Bag of Randomness


  • I’m almost certain those portable police towers you see in store parking lots are always empty.
  • I wonder how this cold spring is going to affect the bluebonnets.
  • As of right now I’m not sure if we are going to the Fort Worth Zoo or the Dallas Zoo.  I’ve always thought of the Dallas Zoo as a bit budget, but I hear they’ve upgraded a lot recently.  #RIPJabari
  • Our community sent out an email notice that a resident caught a thief that was posing as an exterminator casing around her home, but he fled once he entered the backyard and saw her in through glass of the back door.  When you work from, you don’t have to worry about this as much, but I wonder when I’m not home have my dogs excessive barking have ever turned them away.
  • Movie rights picked up on Hardin-Simmons grad’s first novel – It’s a cross between Driving Miss Daisy and The Help.
  • If the NHL held an All Star Game at Cowboys Stadium, do you think it would sell out?  I’m doubtful.
  • Our baby monitor that we’ve been using for almost three years died, we’re not sure if we need to buy another.
  • I thought they were only in Austin, but I just discovered there’s a Salt Lick BBQ at DFW Airport in Terminal A.  They have a mustard based sauce that I don’t care for.
  • A male version of Pinterest called Manteresting – they use nails and bumps instead of pins and hearts.
  • TrustEgg provides a way to instantly set up a trust fund for a child starting as low as a dollar contribution but set up of free, and they’ll help get your family and friends involved.
  • I bet sometimes when you read a bullet point like the one above you think I’m getting paid for making the post, but that’s not true, I’ve been been paid for a post.  Sometimes I find a product or service that others might be interested in or beneficial and I just try to give you the skinny.
  • There’s no better time for a gay NFL player to come out, or MLB, NHL, and NBA for that matter.  He’ll be immortalized in the history book, and public perception and support is the best it has ever been.
  • The NFL Networks is replaying ‘NFL Road Tested: The Cleveland Browns“.  You basically get a behind the scenes look at what it’s like for an NFL to travel during the entire regular season.  It’s really pretty interesting and you finding interesting tidbits along they way, like how each player has their jersey personally tailored to their liking and that special double sided tape is applied to the shoulder pads to make the jerseys stick and keep opposing players from being able to grab them.
  • I bet the Cleveland Browns were chosen because they didn’t have the budget for any episodes going into the post season.  [rim shot sound]
  • I keep getting closer and close to purchasing a Chromebook, but things like WifeGeeding running into my car keeps putting that out of reach.
  • I haven’t visited the website of him hometown paper in a while, this was on the front page: County to consider minimum mobile home standards
  • Prostitute dies during ‘work’, ‘resurrects’ in coffin
  • T-Mobile’s didn’t hold back and didn’t use any filters when describing the industry’s two-year contract agreement standards, which his company is now abandoning.
  • There’s a new dispute on which SEAL Team Six member shot Osama bin Laden.  Part of me thinks these different accounts are purposely planned by the government to protect the actual shooter and to create confusion on what actually happened so that our tactics can be kept from the enemy.
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  1. toddwright says:

    I want a Chromebook SO bad.

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