5 Responses to An Atheist’s Challenge to Christians

  1. Jill says:

    wow…..not sure I could do it
    And when I see shirts opposing my beliefs I always try to be loving and kind but I would be so upset about "Christian's" treatment of non-believers I would have to ask for God's strength to be kind.

  2. Anon says:

    My husband and I have t-shirts that were sent to us from an Atheist group we both belong to. The shirts say: Christianity isn't Jesus' Fault. I'm not sure if anyone around our po-dunk town would even get it.

  3. Alexandre Costa says:

    Do we get to choose what country we wear the shirts in? I'm sure I'd have a tough time in certain parts of the United States, but there are many countries in the world where the shirt on the right would get somebody killed.

  4. RPM says:

    That's kind of like when I wore my ship's cover (hat) when I early voted in '08. The line was long, about a 5 minute wait. People walked up to me congratulating on my service and voting for McCain as I exited the polls. I told them I needed no thanks, it was my duty to serve and I didn't vote for McCain. The smile on their faces suddenly changed and I was treated to less than polite response.

  5. The Donald says:

    The premise is an idiotic polemic – positing a parity of two beliefs (or of a non-belief and a belief, if you prefer), ostensibly using the fulcum of victimization (persecution), as a proxy for the validity or superiority of its advocacy. It's essentially a ruse to leverage a specious proposition to a status that it would not otherwise attain of its own merit.

    Simply delivering an unpopular message in a hostile environment does not intrinsically validate the veracity of the message, or the messenger. Shouting "Hitler was right!" in the middle of the NYC Diamond District would in no way validate a Pro-Palestine message, nor mean that the speaker was particularly courageous.

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