NFL Injuries Chart and Article

The Washington Post has an interesting article about NFL players and injuries.

Here’s the basis of the article:

Interviews with more than 50 doctors, players, agents, owners and medical ethicists suggest that what the NFL Physicians Society calls the game’s “unique clinical challenges” can result in inconsistent standards in treating players and cause some doctors to depart from best medical practices and safety norms.

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And this chart caught my attention and make me wonder why the Cowboys GM (whover that guy is) doesn’t keep the secondary and offensive line stacked:


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  1. GeedingNation says:

    The players lawsuit is about to hit its first hurdle in a few weeks. The NFL is arguing that it should be thrown out because many of the parties filing the suit do not constitute a true "class" according to the definition of a "class action". The judge probably won't throw the case out. What is interesting in the suit is that it includes 400 players who never played a single down in an NFL game [for example players on practice squads]. It also includes punters and field goal kickers. There is also an argument that a player does not have to have a concussion but merely a hard hit to suffer brain damage. If the former players win then spin this thing out ten years and the NFL will really have to change dramatically to attract atheletes.

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