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  • My pastor is having all of us deacons and elders read Deep and Wide, a book about creating a church for the unchurched.  I never liked being assigned reading assignments when in school, and I’m not a fan of it now, but I’ll do what I’m asked and will try to give it chance.
  • I would try to look for the movie version of the book but I have a feeling with a title like that, I might find something that focuses on the missionary position but nothing about church ministry.
  • The introduction of the book stated something that kinda stood out.  The author states it wasn’t the content of Jesus’ messages that appealed to the masses, a lot of time people didn’t really know what he was saying, but people flocked to him because he fed them, healed them, comforted them, and promised them things.
  • When I come across the word ‘unchurched’ I think of ‘the undead’ which makes me think of zombies.  I’m not saying there’s a churchy metaphor there, I just think about zombies a lot.
  • Emily Kinney, Beth from ‘The Walking Dead’ (Hershel’s youngest daughter), is a surprisingly 27-years-old.
  • Robert Ebert has died.  He lived the last part of his life without a jaw.  I recall seeing a profile of his life not too long ago that showed how he ate, a protein shake dripped into a tube in his stomach.  His wife always ate away from him in another room out of respect, but sometimes he would ask her to eat a particular food and enjoy it for him.
  • I remember when his film critic partner Gene Siskel died.  He wasn’t included in the Oscars ‘In Memoriam’  as he wasn’t a member of the Academy, but thought it was poignant that host Whoopi Goldberg noted his passing after that segment.
  • For the most part I like my job and it doesn’t get real stressful, but one thing I don’t like is that it can become political and sometimes I have to take bullets for my team, which makes me look like I’m at fault or not knowledgeable.
  • One of my favorite college professors was only at my school for a year and he served as my academic adviser.  I actually got a C in his class.  He was Harvard educated and a former university president and provost that just needed to hang his hat somewhere for a year.  During one summer session I dropped out of school due to my father’s health.  About a week late he sent me a hand written letter saying he was surprised about my dropping out of class and just wanted to make sure everything was OK, and if not, that he was there to help.  I’ll always remember that and I still keep in touch with him today.  He just bout a 41 Lincoln Continental and is doing consultant management for the Citadel.
  • I had a moment of weakness last night, and for the first time since maybe November I got fast food after eating dinner and before going to bed.  Usually I can find something reasonable healthy at home but for some reason I was really craving Whataburger which I don’t think I’ve had this year.  I fear this one moment of weakness will turn in what was a bad habit for me.
  • I have hit a bit of a plateau.  At my worst I was over 260 lbs, I just stopped weighing after hitting 258 because I just didn’t want to see any number on the scale higher than 260.  Now I’ve been maintaining around 217.
  • Thanks to a friend I’ll be going to the Rangers game on Sunday, which means WifeGeeding will have to hold off on the season premier of ‘Mad Men’ until I get home.  Thank goodness for the DVR.
  • Valley View Mall is about to become Midtown Dallas, and I think the 20-acre park and overhead cable cars that connect it to the Galleria will to be pretty cool.  I think it will be finished sometime after all that 635 construction.
  • There was a lot of mention of Letterman and Leno’s first joke after the Tonight Show announcement, but most people fail to realize Letterman made the same exact joke when Conan got the gig.
  • ‘Arrested Development’ returns on Netflix May 26
  • Every interaction Sheldon had with Mrs Davis last night on ‘The Big Bang Theory’ was just hilarious.
  • Speaking of Netflix, the latest series I’ve been watching is Monk.
  • The Bible has two variations of the death of Judas.
  • Vegan Who Brings His Own Pasta To Restaurants Flips Out Over Not Getting A Discount
  • New ‘Beard PAC’ to raise unlimited funds to support bearded candidates
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  1. RPM says:

    I have a 240 plateau and I'm almost back at it. I need to get down under 220.

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