stats for four movies he did last year.  For the first movie he was 165 lbs, ending up weighing 212 lbs for another movie, and then in 30 days went down to $180 lbs.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Ben W. says:

    I enjoyed this article on "everything happens for a reason":

  2. Stefanie says:

    I also hate the redesign. I feel like the headlines are yelling at me now. Very distracting.

  3. b_caesar says:

    Next week will definitely not be "business as usual" around the SMU campus, although some will want you to believe it will be, in some respects. Yes, security will be tight all around campus – don't even bother trying to drive anywhere near, much less on, the SMU campus, as most nearby streets will either be blocked off and inaccessible, or likely monitored for strictly authorized access only. Despite that, all University offices are expected to be open for regular hours and professors have been told not to cancel classes – they want to project a "vibrant, active campus" to the outside world. For those who actually work there, getting to campus to do just that next week will be the challenge. Faculty & staff have been "encouraged" (i.e. told) to take DART (they've been provided free day passes) or plan to park downtown at the Reunion arena parking lot and take a shuttle to campus. Most of the parking areas and garages on campus will be reserved for the Bush Library opening events, or for those who need and are authorized to have a place to park on campus – signs are posted all around saying "Special Event Parking April 24-26" along with a URL- – with all the details at present for what to expect. Will certainly be an interesting week, that's for sure.

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