Bag of Randomness


  • Good Friday should be renamed Holy Friday.  Actually, I think it is in certain parts of the globe.
  • I forgot to mention that while we were at the zoo, WifeGeeding was helping GirlGeeding use the restroom, and before placing GirlGeeding on the potty, WifeGeeding’s sunglasses went plop into the water.  They were retrieved, cleaned, wrapped up, and then brought home and soaked in bleach for several minutes, but she still wants new glasses.
  • I don’t follow college basketball closely, but it wasn’t until last night that I noticed the three-point line no longer touches the top of the key.
  • WifeGeeding is in East Texas with the kids for a funeral and to spend Good Friday with her family, so with my free time I started to do a little spring cleaning and came across an old box full of VHS tapes I kept.  For you youngsters out there, a VHS tape was what we used before Blu-rays and DVDs, and we put them in something called a VCR – a video set recorder.
  • All those VHS tapes weren’t labeled, surely I’m not the only person that didn’t label his tapes.  But before throwing them out, I wanted to see what was on them.  For instance, I know I recorded some of my old college speeches and such, so I actually busted a VCR.
  • So far I haven’t found anything remarkable except for the photo-video that was shown at our rehearsal dinner.  But so far I’ve found a ‘Inside the Actors Studio’ with Robin Williams, many episodes of ‘Ed’ and the ‘West Wing’, the first Cowboys appearance on ‘Hard Knocks’, interview with Monica Potter on ‘The Early Show’ on CBS, and the game in which Emmitt Smith broke the NFL rushing record.
  • Speaking of that game, I forgot Smith basically lost that rushing record on the very next play, so I guess he actually broke the record twice.
  • In the season finale of ‘The Walking Dead’ there will be 27 deaths.  Is there any irony that it will air on Easter, the day that Jesus rose from the dead?
  • Honda’s 2014 Odyssey Touring Elite minivan features in-car vacuum system [Hat-tip, the.LIFE Files]
  • Duggars consider adopting their 20th child
  • A $2.6M North Texas home with an active vineyard, an Irish pub and an indoor pool with waterfalls
  • Starving 4-Year-Old Boy Rescued From N.J. Apartment Ate Sugar to Survive
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  1. Don says:

    Speaking of Good Friday I just stumbled across this video a couple days ago that suggests Jesus was actually crucified on a Wednesday, and they make a really strong case for it. Skip ahead 10 minutes to get to the part about the timing of the crucifixion:

    I just want to add that I've looked into the group that posted this video and I don't agree with everything they teach, nevertheless I do think this particular video is spot on.

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